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    21 O59O CO_O_" MODEL 23-DK MODEL 18-DK...

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    Dally I_@plJctioPf anti Ma=ntenan¢_ ..Me{or Parts ....C_e=ning the WE:k ..Genera_ Speciticatlons w=ck Replacement ....Asset_4_ing You_" Corona Heater ..Wick Guide Assembly Setting the Automatic Shut=off System Automalic Shul-off System Operating Your Heater ....Jgnitlo_System...

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    = Major Parts Plate ylng Handle Window HelndJe ACCess=; Door Adjustment Knob Base • Ignition Plug Nurr_ber _0_OlC} Bur_er Wick Guide Assembly ..Fuel Gauge .._:-- Siphon Pump Batteries n GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Mo_let 23_DK Model 18-0K 18,000 BTU/hr Heating Output: 22,800 8TLI!hr...

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    •" Assembling Your Corona Heater Hair, stalling front grilt: t_on ot rods gr_ll Read this entire Instruction Man_Jal before begin holes located assembly operation. uppe_ than holes Open carton¸ NOTE: C;arton will contain: where they wele Then. • Batleries, Battery...

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    =Setting the Automatic Shut-off System P)ace 'O" cell Batteries which Corona Heater wilt operate unless yo_j have power Automatic Automatic Shut-off ,System. Follow steps niter in t;ne Battery Case Outlined below located lower back heater Press DOWN Cabinet¸ Automatic Shut-off ver.

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    NOTE: Pressing Ignition Lever hard will push Ignition Plug deeply into Wick Using Manual Siphon Pump will produce white smoke instead of a ctean nition, if this Occurs. release pressure On the Ignition Lever slightly Holding lever taned Vacuum place long wtft produce...

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    Wick should from heater reptaCedr ONLY a _Sl_uine Cororta Replacement Wick, Replace tile Wick Adjustrllent Knob temporarily. • COFIONA Ie-DK - CORONA 23_DK Turn Knob CLOCKWISE raise Wick Pall Number _02_CI1C Number Automatic Shut-Off System¸ attempt Substitute other type O! Wick...

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    While still holding WiCk Assembly aide-Qown, grasp WiCk Cover firmly PULL it oft with a sharp tug. Remove t_le W_ck while folding _t to _nside Remove Wick S_eeve to(JeThef wrth Wtck Insert Wick pins into three holes (Position "t marking WiCk While your...

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    • Wick Guide Assembly -Check once a month wick does drop wick adjusting knob _eturn pos_t_on, perform wick intenance h_ve heater serviced deposits wilt build over time wick guide assembly where bucner chimney seats. This HEATER UNTIL REPAIRED prevent chimney from seating properly...

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    DIspOse 0€ fuer remaining rr_ tile FL_eJ T_r_ Cabinet-Check each lime before • Pa_l;_l_ f'li Fue! Tarlk wtth c_ean, _r_cctqta_t_in_ted fue_ Fleplac_ tr_e arid s_o_t} fL_el around Keep Heater Cabot;el clean Dy wFr_,_r_g r gn!_y ,._tth Tar_k Remove fuBi have L_sed clean a _emp...

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    •, Trouble Shooting Guide case trouble, check here before take your Corona Heater to your dealer,...

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    _s void if _ny fu_l 0thef than dear% water_le_r kSrO_ sene (ASTM I_K) synthetic tue_s _wth keroser_-fir_ porl_b_e hea_rs, usedv CORONA U.SA is _oI respor_Eble _v_ilabili_¥ good _aliIy fue_ your t_re_t Be_eries. WiCkS Ignition ObOs S_phon pum;_s breSkage dam_g_s _r_red...

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