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Turning the Phone On and Off

Turning the Phone On
1. Install a charged battery or connect the phone to
an external power source approved or
manufactured by LG such as a vehicle power
charger or hands-free car kit.
2. Press
for a few seconds until the LCD screen
lights up.
Like any other radio device, avoid any
unnecessary contact with the antenna while
your phone is on.
Turning the Phone Off
1. Press and hold
until the display turns off.

Signal Strength

Call quality depends on the signal strength in your
area. The signal strength is indicated on the screen
as the number of bars next to the signal strength
icon: The more bars, the better the signal strength. If
the signal quality is poor, move to an open area. If
you are in a building, the reception may be better
near a window.
Battery life and signal strength are 2 significant
factors (among many others) that could affect
the ability of the Migo phone to send/receive

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents