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Epson Stylus SX210 Series Basic Operation Manual

Epson stylus printer basic operation guide
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Basic Operation Guide

- for use without a computer -



  Summary of Contents for Epson Stylus SX210 Series

  • Page 1: Basic Operation Guide

    Basic Operation Guide - for use without a computer -...
  • Page 2: About This Guide

    About This Guide Follow these guidelines as you read your instructions: Warning: Caution: Warnings must be followed Cautions must be observed carefully to avoid bodily injury. to avoid damage to your equipment. Must be observed to avoid bodily injury and damage to your equipment.
  • Page 3: Copyright Notice

    Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or (excluding the U.S.) failure to strictly comply with Seiko Epson Corporation’s operating and maintenance instructions.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Instructions ... 5 Guide to Control Panel ... 6 Using the LCD Screen... 7 Power Saving Function ... 7 Handling Media Selecting Paper ...10 Loading Paper ...11 Inserting a Memory Card ...12 Placing Originals ...14 Copying/Printing/Scanning Copying Photos or Documents ...16 Printing Photos ...18 Printing Photos from an Index Sheet ...20 Scanning to a Computer ...23...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions Use only the power cord that Make sure the power cord comes with the printer. Use of meets all relevant local safety another cord may cause fire or standards. shock. Do not use the cord with any other equipment. Do not use aerosol products Except as specifically explained that contain flammable gases...
  • Page 6: Guide To Control Panel

    Guide to Control Panel Control panel design varies by area. • Copy Turns on/off printer. Selects to copy photo/ documents. +, - Copy Sets the number of copies. Changes the zoom settings for copying. Start Stop/Clear Starts copying/printing. Stops copying/printing or resets settings.
  • Page 7: Using The Lcd Screen

    Use Copies + or - to set the Press l or r to select the number of copies. setting item, or change the photo displayed on the LCD screen. After 13 minutes of inactivity, the screen turns black to save energy.
  • Page 9: Handling Media

    Handling Media...
  • Page 10: Selecting Paper

    Jet Plain Paper Plain Paper 10×1/”×” Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper Photo Paper Epson Premium 10×1/”×” Semigloss Photo Photo Paper Paper 10×1/”×” Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper Photo Paper Epson Glossy 10×1/”×” Photo Paper Photo Paper Epson Photo Paper 10×1/”×” Photo Paper...
  • Page 11: Loading Paper

    Loading Paper Open and slide out. Load printable side up. Fit. See the online User’s Guide when using Legal size paper. Align the edges of the paper before loading. Flip forward. Do not load paper above the H Do not use paper with binder arrow mark inside the edge guide.
  • Page 12: Inserting A Memory Card

    Inserting a Memory Card Removing a Memory Card Insert one card at a time. Check the light stays on. Check the light stays on. Remove. Do not try to force the card all the way into the slot. It should not be fully inserted.
  • Page 13 *Adapter required xD-Picture Card xD-Picture Card Type M xD-Picture Card Type M+ xD-Picture Card Type H SDHC MultiMediaCard MMCplus MMCmobile * MMCmicro * miniSD * miniSDHC * microSD * microSDHC * If the memory card needs an adapter then attach it before inserting the card into the slot, otherwise the card may get stuck.
  • Page 14: Placing Originals

    Placing Originals You can reprint photos from 30 × 40 mm to 127 × 178 mm. Place face-down horizontally. Slide to the corner.
  • Page 15: Copying/Printing/Scanning

  • Page 16: Copying Photos Or Documents

    Copying Photos or Documents Select a color mode. & 11 Load paper printable side up. Place original horizontally. To clear the number of copies, press the r·J Copy button. Set the number of copies. & 14 Select Copy. Select paper type/size.
  • Page 17 After step F, if you want to change the copy zoom, press the o Copy button as shown in (1), and then use + or - to change the zoom manually as shown in (2). Or, press the l button to select AUTO to fit to your paper size.
  • Page 18: Printing Photos

    Printing Photos Select a photo. & 11 Load photo paper. Insert a memory card. To clear the number of copies, press the Set the number of copies. & 12 Select Print photos. To select more photos, repeat button. steps D and E.
  • Page 19 Select 10×1/”×”. Start printing.
  • Page 20: Printing Photos From An Index Sheet

