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Uninstalling Apps

Uninstalling Apps
1. On your Home screen, touch the Settings icon.
2. Scroll to and touch Applications. (If you don’t see it, you might
need to touch the Back icon to get to the correct screen).
3. Touch Manage applications.
4. Scroll to and then touch the application you want to uninstall.
Here, we demonstrate the uninstallation of a music player.
5. Touch Uninstall.
6. Touch OK.
7. When you see Uninstall Finished, touch OK.
8. Touch the Home icon
or hard key to exit back to your
Home screen.

Moving Apps between screens

The Home Screen.
Touch the dots (or
swipe the screen) to
access other screens.
Touch to access the
main Apps Screen.
Copying App icons from your main Apps screen to your Home
1. On your Home screen, touch this icon
on the right hand
side of the screen to access the main Apps screen.
2. Find and touch the icon for the App you want to copy to your
Home screen.
3. Hold your fi nger on the App icon until a dialog box appears,
drag the icon to the right of the screen and hold.
4. Drag to the screen you desire.
5. Release your fi nger from the icon.
6. A copy of the icon for that App is now duplicated on your
selected screen.
To remove an App icon from a screen, touch and hold the icon
until the trash can appears (on the right side of the screen) and then
drag the icon to the trash.
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