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Owner's Manual
700 Series Briggs
22" Multi-Cut
& Stratton Engine
Electric Start
Model No.
• EspaSol, p. 21
Read and follow all
Safety Rules and Instructions
before operating
this equipment
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman Estates,
Visit our Craftsman website:
IL 60179


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    & Stratton Engine Electric Start Power-Propelled, 22" Multi-Cut Model No. 917.374551 • EspaSol, p. 21 CAUTION'. Read and follow all Safety Rules and Instructions before operating this equipment U.S.A. IL 60179 Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, Visit our Craftsman website:

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    Sears store, Parts & Repair Center or other Craftsman outlet for free repair (or replacement if repair proves impossible). This warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase if this Lawn Mower is ever used for commercial or rental purposes.

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    I. GENERAL OPERATION . Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when operating • Read, understand, and follow all mower. instructions on the machine and in the manual(s) before starting. Be thoroughly Ii. SLOPE OPERATION familiar with the controls and the proper Slopes are a major factor related to slip &...

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    • Never fill containers inside a vehicle, on • Keep nuts and bolts, especially blade a truck or trailer bed with a plastic liner. attachment bolts, tight and keep equip- Always place containers on the ground ment in good condition. away from your vehicle before filling.

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    Repair Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart pur- • Fast help by phone- phone sup- chase. Your new Craftsman® product is port from a Sears representative designed and manufactured for years of products requiring in-home repair, plus dependable operation.

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    Read these instructions and this manual in HOW TO SET UP YOUR MOWER its entirety before you attempt to assemble TO UNFOLD HANDLE or operate your new lawn mower. IMPORTANT: Unfold handle carefully so IMPORTANT: This lawn mower is shipped as not to pinch or damage control cables.

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    TO ASSEMBLE GRASS CATCHER TO PREPARE BATTERY 1. Put grass catcher frame into grass bag NOTE: Your battery must be charged with rigid part of bag on the bottom. before you can start your lawn mower. Make sure the frame handle is outside 1.

  • Page 8

    KNOW YOUR LAWN MOWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND ALL SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR LAWN MOWER. Compare the illustrations with your lawn mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference. These symbols may appear on your lawn mower or in literature supplied with the...

  • Page 9

    DRIVE CONTROL ADJUSTMENT The operation of any lawn SAFETVG'ASSES mower can result in foreign Over time, the drive control system may become "loose", resulting in decreased objects thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe speed. There is a turnbuckle on the drive control housing to increase tension on the eye damage.

  • Page 10

    TO CONVERT MOWER Your lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher. To convert to bagging or discharging: REAR BAGGING • Lift rear door of the lawn mower and Unlock place the grass catcher frame hooks latch onto the grass bag brackets.

  • Page 11

    TO EMPTY GRASS CATCHER A CAUTION: Wipe off any spilled oil or Empty the grass catcher when clippings fuel. Do not store, spill or use gasoline are visible in the full bag indicator window. near an open flame. ,A CAUTION: Alcohol blended fuels 1.

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    MULCHING MOWING TIPS MOWING TIPS A CAUTION: Do not use de-thatcher IMPORTANT: For best performance, blade attachments on your mower. Such keep mower housing free of built-up attachments are hazardous, wil! damage grass and trash. See "CLEANING" in the your mower and could void your warranty. Maintenance section of this manual.

  • Page 13

    MAINTENANCE EVERY EVERY BEFORE AFTER EVERY 25 HOURS BEFORE EAC H EAC H SCHEDULE USE USE HOURS STO RAG E OR SEASON HOURS Check for Loose Fasteners ,_ Clean / Inspect Grass Catcher * Check Tires Check Drive Wheels *** Clean Lawn Mower**** M Clean under Drive Cover *** O Check Drive Belt / Pulleys ***...

  • Page 14

    5. Install the blade bolt with the lock LAWN MOWER washer and hardened washer into Always observe safety rules when per- blade adapter and crankshaft. forming any maintenance. 6. Use block of wood between blade and TIRES lawn mower housing and tighten the •...

  • Page 15

    GRASS CATCHER Remove engine oil cap; lay aside on a clean surface. • The grass catcher may be hosed with water, but must be dry when used. Tip lawn mower on its side as shown and drain oil into a suitable container. •...

  • Page 16

    Back plate NOTE: Water, grass and other debris will drain from beneath the mower housing during the washout process. 2. Remove grass catcher and discharge chute assembly from lawn mower. 3. Close mulcher door (if equipped). 4. Connect a garden hose to the fitting where shown.

  • Page 17

    A WARNING: To avoid serious injury, before performing any service and adjustments: 1. Release control bar and stop engine. 2. Make sure the blade and all moving parts have completely stopped. 3. Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with plug.

  • Page 18

    ENGINE to suspected carburetor problems, take your lawn mower to a Sears or other ENGINE SPEED qualified service center for repair and/or Your engine speed has been factory set. adjustment. Do not attempt to increase engine speed IMPORTANT: Never tamper with the or it may result in personal injury.

