Craftsman 358.355060 Operator's Manual

Gasoline chain saws


[Sears I
• Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Repair Parts
2.3/16" AV
2.3/16" AV -PS
Carefully mad and follow
Safety Rules, Precautions
tions. Failure to do so can
result in serious personal
2.3/16" AV
2.3/16" PS.AV
,, ,,
, i
Record in the space provided below the Model No. and Serial No. of
your saw. These numbers are located on the starting instructions
Model No.
Serial No,
Retain these numbers for future reference.
Cx_., Chiea_),Ill.


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  • Page 1 [Sears I operator's manual • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance • Repair Parts MODELNO. 358.355060- 2.3/16" AV ..358.35507O [RRFTSMRN 2.3/16" AV -PS 2.3/16" AV 2.3/16" PS.AV GASOLINE CHAIN SAWS THIS CHAIN SAW IS FOR OCCASIONAL USE ONLY. ,, ,, ,|,11, WARNING: Record in the space provided below the Model No.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON GASOLINE CHAIN SAW (Excluding Bar, Chain, Spark Plug, Air Filter and Starter Rope) For one year from date of purchase, when you maintain, Iubricate, and tune up this chain saw according to the operating maintenance instructions in the operator's manual...
  • Page 3 SAFETY RULES AND PRECAUTIONS WARNING! Because a chain saw is a high-speed wood-cutting tool, special safety precautions must be observed to reduce the risk of personal accidents. Careless or improper use may cause serious injury, To reduce the hazard of kickback: KNOWYOUR 1.
  • Page 4 HANDLE FUELWITH CAUTION MAINTAIN YOUR GOOD WORKING ORDER 1. Eliminate all sources of sparks or flame in the areas where fuel is mixed, poured, or stored. 1. Have all chain saw service performed by your There should be no smoking, open flames, or work authorized service dealer center, other than the that could cause sparks.
  • Page 5: Know Your Chain Saw

    KNOW YOUR CHAIN INTRODUCTION CARTON CONTENTS After you unpack the carton: The information found in this manual will help you properly prepare your chain saw for use, understand how to operate your saw safely, and 1. Check the contents against the list below. perform maintenance required to keep your unit in top working condition 2.
  • Page 6: Preparing Your Saw For Use

    PREPARING YOUR SAW FOR USE GEl"rING READY ..2. HAVE THE FOLLOWING AVAILABLE: 1, READ YOUR OPERATOR'S a. Protective gloves MANUAL b. Approved, markedfuel container CAREFULLY..c. One gallon regulargasoline Your Operator's Manual has been developed d. One-half pint, 2-cycle, air-cooled engine oil to help you prepare your saw for use and to provided with your unit.
  • Page 7: Chain Tension

    9. Secure the Bar Clamp with the Bar Clamp ..Nut, finger tight only, NOTE: The Bar Clamp Nut must be slightly loose for the chain to be tensioned properly:: Securely tighte n Bar Clamp Nut after chain is tensioned. Replace.
  • Page 8: Engine Fuel Mixture

    ENGINE FUEL MIX"rURE • Your chain saw is powered by a two-cycle 2. DO NOT USE: engine which requires a fuel mixture regular gasoline and a high quality engine oil • BIA Oil (Boating InstituteofAmeHca)-- specially made for 2,cycle, air-cooled engines. The internal design of the 2_ycleengine re-•...
  • Page 9: Barand Chain Oil

    BARAND CHAIN 2. HOW TO FILL THE OIL TANK a. Turn saw on its side with oil cap UP. Figure The guide bar and cutting chain require con. b. Loosen cap slowly; wait for pressure in the stant lubrication order remain tank to be released before removing the operating condition.
  • Page 10: Using Your Saw

    USING YOUR PRE-OPERATION CHECKS Each time before operating your saw, always: ,_'Check the saw chain. The chain should be 1. ,_Check over safety rules and precautions in sharp and at the correct tension. this manual. Make certain you completely ,,-Check the fuel tank and oil tank. Both tanks •...
  • Page 11: Controlling Kickback

    CONTROLLING KICKBACK 2. REDUCETHE CHANCE KICKBACK Kickback is a dangerous reaction that can cause a. Recognize that kickback can happen. By serious personal injury. Carefully =udy this man- understanding and knowing about kickback, ual before you make the first cut with your new you are better equipped to deal with an occur- saw.
  • Page 12 USING THE POWER SHARP®SYSTEM (MODEL358.355070) Model 358.355070 is equipped with a Power Sharp ® • Replace the sharpening stone when a new System that will perform approximately 80% of the Power Sharpe chain is installed. See instruc- sharpening necessary for the saw chain. The Power tions, page 13.
  • Page 13: Types Of Cutting

    5. File from inside toward outside of cutter, SIDE straight across, in one direction only. Use 2 or SIDE PLATE PLATE 3 strokes per side plate edge. Figure 21. NOTE: Avoid hitting the top edge of the cut- ters when filing the side plate. Maintain a 1132"...
  • Page 14: Tree Felling Techniques

