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  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide Clarity Pal Amplified Mobile Phone

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents BASIC INFORMATION Safety and Maintenance and Care ........7-11 Warranty Information ............12-13 FCC Regulations..............14-15 FEATURES OVERVIEW Getting to know the ClarityPal ........16-18 Technical Specifications ............19 BATTERY Use ....................20 Installation/Removal/Charging ..........20-21 Security ...................20-21 NETWORK SETUP SIM Card Information ...............22 Inserting/Removal SIM Card ...........22 Locking SIM Card ...............22 Connecting to Network ............22...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Auto DTMF .................32 Auto Response ................32 Function Menus Rolling searching functions ............32 Personal shortcuts ..............33 Exit ....................33 ..................33 Phonebook User Profiles General mode ................34 Meeting mode ................34 Outdoor mode ................34 Indoor mode ................34 Headset mode................34 Bluetooth mode .................34 Customizable features ..............35 Messaging (SMS) Writing a message ..............36...

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents ..............42-43 Security Settings SIM Card Lock ................42 Phone Lock ..................42 Keypad Lock ................42 Changing Password ..............42 Changing PIN code ..............42 ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS Restore factory settings ............44 Bluetooth ..................44 ..................44 Organizer Calendar ..................44 Stopwatch ..................44 Calculator..................44 Shortcuts ..................45 ..................45 Accessibility...

  • Page 7: Emergency Call Feature

    Safety and Maintenance Instructions Please read the following safety instructions before using your Clarity Pal Dual Band Mobile Phone and accessories. Please keep these instructions for your reference. When using this product, these safety precautions and warnings should be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, injury to persons and damage to property.

  • Page 8: Other Medical Devices, Radio Frequency Interference, Health Care Facilities, Hearing Aids

    Safety and Maintenance Instructions into the phone’s address book in order Other Medical Devices to restore the emergency call feature. If you use any other personal medical device, consult the device manufacturer After you have re-entered your five or your physician to determine if it is emergency numbers, you should test the adequately shielded from external (RF) phone’s emergency call feature by press-...

  • Page 9

    User Manual. sories in the area over the air bag or in • Always store batteries where children the air bag deployment area. cannot reach them. • Use only those Clarity products and...

  • Page 10: Maintenance And Care

    Do not insert anything into the phone When replacing the battery, use only other than as directed in the user the battery provided by Clarity. manual because this may cause damage to the internal components or cause • Do not allow any battery or its holder injury to you.

  • Page 11

    Safety and Maintenance Instructions If you experience hearing discomfort, Exposure to Electromagnetic you should stop listening to the device Energy in the Radio Frequency through your headset or headphones. Band To protect your hearing, some hearing When turned on, this device transmits experts suggest that you: and receives electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency (RF) bandwidth...

  • Page 12: Warranty Information

    Consequential Damages materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of original Neither Clarity nor your retail dealer or purchase (“Warranty Period”). The selling distributors has any responsibil- obligation of Clarity under this warranty ity for any incidental or consequential shall be at Clarity‘s option, without...

  • Page 13

    Warranty Information In the United States Include the following information: Clarity Service Center 6131 Preservation Drive, 1. A proof-of-purchase indicating model Chattanooga, TN 37416 number and date of purchase. Tel: (423) 622-7793 or 2. Bill-to address. (800) 426-3738 3. Ship-to address.

  • Page 14: Fcc Regulations

    FCC Regulations and Requirements Part 15 of FCC 3. Connect the telephone equipment Rules Information into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the television, This device complies with Part 15 of the radio, or other receiver is connected. FCC Rules.

  • Page 15

    The party responsible for regula- phone lines and internal metallic water tory compliance: pipe system, if present, are connected Clarity, A Division of together. This precaution may be par- Plantronics, Inc. ticularly important in rural areas. 6131 Preservation Drive,...

  • Page 16

    Getting to know your ClarityPal Important: Before using phone, please read Safety Instructions. 1 Message Alert Light (Flashes) Volume Adjust Buttons (+/–) Headset Port Memory Key – Long-press/Memory 4 M1* ( Press key to access and select menu options.) Memory Key 5 M2 Memory Key –...

  • Page 17

    Getting to know your ClarityPal Note: Phone battery may Signal Strength be charged with or without Ring Tone the charging base. Bluetooth Battery Warning: Use the supplied AC Adapter Other adapters may damage the phone and void the warranty.

  • Page 18

    Getting to know your ClarityPal Back view...

  • Page 19: Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications Function Specification Model Size 5 x 2.5 x .5 in. SIM type * Regular Built-in Memory 506K Frequency band * GSM 900 GSM 1800 Dual Frequency Phonebook Capacity * 250pcs (SIM capacity depends on SIM type.) GPRS * Support SMS/MMS Support...

  • Page 20: Battery Use, Battery Installation, Battery Charging

    Battery installation and charging Battery Use side of the phone, or by using the charging base connected to the AC power adapter. Recharge the battery when the phone is powered OFF automatically or when Begin the battery charging process by there is a low battery indicator showing inserting the “plug-tip”...

  • Page 21: The Battery

    Battery installation and charging Unplug and disconnect the AC Power • Do not store the battery with metal. adapter when not in use. Do not con- • Do not bend or open the battery. nect the battery to the AC Power •...

  • Page 22: Locking Sim Card

    SIM Card Installation SIM card Locking SIM card Your network provider will supply you a To avoid illegal use, the phone is protect- SIM card. The SIM card is key for access- ed by a PIN code. ing the GSM network. Step 1: Power ON the phone.

  • Page 23: Power On/off

    Connecting to a Network Important: If phone prompts the Phone lock feature message “Emergency call only” on the LCD, it means the phone is out Main menu Step 1 of service area. However, you may still Phonebook Use Arrow key to make emergency calls according to the User profiles select...

  • Page 24: Getting To Know The Claritypal, Getting To Know The Claritypal Menus

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus The Clarity Pal main menu is organized to feature the following options, features and funtions. • Settings • Shortcuts • Phonebook • Bluetooth • Accessibility • User Profiles • Organizer • Phone calls • Messages Note: Please see additional pages for instructions concerning each menu item listed on the following pages.

  • Page 25: User Profiles

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus Phonebook Check Balance CLARITY DEMO Phonebook To SIM Friends Quick search To Phone Family Name search Business Add new contact Others Copy all From SIM From Phone Delete Caller groups M1/M2/M3 Setting Phonebook Memory status...

  • Page 26

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus Messages Messages • Profiles 1– 5 Profile settings Text messaging Write message General settings Delivery report Inbox Memory status Voicemail Reply path Outbox Preferred storage Back Templates SIM: 0.00% SMS settings Phone: 0.00 1 Call voicemail SIM: 0.00% 2 Edit Phone: 0.00...

  • Page 27

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus Settings – Network Setup 1 New search Network List 2 Select network • T-mobile 3 Selection mode • AT&T Network selection Settings Phone setup • Automatic Network setup • Manual Security setup Restore factory settings Back Settings –...

  • Page 28

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus Bluetooth Main Menu • OFF Phonebook • ON User profiles Messages Settings 1 Bluetooth Searches for Bluetooth 2 Search bluetooth device 3 Paired device Back Indicates paired device Organizer • Set a date • Set a call Main Menu •...

  • Page 29: Getting To Know The Claritypal Menus

    Getting to know the ClarityPal Menus Accessibility Main Menu Phonebook User profiles Messages Settings Bluetooth Organizer • English Shortcuts • Français Accessibility • Español • ON • OFF Back • Keystroke 1 SOS ON/OFF • Select from Make a new Language 2 SOS mode Phonebook...

  • Page 30: Making A Call, Dialing Status, Connecting Status

    Operations Making a call * key three (3) times to input “P” , which can be used for The icon on the top left corner of the DTMF functions. LCD indicates the signal strength. Signal strength Connecting status After dialing the number, the LCD will display signal strength and battery indica- tions.

  • Page 31: International Calls, Emergency Calls, Conversations, Function Operation

    Operations International calls work, you can make Emergency Calls even without a SIM card. Press * key two (2) times to input “+”, then the LCD will display “+” which Receiving calls will allow you to make a call from any When there is an incoming call, the ring country when the country prefix num- will sound or the phone will vibrate.

  • Page 32: Call Options, Auto Dtmf, Auto Response, Rolling Searching Functions

    Operations Tone button use during • Short Press POWER ON/OFF conversations key: ends the converstion. Provides three (3) tone effects: Soprano, • Use the UP/DOWN navigation Bass, and Alto. key , or Volume UP/DOWN but- ton on left side of phone adjust the During conversations, switch these volume of the earpiece.

  • Page 33: Personal Shortcuts, Exit, Phonebook

    Caller groups Phonebook list to the SIM card or phone. Phonebook Check Balance settings • Copy all CLARITY DEMO Back • Delete: choose to delete single records or all records on the SIM or Options Back Back phone. Note: to delete all records, you are required to enter the phone’s...

  • Page 34: General Mode, Headset Mode, Bluetooth Mode

    Operations User profiles Selecting funtions under the Phonebook option: The phone includes six basic profile modes: general, meeting, outdoor, indoor, headset, and bluetooth. Step 1 Main Menu Phonebook Use Arrow In each profile mode you may choose to key to select User profiles select the basic settings (Activate) or Phonebook...

  • Page 35: Customizable Features

    Operations Customizable features Ring type: ring, vibration, ring/vibra- tion, ring after vibration. There are (5) customizable options for each profile mode. Extra tone: warning, error, network- connecting, call-through. Tone setup: set incoming call ring, alarm clock ring, power on/off ring, mes- Answer mode: any key answer, or sage ring and key tone.

  • Page 36: Inbox/outbox, Templates

    Operations Writing and sending messages Messages Enter number Step 4 Step 1 Write message Enter the number Use Arrow key to Inbox manually, or Press scroll to Messages M1 Memory key to Outbox Press M1 Memory select Search Templates key to select Back Search Back...

  • Page 37: Message Settings

    Operations Write a SMS message following functions: reply, delete and delete all, edit and edit all, forward, copy, Press “#” key or the M1 Memory and copy all, move, move all, and move key to switch the input methods: ENG- to SIM or phone memory, use the num- LISH (ABC)(abc);...

  • Page 38: Sms Settings

    Operations SMS settings Main Menu Phonebook User profiles Messages Settings Back Messages Profile name T-Mobile Text messages Voicemail +13123149810 Back Edit Back Messages Profile name Inbox T-Mobile Outbox Templates SMS settings Back Options Clear SMS settings Options Profile settings Done General settings Input method Memory status...

  • Page 39: Draft Box, Templates, Voice Mail-box, Phone Settings

    Operations Write a MMS message Draft box Send to many: input the contact infor- All MMS messages written, but not sent. mation, which may include a single or You can check MMS details, send, edit, multiple phone numbers. (maximum 20). delete, delete all, view details and use the details.

  • Page 40: Phone Setup

    Operations Phone setup • Power off display: choose flash when power OFF (7 options). Time and date • Main menu style: choose single • Set time zone: Set home city page or list. • Set Time and Date • Show Date/time: choose whether •...

  • Page 41

    Operations Phone Setup (Time and date — Schedule power on/off — Language) Main Menu Phonebook User profiles Messages Settings Back Settings Phone setup Phone setup Phone setup Time and date Time and date Schedule power Network setup Schedule power on Security setup Language Language...

  • Page 42: Network Settings, Security Settings, Phone Lock, Keypad Lock, Changing Pin Code

    Operations Network setting Auto Keypad lock • Set the waiting time for locking key- Network selection • pad. After setting, the keypad will lock – New search auto-matically, if not used within the ap- – Select network (Automatic) pointed time. Press the right “M3” –...

  • Page 43: Security Settings

    Operations Network and Security settings Main menu Phonebook User profiles Messages Settings Back Settings Settings Phone setup Phone setup Network setup Network setup Security setup Security setup Restore factory Restore factory se Back Back Security Setup Network setup Security Setup Network SIM lock SIM lock...

  • Page 44: Restore Factory Settings, Bluetooth, Organizer, Calendar, Stopwatch, Calculator

    Operations Functions: Restore factory settings View: check or edit the memo of Input the password of the mobile lock. the date. Refer to memo for details. The factory default may also be reset. View all: all schedules are visible. Note: The default phone password is [ 1122 ] .

  • Page 45: Shortcuts, Accessibility, Language, Help Settings/sos, Recording

    Operations Accessibility Input the counting symbol followed by the second number: Options: Access Language, Help Settings and Talk- Press [ M + / + ] ing keypad. Press [ M - / - ] • Language Press [ MC/ * ] Select English, Français, or Español.

  • Page 46: Phone Calls, Call History, Call Settings

    Operations Play: play the chosen record. Call History Options: Missed calls: check list of missed calls. Rename: rename the file. Dialed calls: check list of dialed calls. Delete: delete the file. Received calls: check list of Delete all: delete all files. received calls.

  • Page 47: Advanced Settings

    Operations Divert if busy: call divert when line is busy. Divert all data: call divert to a new number. Cancel all diverts: cancel all call diverts. Advanced settings: Block list: set calls to not answer as “black list.” (20 numbers maximum.) Auto redial: set this function to auto- matically redial an unconnected call.

  • Page 48: Input By English

    Operations Input methods Input by English The following are definitions of the keypad in English-input mode. (Includes ABC and abc.) Input by keypad Operations of English input: • Each key can be used to input several characters. • Quick click the key until the letter you desire appears.

  • Page 49

    Operations Input by English The following are definitions of the keypad in English-input mode. (Includes ABC and abc.) Corresponding Key name character or function Note Number 0 key Number 0 or blank Number 1 key Symbol Number 2 key ABC, abc, number 2 Number 3 key DEF, def, number 3 Number 4 key...

  • Page 50

    Operations Input by number • Press ( # )key to switch the input method. The definition of keypad under number input mode. • Press Right (M3) key to clear one character. Long-press Right (M3) Input by keypad key to clear all characters. Operations of number input method: •...

  • Page 51: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem: SIM card error. SIM is invalid or defective. Reason: SIM damaged. Out of GSM service area. Reason: Reason: Reason: SIM card not setup correctly. Reason: Weak, interrupted, or no signal. SIM card dirty. Reason: Solutions: Solutions: • Contact the network provider. •...

  • Page 52

    6131 Preservation Drive Chattanooga,TN 37416 Tel: 800-426-3738 Fax: 800-325-8871 E-mail: claritycs Website: ©2012 Clarity, a Division of Plantronics, Inc. All rights reserved. Clarity, ClarityPal, and Smart for Seniors are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plantronics, Inc. Rev. A (7-12)

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