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Epson ActionDesk 4000 Specifications

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ActionDesk 4000+
The following diagrams illustrate the outside of the
ActionDesk 4000+ system.
monitor cable
AC outlet

Computer Specifications

CPU and Memory
32-bit CPU
Intel 486SX, DX, or DX2 processor
upgradable to faster, more powerful
processors, including the Pentium
Green PC
Energy Star compliant (using less than
Energy saver
30 Watts) with a low-power standby mode
for the hard disk drive and the video
signals the computer sends to the monitor;
time periods selectable in SETUP
reset button
diskette drive
System speed
Video RAM
Shadow RAM
EPSON ActionDesk
Fast and slow speeds available as described
in the table below; speed selection through
keyboard commands or jumper setting
At fast speed, DX2/50 and DX2/66
processors run internally at 50 and 66 MHz,
but run externally at 25 and 33 MHz; local
bus speeds for DX2 processo rs are 25 and
33 MHz, respectively
4MB RAM standard on a SIMM;
expandable to 64MB using 1MB, 2MB,
4MB, 8MB, 16MB, and 32MB SIMMs
(when available); SIMMs are tin-plated
(preferably), 72-pin, 32-bit or 36-bit,
fast-page mode type with access speed of
70ns or faster
Phoenix system BIOS, video BIOS, and
SETUP code located in 128KB EPROM on
main system board
1MB DRAM on main system board;
expandable to 2MB using two ZIP chips
Supports shadowing of system and video
Supports relocation of 256KB of memory
from A0000h to BFFFFh and D0000h to
EFFFFh to extended memory
8KB of internal cache on the CPU;
supports 64KB, 128KB, or 256KB of
external cache using 28-pin, 8 x 8, 20ns
DIP chips or 28-pin, 32 x 8, 20ns DIP chips
Math coprocessor built into DX, DX2, and
Pentium OverDrive processors
Contained in the 82C491 system controller
chip along with 64 bytes of CMOS RAM
backed up by a soldered NiCad
rechargeable battery
Cirrus Logic GD5428 high speed local bus
super VGA local bus controller with True
Color support
Controller on main system board supports
up to two diskette drives or one diskette
drive and one tape drive
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Computer Specifications

    30 Watts) with a low-power standby mode up to two diskette drives or one diskette for the hard disk drive and the video drive and one tape drive signals the computer sends to the monitor; time periods selectable in SETUP 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 1...
  • Page 2 68° F (20° C) 104° F (40° C) 134° F (57° C) drives to half-height size Other devices Half-height tape drive, CD-ROM, optical Accoustical noise 46.2dB drive, or other storage device; 51/4-&h or with mounting frames 3!44nch 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 2...
  • Page 3: Major Subassemblies

    EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ Major Subassemblies I /- connector diskette drive optional video option card connector memory sockets connector board system mounting bracket for drive bays hard disk drives System Board Components 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 3...
  • Page 4: Jumper Settings

    Processor type jumper settings J4-J11 J14. J16 486DX, DX2, or Pentium OverDrive 1-2,3-4 486SX VGA jumper settings VGA jumper function Enable on-board VGA Disable on-board VGA ‘I -1 = J25, J26,J27, J28 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 4...
  • Page 5: Simm Installation

    2MB by installing two video DRAM, 40-pin, 256KB x 16-bit, ZIP (Zig-zag Inline Package) chips. For the memory to work properly, you must install one chip in each socket. 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 5...
  • Page 6: Microprocessor Upgrades

    You can either When you press Enter with the cursor positioned on the purchase an upgrade kit from Epson or buy the individual Autotype Fixed Disk option in SETUP, the system components separately, as listed in the following table.
  • Page 7: Drive Option Information

    28 is grounded and a slave if pin 28 is not grounded. Diskette drive options DMA Assignments *Select 1 or more for the precomp value. lf neither of these options are available, select the maximum available precomp value. I -w-w plA7 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 7 12/93...
  • Page 8: Hardware Interrupts

    Reserved for ROM on I/O adapters VGA BIOS ROM: 32KB Default shadow RAM VGA text (color): 32KB Unused or VGA text (monochrome): 32KB Video memory: 64KB Reserved for graphics display buffer 000A0000h 640KB Conventional system memory 640KB 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 8...
  • Page 9: Connector Pin Assignments

    Data +5 VDC Clock Ground Optional game port connector pin assignments Pin ISignal Signal Signal lvcc Position 1 Button 0 Button 1 Position 0 Ground l&OtJIld *Active low logic **All odd-numbered pins are grounds 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 9...
  • Page 10: Installing Hard Disk Drives

    If you plan to install two hard disk drives in the internal *Active low logic bays, you must use flat-head screws (#6-32UNC x 8 FH,M,+) to secure the top drive to the mounting bracket. 12/93 EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ - 10...
  • Page 11: Information Reference List

    TM-ACTD4 EPSON ActionDesk 4000 Service Manual processor has an adequate heat sink and fan installed to prevent overheating. The Epson CPU upgrade kit comes AD4000+ADD EPSON ActionDesk 4000+ Service Manual with a heat sink and a fan. Other manufacturer’s kits may Addendum not include these items.

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