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Electrolux RM 122F Operating And Installation Instructions

Type a310 k refrigerator, bottled gas and 12 / 230 volt operation


(Bottled Gas and 12 / 230 Volt Operation)
(Bottled Gas and 12 Volt Operation)


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Summary of Contents for Electrolux RM 122F

  • Page 1 OPERATING AND INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR ELECTROLUX REFRIGERATORS TYPE A310 K MODEL RM 123E (Bottled Gas and 12 / 230 Volt Operation) MODEL RM 122F (Bottled Gas and 12 Volt Operation)
  • Page 2: Important User Information

    • Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or more serious malfunctioning. Refer to your local Electrolux Service Centre and always insist on genuine Electrolux spare parts.
  • Page 3: Instructions For Installation

    A ventilator for fitting above the door as shown in fig. 4 is supplied with the refrigerator. The connection pipe, gas cock, and connectors are not supplied by Electrolux as the sizes of these may vary to suit particular installations. The appropriate parts should, however, be readily available from the refrigerator supplier or an Agent dealing in gas fittings {see note in item 11).
  • Page 4 It can be of rust proof metal or plastic laminate. To do this lay the refrigerator on Its back, and remove the bottom section of the door frame held by 3 screws. The existing panel can then be slid out and a new panel slid in and the bottom section refitted to ruin the new panel.
  • Page 5 A ventilation hole of not less than 13cm2 (2in2) effective area (40mm or 1 5/8" diameter) must be provided in the floor below the refrigerator as shown in fig. 5. The hole should lead directly to the outside air through the floor or wall so that, in the event of a gas leak, it would provide an escape outlet for the heavier-than air gas.
  • Page 6 Flue Venting Kit The flue gasses must be vented directly to the outside air. Only the ELECTROLUX flue venting kit (supplied with the refrigerator in the United Kingdom) is recommended for this purpose. It consists of the following parts: Flue Top Complete - G...
  • Page 8 Note 2. It is not advisable to lengthen the flue venting arrangement for more than a short distance as this...
  • Page 9 WARNING - THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED In the United Kingdom, the plug or circuit to the refrigerator must be fitted with a fuse not greater than 5 amps. If a 13 amp (BS 1363) fused plug is used, it should be fitted with a 3 amp fuse. In other countries the fuse rating will depend upon the voltage and local practice.
  • Page 10 The pipe should be of suitable length and pre-shaped so that when the refrigerator is in place, then end of the pipe will be in a convenient and accessible position for the connection to the main gas supply or to another piece of pipe coming from the main gas pipe.
  • Page 11 INSTUCTIONS FOR USE INTRODUCTION To ensure satisfactory operation, it is essential that the refrigerator is installed and used as directed in this instruction booklet. The ventilation openings above and below the refrigerator must not be reduced in size or obstructed in any way otherwise the performance of the cooling unit may be impaired...
  • Page 12 If it is not convenient to level the vehicle and it is to stand out of level for more than half an hour. The refrigerator should be temporarily turned off.
  • Page 13 Note:- The refrigerator has a flame failure device which will automatically shut off the gas to the burner if the flame is blown out- While the knob (4) is being pressed in, this device is temporarily inoperative.
  • Page 14 The wiring in the car and caravan to supply the refrigerator from the main battery in the car should have been installed in accordance with item 10 on page 6 of the installation section.
  • Page 15 24. WHEN NOT IN USE Whenever your refrigerator is to be out of use for a period, turn off the gas or disconnect from the 12V supply, as applicable. Empty the cabinet and defrost as described earlier. Clean and thoroughly dry the interior and accessories and leave the door open otherwise the air inside may go stale giving rise to an unpleasant odour which could be difficult to remove at a later date.
  • Page 16 The door is secured by means of the travel catch when the caravan is on the move. • Only one mode of operation at a time is used to run the refrigerator. SERVICE AND SPARE PARTS Service and spare parts are obtainable from your dealer or Electrolux - consult the yellow pages of the telephone directory.

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