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   Summary of Contents for Bosch 5000 Series

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Tabme of Contents Convection Broil ..........Impo_ant Safety Instructions ..... Convection Roast ..........Getting Started To Set the Clock: ..........Dehydrate ............Self-Cleaning ............. To Use the Oven Lights: ........Maintenance Oven Parts and Accessories: ......Oven Control Panel..........To Replace a Light Bulb ........Command buttons ..........

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    When properly cared for, your new Bosch oven Do not allow children to use this appliance unless has been designed to be a safe, reliable appliance, closely supervised by an adult. Children and pets...

  • Page 4: To Set The Clock

    Important Safety Instructions Please read all instructions before using this appliance. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WITH SELF-CLEANING OVEN • Tie long hair so that it doesn't hang loose. Confirm that the door locks and will not open The heating elements may" be hot even though once the door lock icon appears.

  • Page 5: Oven Parts And Accessories

    Getting Started Figure 1: Oven Parts Oven Parts and Accessories: 10 Oven Cooling Vents (both ovens) Control Panel 11 Automatic Door Lock Latch (one per oven) Door Handle 12 Halogen Oven Lights (2 in each oven) Oven Door Gasket (one per oven) 13 Convection Fan and Cover (one per oven) Window 14 Door Hinge...

  • Page 6: Oven Control Panel

    Getting Started ol_k Figure 2: All Double Ovens u_ht Figure 3:HBL504 and HBN54 Model Single Ovens O O ..Figure 4:HBL503 Model Single Ovens Command b ttons :[3. BOX ICONS (double ovens only): Green icon shows which oven is active. SET CLOCK: Press to set or change the time of day.

  • Page 7: Suggestions For Use

    General Oven Tips Suggestions for Use Preheating the Oven • Use the cooking charts as a guide. Preheat the oven when using the bake and • Do not set pans on an open oven door. convection bake modes unless the recipe recommends otherwise.

  • Page 8: Oven Racks

    General Oven Tips Oven Racks • The oven has rack guides at four levels as shown in the illustration on page 7 Rack positions are numbered from the bottom rack guide (#i) to the top (#4). Check cooking charts for best rack positions to use when cooking.

  • Page 9: Condensation

    General Oven Tips Condensation The oven vent is located above the oven door. It is normal to see steam escaping from the vent and condensation may collect on areas above the vent such as the display. Temperature Sensor Your new oven has an electronic temperature sensor that accurately maintains the temperature selected.

  • Page 10: Setting The Oven

    Setting the Oven Timed Cooking Modes Set the Cooking Mode: Turn mode knob to select cookingmode. Use timed cook to turn the oven off automatically after cooking. Delayed cook also turns the oven on Turn temperature knob to select temperature, automatically.

  • Page 11: Oven Modes

    Modes Oven Bake Bake Convection Baking is cooking with dry, heated air. Both the upper Convection baking is similar to baking. In this case, heat comes from a third element behind the backwall. and lower elements cycle to maintain the oven tem- perature: The main difference in convection baking is that the heat is circulated throughout the oven by the convec-...

  • Page 12: Broil

    Oven Modes Convection Broil Broil Convection broil is similar to broil. It combines the in- Broiling uses intense heat radiated from the upper eleo tense heat from the upper element with heat circulated ment: ,-S_ by the convection fan: Fi ure 10: Broil The broil mode is best suited to cooking thin, tender Figure 11: Convection Broil cuts of meat (1"...

  • Page 13: Convection Roast

    Modes Oven Table5:ConvectionRoast Chart Convection Roast Convection roast uses heat from the top and bottom elements as well as heat circulated by the convection fan: : Beef Rib Roast 4 - 6 24-30 145 (med rare] 27-33 160 (medium) 4 - 8 : Rib Eye Roast, 22-30 145 (med rareI...

  • Page 14: Dehydrate

    Multiple racks can be used simultaneously, of peppers, coarsely chopped about 1" Contact your Bosch dealer for drying racks, pieces Treat fruits with antioxidants to avoid Mushrooms Wash and towel dry 7-12 Tough and discoloration, Cut off stem end.

  • Page 15: Self-cleaning

    Self-Cleaning Before You Self-Clean During self-clean, the oven uses a very high temperature to burn away food soil and grease, Hand clean the oven door edge, window, oven • As a safety feature, the oven door locks during front frame and oven cavity edges (see figures self-clean to protect from very high temperatures, below).

  • Page 16

    Self-Cleaning To Set the Semf°CMeanMode: About the Door Lock: Remove oven racks and close oven door, Do not attempt to open the door while the door is locking. Turn both knobs to CLEAN, Lock symbol will flash until the door is locked. When NOTE: the lock symbol is displayed, the door cannot be Tfthe door is open when the self-dean mode is...

  • Page 17: To Replace A Light Bulb

    Oven Surfaces Cleaning Methods Table 7: Oven Surface Cleaning Surface Cleaning Method Racks Wash with hot sudsy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry, or gently rub with cleansing pow(Oven) der or soap filled pads as directed. If racks are cleaned in the oven during the selfodean mode, they will lose their shiny finish and may not glide smoothly.

  • Page 18: Removing The Oven Door

    Removing the Oven Door WARNING WARNING Hake sure oven is cool and power to the oven To avoid injury from hinge brackets snapping has been turned off before removing the door. dosed, be sure that both levers are securely in Failure to do so could result in electrical shock place before removing door.

  • Page 19: To Activate Sabbath Mode

    The preheat lights and all beeps are also 208 V conversion must be done by a qualified disabled. technician. Contact your local appliance dealer or Bosch The oven lights cannot be changed after the Sewice: 800-944-2904. Sabbath mode starts.

  • Page 20: Baking

    Self Help - Check the chart below for causes of the most common baking problems. Since the size, shape and material of baking utensils directly affect the baking results, the best solution may be to replace old baking utensils that have darkened and warped with age and use.

  • Page 21: Operation

    8OO/944o2904, We want you to remain a satisfied customer, If a problem occurs that is not resolved to your satisfaction, write to Bosch Customer Support, 5551 HcFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach CA, 92649 OFphone 800-944- 2904. Please include the Hodel Number, Serial Number and date of original purchase and installation.

  • Page 22: Service Data Record

    Limited Warranty Bosch warrants that its Built=In Oven is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of twelve (!2) months from the Date of installation. During the warranty period, Bosch or its authorized service center will repair or replace, at its sole option, any Built=In Oven that proves to have been defective under conditions of normal use without charge.

  • Page 23

    BSH reserves the right to change specifications or design without notice. Some models are certified for use in Canada. BSH is not responsible for products which are transported from the United States for use in Canada. Check with your IocaFCanadian distributor or deaFer. BSH Home Appliances, Corporation, 5551 McFadden Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649.

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