Transferring Fi Les From Your Pc - X10 AirPadX Owner's Manual

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Moving Apps between screens, cont.
Moving Apps between the 5 screens
You will notice 5 dots in the top center of the screen. These
represent 5 discrete screens on your AirPadX.
Your Home screen is the screen in the middle of the 5 screens,
and so when the center dot is the solid one you are looking at your
Home screen.
You can access the screens by touching on the dots, or by swiping
your fi nger across the screen.
To move Apps around on a screen, touch and hold the icon for the
App you want to move. You will notice that you can then drag the
icon around on the screen. Drag it to an open spot on that screen,
or drag it to the trash, then release your fi nger from the screen.
Some practice might be necessary to get the hang of how to hold
your fi nger on an icon for an App, and when to release your fi nger.
Transferring fi les from your PC
You will need the included USB A to Mini-USB B cable to do this:
1. Connect the cable to your PC and to the AirPadX.
2. Hold the AirPadX in a horizontal orientation. You will see a
USB symbol in the notifi cation bar at the top of the screen.
3. Touch the USB symbol and drag it down to bring up the
notifi cation menu.
4. Touch USB Connected.
5. In the window that appears, touch the Turn On USB storage



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