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Epson NB3s User Manual

Product information guide
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contrast control ,
brightness control
RAM card cover
external keypad connector

Main Unit

386SX microprocessor; 8 MHz or 16 MHz clock speed, selectable
through SETUP or software command (CV!-All-0
Main memory
1MB (640KB
either shadow RAM or extended memory, selectable through
Math coprocessor
Socket for optional 16-MHz, 387SX coprocessor
Real-time clock and calendar with battery backup
Parallel / External diskette drive
25-pin, D-type, female connector; standard B-bit parallel or external
diskette drive support, selectable through SETUP
RS-232C, programmable, asynchronous, 9-pin, D-type male
15-pin, female connector; supports
Internal RAM card slot: allows expansion to 2MB or 5MB
lnternal slot for optional modem
Notebook Computers
LCD screen
ard disk drive
diskette drive
the remaining 384KB can be used as
battery charging indicator
parallel/external diskette drive port
external monitor port


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Epson NB3s

  • Page 1: Main Unit

    EPSON NB3s LCD screen battery charging indicator contrast control , brightness control RAM card cover parallel/external diskette drive port ard disk drive external keypad connector indicator external monitor port status diskette drive 1 Computer Specifications 1 Main Unit 386SX microprocessor; 8 MHz or 16 MHz clock speed, selectable...
  • Page 2: Physical Dimensions

    EPSON NB3s Keyboard 82 sculptured keys; status indicator bar icons for Num Lock, Caps Lock, and Scroll lock Optional, external numeric keypad Mass Storage Interchangeable, slide-out, 20MB or 40MB hard disk designed for low power consumption; 23ms average access time; built-m controller;...
  • Page 3: Expansion Unit

    EPSON NB3s options Internal 2400-baud, Hayes-compatible, auto-dial modem 1MB or 4MB RAM expansion cards 20MB or 40MB. interchangeable hard disk drives External numeric keypad Battery pack External battery charger Car cigarette lighter adapter Carrying case Expansion Unit Power Supply Automatic 100-240V sensing, 50/60 Hz. Supplies enough power to...
  • Page 4: Pin Assignments

    EPSON NB3s ~rinter/FDD Connector 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Thorn am IKI jumpon to aot for the Epwn 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 NB3a. All settinga am caltrollod by tha SETUP progr8lll.
  • Page 5: I/O Port Addresses

    EPSON NB3s I/O Port Addresses oooO1F DMA cwltroller 1 02OGF Interrupt Controller 1,82s Master o4005F Timer/Counter, 8251 Keyboard controller, 8042 OWO6F 07W7F RTC and Non-Maskable Interrupt Ma& 00O-OgF DMA Page FIegi8Wr Slave OM-OBF lntwupt Chtrollsr 2 S2s OCU-ODF DMA Chtroller 2...
  • Page 6 EPSON NB3s Fmu SuQpry Automatic lUI-240 V wndng, 50180 Hz. Supplies enough powor to oporato the computer, recharge the Wry p& and powor an optional full-nizo keyboard. Intetiangrabk, alidwut. lMM8 hard didc; nardmdt Video Controller Switch 19 ma average acceaa time; built-in contlollu.
  • Page 7: Related Documentation

    Epson NB3s [ Information Reference List 1 Engineering Change Notice None Product Support Bulletina None. Related Documentation MS DOS 4.01 Y18896100200 Referenoa Manual Y18sQ100400 ln8tall8tion Guide Yl8w9100500 Shell LJser’s Guide YlwsQ100300 Command Summary -100700 N63a User’s Guide TMN63a NS3s Servio h4anual...

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