  • Page 19

    ENGINE CYLINDER FUEL SYSTEM 1. Remove spark plug. 2. Pour one ounce (29 ml) of oil through IMPORTANT: It is important to prevent spark plug hole into cylinder. gum deposits from forming in essential fuel 3. Pull starter handle slowly a few times system parts such as carburetor, fuel filter,...

  • Page 20

    TROUBLESHOOTING = See appropriate section in manual unless directed to a Sears Parts & Repair Center. CAUSE PROBLEM CORRECTION Loss of power 1. Rear of mower housing or 1. Raise cutting height. blade dragging in grass. 2. Cutting too much grass. 2.

  • Page 21

    Sears, al Centro de Repuestos y Reparaci6n, o a otro comercio donde se vendan los equipos Craftsman, a efectos de que se la reparen sin costo (o bien se la reemplacen, en caso que no sea posible repararla).

  • Page 22

    I. OPERACION • Siempre use gafas de seguridad o anteojos con protecci6n lateral cuando opere la sega- • Antes de empezar, debe familiarizarse dora. completamente con los controles y el uso correcto de la maquina. Para esto, debe leer y comprender todas las instrucciones II.

  • Page 23

    • Nunca repostar la maquina al interior de un * Mantenga las tuercas y los pernos, espe- local. cialmente los pernos del accesorio de la • Nunca guardar la maquina o el contenedor cuchilla, apretados y mantenga el equipo en buenas condiciones.

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    Congratulaciones por su buena compra. • Ayuda rapida por telefono - soporte tele= nuevo producto Craftsman® esta diseSado f6nico por parte de un representante Sears y fabricado para funcionar de modo liable pot sobre productos que requieren un arreglo en muchos a_os.

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    COMO PREPARAR SU SEGADORA Lea estas instrucciones y este manual comple- tamente antes de tratar de montar u operar su PARA DESDOBLAR EL MANGO segadora nueva. IMPORTANTE: Despliegue el mango con IMPORTANTE: Este cortacesped viene SIN mucho cuidado para no pellizcar o darar los ACEITE O GASOLINA en el motor.

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    PARA PREPARAR LA BATERiA PARA MONTAR EL RECOGEDOR CE_SPED AVISO: Su bateda tiene que estar cargada an- tes de que pueda hacer arrancar su segadora. I. Ponga elbastidor delrecogedorde cesped 1. Abrir la caja de la bated& en labolsa delcesped con laparterigida Conecte el conector del cargador de la de labolsa en laparteinferior.

  • Page 27

    FAMILIARICESE CON SU SEGADORA LEA ESTE MANUAL DEL DUENO Y LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE OPARAR SU SEGADORA. Compare las ilustraciones con su segadora para familiarizarse con la ubicaci6n de los diversos controles y ajustes. Guarde este manual para referencia en el futuro. Estos simbolos pueden apareser sobre su segadora...

  • Page 28

    AJUSTE DEL MANDO La operaci6n decualquier Ocasionalmente, el sistema de mando puede segadora puedehacerque SEGURIDAD "aflojarse", provocando una disminuci6n de la saltenobjetos extrafios dentrode susojos,Ioquepuedeproducir velocidad. Hay un torniquete en la sede del mando para apretar la tensi6n del cable. Pro- dafiosgravesenestos.Siempre ceder de la siguiente manera: useanteojos deseguridad o protecci6n para...

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    PARA CONVERTIR LA SEGADORA Su segadora fue enviada lista para usarse como acolchadora de capa vegetal. Para convertirla a una operaci6n de ensacado o de descarga: SEGADORAS CON DESCARGA TRASERA • Levantar la puerta trasera de cortacesped y colocar los ganchos del armaz6n de la recolectora de hierba en los soporte del recogedor de cesped.

  • Page 30

    PARA VACIAR EL RECOGEDOR Use gasolina regular, sin plomo, nueva y lim- CO:SPED pia con el minimo de 87 octanos. No mezcle el aceite con la gasolina. Para asegurar Vacie el recogedor de cesped cuando los recortes son visibles en la ventana Ilena del que la gasolina utilizada sea fresca compre indicador de bolsa liana.

  • Page 31

    Para comenzar el motor sandio el arrancador CONSEJOS PARA SEGAR Y ACOL- de soga, sujete la barra de controles que CHAR exigen la presencia del operador abajo en el IMPORTANTE: Para obtener el mejor mango y tire el mango del arrancador rapida- rendimiento mantenga la caja de la segadora mente.

  • Page 32

    PROGRAMA ANTES DESPUES CADA CADA CADA ANTES DEL MANTENIMIENTO DE CADA DE CADA 25 HORAS O ALMACE- HORAS TEMPORADA HORAS NAMIENTO Revisar si hay Sujetadores Sueltos Limpiar/Inspeccionar el Recogedor de Cesped * Controlar los NeumAticos Controlar las Ruedas Motrices *** Limpiar la Segadora ..