    b. Begin cutting with the saw frame against the g. Stop the engine before setting the saw down Iog_. F igure 24. after cutting. c. Keep the engine at full throttle the entire time i,i/ you are cutting. I TNE BOTTOM OF A ,_ _.'_ d.
  • Page 15 Leave enough uncut wood between the felling ..cut and the notch to form a hinge. Figure 28. • NOTE: The hinge helps to keep the tree from twisting and falling in the wrong direction. Use a wedge if there is any chance 1hat;the tree wiil not fall in the desired direction.
  • Page 16 2..TYPES OF CUTTINGUSEDFigure30. Overcutting- beginonthetopsideofthelog with the bottomof the saw against the log; WEDGE USED TO exert light pressure downward. HOLD CUTOPEN. Undercutting - begin on the under side of the log with the top of the saw against the log;exert light pressure upward.
  • Page 17 DEBRANCHING 1 .) Undercut 1/3 of the way through the limb limbs shoulder a. Limit debranching near the trunk of the tree. 2.) Finish with an overcut farther Out from the height or below. Always debranch a tree trunk. after it is cut down, Only then can debranching 3.) :Keep out of the way ofthe falling limb.
  • Page 18 4.) Sharpen cutters. SUPPORT FLATSIDE OF FILE HOLDER a.) Position file holder with the ON TOP OF square rod on the top plate of the CUTTER cutter asshown in Figure36. Hold the fite holder level with the 30 ° guide mark parallel center line of the bar.
  • Page 19 • Remove burrs by filing the side edges of the guide bar grooves square with a flat file. Figure42_ Restore square edges to an uneven rail CORRECT top by filing with a flat file: Figure 42. GUIDE BAR WORN GROOVES FILE EDGES SQUARE GROOVE...
  • Page 20 STARTER ROPE REPAIR REPLACEMENT • A starter rope that breaks next to the pulley can be repaired. • Replace a starter rope that breaks more than 2 or 3 inches from the pulley. WARNING! Always wear eye protection when ser. vicing the starter rope.
  • Page 21 NOTCH 19. Pullout 10inchesof rope and set the rope in the notch in the pulley. Figure 50. 20. Turn the pulley 2 complete turns clockwise winding up the spring. 21. Hold the pulley and pull the starter rope to the full extent of length and let the rope re- wind slowly.
  • Page 22 NOTE: It may be necessary to recheck the NOTE: It may be necessary to repeat low speed mixture setting after the idle cording to instructions in Steps 2 and 3, Idle SpeedAdjustmentwl and Low Speed speed has been reduced by repeatingLow Speed Mixture Adjustment Steps.
  • Page 23 STORAGE Drain oil tank. When your saw is to be stored for over 30 days, always: Remove, clean, and dry the bar and chain. Store the chain in a container filled with oil Drain fuel tank in a safe manner. (See to prevent rust.
  • Page 24 TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART CAUSE REMEDY TROUBLE ENGINE WILL NOT START 1. Move switch to "Start". 1. Ignition Switch off. 2. Fuel tank empty. 2. Fill tank with correct fuel mixture, page S-+ 3. Spark Plug not firing. 3. InStall newplug, page lS.
  • Page 25 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS--MODEL NO. 358.355060-2.3/16"AV Figure Part No. Qty, Description STD541431 Nut - Bar Mounting - 5116 - 18 Flange STD511010 Screw- 10-24 x 7/8 12058 Bar Clamp Decals 26472 Decal- Bar Clamp 26224 1 ' Decal - Instructions (Left Half) 26477 Decal - Instructions...
  • Page 26 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS-MODEL NO. 358.355060-2.3/16 _i_, ..358.355070-2.3/16"AV Figure 2 Clutch Drum and ,Sprocket Model358.355070 •26...
  • Page 27 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS-MODELNO. 358.355060-2.3/i6"AV ..358.355070-2.3/16"AV Figure 2 PART PART OTY ..DESCRiPTiON QTY. DESCRIPTION Screw-Isolator 15551. Lock Nut #8-32 • (#V4-20 x 23/% STD541408 Pin-Bar AdjusL.-. _ 25689 _ Bracket-Lower Isolator 23492 ¢3 Screw-Bar Adjust. ,.Washer Lower Bracket 15236 STD551010 8-32 x 1-% RI Hd..
  • Page 28 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS-MODEL NO. 358.355060-2.3/16"AV 358.355070-2.3/16"AV Rgure3 " 60 _ ..• r 15...
  • Page 29 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS-MODEL NO. 358.355060-2.3/16" 358.355070-2.3/16" CVA PS Figure 3 PART PART DESCRIPTION QTY. DESCRIPTION QTY. _10. Isolator 15126 24256 Key-Flywheel Screw-#10-24#1% 39it I .15245 Flywheel Assembly " 23865 Spacer-Choke (incL 15) Shutter Boot-Spark Plug 23805 Shutter-Choke 3933 Connector-Spark Plug 15254 Wave Washer...
  • Page 30 SEARS CHAIN SAW REPAIR PARTS-MODEL NO. 358.355060-2.3/16"AV 358.355070-2.3/16"AV Figure4 PARr PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 35166 +*Diaphragm-Fuel Pump 350O6 Valve Throttle 35027 Screen-Fuel Inlet 35015 Screw-Throttle Valve 35007 Ring-Throttle Retainer 35034 Shaft Assembty-Throttle 35O08 *Valve-inlet Needle 35024 Spring-Throttle Return 35188 *Spring--Metering Lever 35171 Needle-Low Speed Mixture 35031...
  • Page 31 • QUICK REFERENCE PAGE Read and follow aft Safety Rules, Precautions and Operating Instructions. Failure to do so can result in serious personal injury. page SAFETY RULES PRECAUTIONS ..........PREPARATION Wear:personal protective gear gloves; safety footwear; snug fitting clothing;...
  • Page 32 _-The Model Number will be found under the handle with the Serial Number. Always mention the Model Number when requesting ser- vice or repair parts for your Chain Saw. All parts listed herein may be ordered from any Sears Service Center and most Sears Stores.

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