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Samsung PN51F8500AF Getting Started Manual

Skype guide ver.1.0 (english)
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E-manual - 184 pages
Manual - 13 pages
Quick manual - 33 pages



Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    To sign in using Face recognition Face recognition Creating new account Skype™ Screen display Adding a contact for Samsung TV To call a contact Receiving History Skype Options Voice and Motion Control * Images and colors can be changed without prior Rev 1.0...
  • Page 2: Getting Started With Skype

    The ring bell rings when someone calls to you while you watch the TV or operate the Skype application. To use Skype you need the TV camera. Please buy the TV camera of the SAMSUNG if you don't have the TV a built-in camera.
  • Page 3: To Sign In With An Existing Account

    To sign in with an existing account When running Skype on your TV for the first time, enter your Skype Name Password Create Account. If you can’t login, check the network connection. 1 Press the Sign Sign In ID/Password Face recognition 2 Skype Name Enter your...
  • Page 4: To Sign In Using Face Recognition

    To sign in using Face recognition You can Sign in Skype using Face recognition on TV which supports SMART Interaction (Voice and Motion Control). [ In order for Face recognition to function, a thumbnail image of your face will be stored in your TV for logging-in purposes. [ Logging into the Skype using Face recognition does not provide as high a level of security as logging in with an ID and password.
  • Page 5: Face Recognition

    Face recognition Skype Credit : 0 General Settings Contacts → Settings Face Select Face recognition History Video Settings → recognition Register Face. Privacy Settings Call phones Blocked Contacts Profile Call Forwarding Face recognition Settings Voicemail Register Face About Skype Delete Close A Sign Out R Return...
  • Page 6: Creating New Account

    Remember my password Create an account Cancel Next Full Name samsungskype E-mail Tell me about special offers and other fun stuff from Skype. Create an account Full Name Enter Back Next Please check the details below carefully before creating your account.
  • Page 7: Screen Display

    Screen display Your contact list. You can select Skype Credit Video Call Voice Call mode. Your Skype Name, online status, mood message and profile picture. Skype Credit : 0 Select from the menu items Contacts Echo / Sound ... Contacts, History, Call phones Video Call Voice Call...
  • Page 8: Adding A Contact

    Adding a contact Skype Credit : 0 Contacts Echo / Sound Test Service History 1 You don't have any Skype Contacts yet. Press Add a Contact Call phones To get started, select Add a Contact and enter the Skype Name or email address of the friend you want to add.
  • Page 9: To Call A Contact

    To call a contact 1 Video Call Voice Call. Press Skype Credit : 0 Contacts Echo / Sound ... Video Call Voice Call History testPhoneNumber Call phones samsungskypetest Profile Settings Sign Out Add a Contact T Tools R Return samsungskypetest2 Ringing...
  • Page 10: Receiving

    Voice Call Decline Skype : samsungtest2 calling... Kids Category: Education | Version: 1.125 | Size: 14.6MB Contact Info: (If you need to contact us, please use this address. Camera on/Camera off: Turns the camera on/off.  Video Call Voice Call Mute Mic./Unmute...
  • Page 11: History

    History Shows the history of calls you've made, listed from most recent to oldest, top to bottom respectively. Each call has an icon next to it. Icons Meaning Tools Skype Credit : 0 Incoming call View Profile Contacts Skype Send Voicemail Video Call Block Outgoing call...
  • Page 12: Skype Options

    Skype Options 2 Change the each option(s). • General Settings: Select whether you want Skype to launch automatically Skype Credit : 0 when you turn on the TV. General Settings Contacts • Face recognition: Users can register their faces and log into their Skype Face recognition accounts through Face Recognition.
  • Page 13: Voice And Motion Control

    Voice and Motion Control You can call or manipulate in Skype using Voice and Motion Control on TV which supports SMART Interaction (Voice and Motion Control). You can't use Voice Control function When in a call. Voice Control function can be affected recognition by difficult to pronounce name such as including special characters or simple letters of the alphabet, numbers.