  • Page 33

    SEGADORA 5. Instale el perno de la cuchilla con la arandela de seguridad y la arandela endurecida en el Siempre observe las reglas de seguridad cu- adaptador de la cuchilla y el ciguefial. ando haga el mantenimiento. 6. Use un bloque de madera entre la cuchilla LLANTAS y la caja de la segadora y apriete el perno •...

  • Page 34

    RECOGEDOR DE CO:SPED Remueva la tapa del depdsito del aceite; • El recogedor de cesped puede ser rociado dejela a un lado en una superficie limpia. con el agua de la manguera pero tiene que Incline la cortadora de cesped pot este estar seco cuando se vaya a usar.

  • Page 35

    Labio Plancha trasera Mueva el cortacespedes de cesped a un area de la hierba cortada o de otra superfi- cie dura. NOTA: El agua, la hierba y la otra ruina escur- titan debajo de la cubierta del cortacespedes durante el proceso del derrubio. Quite el colector de la hierba y descargue el montaje del canal inclinado del cortaces- pedes de cesped.

  • Page 36

    ,I_ADVERTENClA: Para evitar lesi6nes serias, antes de dar calquier servico o de hacer ajustes: Suelte la barra de control y pare el motor. AsegQrese que la cuchJlla y que todas las partes movibles se hayan detenido completamente. Desconecte el alambre de la bujia y p6ngalo en donde no pueda entrar en contacto con esta. PARA CAMBIAR CORREA DE IMPULSI6N...

  • Page 37

    MOTOR debido a problemas que se sospecha vienen del carburador, Ileve su segadora a contacto VELOCIDAD DEL MOTOR con su centro de servicio Sears o con un otro La velocidad del motor ha sido ajustada en centro de servicio cualificado para repararla y/o la fabrica.

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    MOTOR ACEITE DEL MOTOR Drene el aceite (con el motor caliente) y cam- SISTEMA DE COMBUSTIBLE bielo con aceite de motor limpio. (Vea "MO- IMPORTANTE: Es importante evitar que TOR" en la secci6n de Mantenimento de este se formen depositos de coma en partes manual.) fundamentales del sistemade combustible tales...

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    SOLUCION DE PROBLEMAS - Yea la secci6n apropiada en el manual amenos est_ dirigido a un centro de servico Sears. CAUSA PROBLEMA CORRECCION No arraRca Cuchilla suelta o adaptador Apriete el perno de la cuchilla (continuado) de la cuchilla quebrado. cambie el adaptador de la cuchilla.

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    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER- - MODEL NUMBER 917.374551 58 ..56 .._. J"...

  • Page 41

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER- - MODEL NUMBER 917.374551 PART PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 184576 Upper Handle Assembly 175735 Hinge Bracket Assembly - - - Engine, Briggs & Stratton, Model Number 128T05- (Includes Foam Grip) 419942X428 Discharge Deflector 438396 Cable, Engine Zone Control/...

  • Page 42

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER- - MODEL NUMBER 917.374551 41 28 ....41 31 3415...

  • Page 43

    CRAFTSMAN ROTARY LAWN MOWER- - MODEL NUMBER 917.374551 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 428781 Cover, Dust, Wheel 434776 Drive Control Assembly (Includes Speed Selector and Cable' 17000510 Screw, Hex Head 1/4-20 x 1/2 426260X428 Cover, Top 404845 Pawl, Drive 406262 Pulley 428780X428 Wheel &...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 48 SHORT BLOCK J 1058 OPERATOR'S MANUAL J 1329 REPLACEMENT ENGINE 1330 REPAIR MANUAL 34_8_ _847 562_ 24 _ 13 _ 5{,, 404 (_) 616i 20_#...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 365 {'_ 276 _, 188_ 883 _ ..... 209 <:_ 202 ii::! 425 ¢% 883 i_...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 356 ..1211 11210 1036 EMISSIONS LABEL 621_ ],.jLLtrY:._,t -i::_!::t Ij...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 358 ENGINE GASKET SET 20 _, ,_ 7 _i 1095 VALVE GASKET SET Engine Power Rating information The gross power rating for individual gas engine models is labeled in accordance with SAE (So- ciety of Automo-tive Engineers) code J11940 (Small Engine Power &...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 697322 Cylinder Assembly 796704 Gasket-Intake 399269 Kit-Bushing / Seal 691650 Screw (Intake Manifold) (Magneto Side) 691421 Housing-Rewind Starter 299819s Seal-Oil (Magneto Side) 697316 Rope-Starter 493279 Sump-Engine 795426 Grip-Starter Rope 691160 Head-Cylinder...

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    BRIGGS & STRATTON 4-CYCLE ENGINE MODEL NUMBER 128T05-5268-B1 PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 691688 Screw (Carburetor) 691155 Seat-Valve (Intake) 690272 Washer (Governor Crank) 690380 Seat-Valve (Exhaust) 690670 Screw (Air Cleaner Cover) 262001 Bushing-Valve Guide 692523 Screw (Exhaust Valve) (Air Cleaner Primer Base) 63709 Bushing-Valve Guide...

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