    Printing Photos from an Index Sheet & 11 Load A4-size plain paper. You can print photos using an A4 index sheet. First print an index sheet, mark the photos that you want to print, and then scan the index sheet to print your photos.
  • Page 21 Check u aligns with the corner on the sheet. Select to print with a date stamp. Select the number of copies. Select a paper size. Select border or borderless. Place the index sheet face-down. Load the photo paper. & 11...
  • Page 22 Print photos from the index sheet. You can print photos on Ultra If you have more than one index Glossy Photo Paper, Premium sheet, wait until printing is Glossy Photo Paper, or Premium complete for the first sheet, and Semigloss Photo Paper. then repeat steps J to L to scan and print from each additional sheet.
  • Page 23: Scanning To A Computer

    Scanning to a Computer Make sure you have installed software for this printer on your computer and connected following the instructions on the Start Here poster. After step C, your computer’s scanning software automatically starts scanning. For details, see the online User’s Guide.
  • Page 25: Maintenance

  • Page 26: Checking/Cleaning The Print Head

    Checking/Cleaning the Print Head Check the pattern. & 11 Load A4-size plain paper. Press both buttons at the same time. Start head cleaning. Select Nozzle Check. Finish head cleaning.
  • Page 27 If it does not improve after all cartridges, so clean the print cleaning four times, turn off the head only if quality declines. printer for at least six hours. Then try cleaning the print head again. If quality still does not improve, contact Epson Support.
  • Page 28: Aligning The Print Head

    Aligning the Print Head Select the most solid pattern. & 11 Load A4-size plain paper. Press both buttons at the same time. Select the pattern number. Enter the number. Select Head Alignment. Repeat E and F for all patterns.
  • Page 29 Finish aligning the print head.
  • Page 30: Changing Language & Resetting

    Changing Language & Resetting Changing the Language Restoring Default Settings Press both buttons at the same time. Press both buttons at the same time. Select Language. Select Restore Default Settings. Select a language.
  • Page 31: Solving Problems

    Solving Problems...
  • Page 32: Error/Warning Messages

    W-01 Press x to return to the previous screen. Contact Epson support to replace ink pads before the end of their service life. When the ink pads are saturated, the printer stops and Epson support is required to continue printing.
  • Page 33: Replacing Ink Cartridges

    Ink cartridges with low ink status may not be used when reinserted. Epson recommends the use of genuine Epson ink cartridges. Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-genuine ink. The use of non-genuine ink may cause damage that is not covered by Epson’s warranties, and under certain...
  • Page 34 To replace an ink cartridge before Index it is expended, press the Sheet and u Scan buttons at the same time to enter Setup mode. Then, use the l or r buttons to select Ink Cartridge Replacement, and then press the x Start button.
  • Page 35 Be careful not to break the hooks on the side of the ink cartridge. Remove the yellow tape. If you find it difficult to close the cover, press down on each cartridge until it clicks into place. Close. Insert and push. Close.
  • Page 36: Paper Jam

    Paper Jam Close. Paper Jam - jammed inside 1 Open. If paper still remains near the rear feeder, gently pull it out. Remove. Press to resume printing.
  • Page 37 Paper Jam - jammed inside 2 Turn off . If paper still remains near the rear feeder, gently pull it out. Open. Remove. Turn on.
  • Page 38: Print Quality/Layout Problems

    Use up ink cartridge within six months of opening vacuum package. Try to use genuine Epson ink cartridges and paper recommended by Epson. If a moiré (cross-hatch) pattern appears on your copy, change the zoom setting or shift the position of your original.
  • Page 39: Contacting Customer Support

    Contacting If you cannot solve the problem using the troubleshooting information, contact customer support services for assistance. You can Customer Support get the contact information for customer support for your area in your online User’s Guide or warranty card. If it is not listed there, contact the dealer where you purchased your product.
  • Page 40 73N (T0731N)/ Series *² 73HN (T0731HN) Epson ME Office 510 Getting more information. *1 For the SX210 Series, Epson recommends the T071 ink cartridges for *2 For the TX210 Series, the ink cartridge numbers between the Cyan Magenta Yellow T0892...

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