Electrolux Oven User Manual

Electrolux oven user manual
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This new appliance is easy to use. Nonetheless,
to obtain best results it is important to read this
brochure carefully and to follow all the
instructions before using for the first time. In
additon to instructions for installation, use and
maintenance of the appliance, you will find other
useful advice in this brochure.
The Zanussi Technical Assistance Service, through its
numerous authorized Centres, provides assistance to
the most important makes of electrical domestic
appliances. In case of necessity contact the nearest
Centre by consulting the telephone directory under
the name ZANUSSI or, of course, the yellow pages
under the section Electrical Domestic Appliances/
Voltage tension:
230V / 400V 3N - 50Hz
Electrical power:
7.750 kW max/ZC 607E - 7.715 kW max/ZC 603E
Once your appliance has been installed by a qualified installer according to the recommendations
contained in the second part of this brochure, we request you to read the following pages in order to get
These instructions are only valid for countries whose identification symbols are shown on the inside
This appliance conforms to the following EEC Directives:
. 72/23 - 90/683 (Low Tension);
. 89/336 (Electromagnetic Compatibility);
. 93/68 (General Directives);
and successive modifications.
Viale Bologna, 298
47100 FORLI' (Italy)
the best use from your cooking appliance.
cover of this information brochure and on the appliance itself.
Your new appliance is under guarantee. You will find
the guarantee certificate attached. If it is missing,
request it from your retailer indicating the date of
purchase, model and identificaton number which are
engraved on the appliance's small registration plate.
Retain the certificate in order to present it to the
Technical Assistance Service with the receipt or
invoice in case of necessity.



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux Oven

  • Page 1 230V / 400V 3N - 50Hz Electrical power: 7.750 kW max/ZC 607E - 7.715 kW max/ZC 603E MANUFACTURER: ELECTROLUX ZANUSSI ELETTRODOMESTICI S.p.A. Viale Bologna, 298 47100 FORLI’ (Italy) Once your appliance has been installed by a qualified installer according to the recommendations...
  • Page 2 • When using for the first time we advise you to switch on the oven and allow it to heat whilst empty for approximately 15 minutes at maximum temperature. Then allow to cool before cleaning the inside of the oven with water and a non-abrasive cleaning product.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Our appliances conform to the EUROPEAN SECURITY REGULATIONS. To offer better protection to children who could be burnt by the oven door when in use, a shield can be applied to the door itself. This shield can be purchased in our after-sales service shops.
  • Page 4: Instructions For The User

    Height 850 mm The total power absorbed and supplementary technical data are shown on the small registration plate placed on the bottom of the oven (for access, open the oven door). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USER INSTALLATION It is important that all operations relating to instalation and regulation be carried out by qualified personnel, according to the rules and regulations in force.
  • Page 5: Electric Plates

    Avoid placing pans with plastic handles in the oven as they may not support the heat. Saucepans suitable for use on solid plate hobs should have several characteristics: they should be heavy duty.
  • Page 6: Traditional Electric Oven

    When grilling, it is sufficient to turn the switch so that the sign is in front of the symbol When the grill is in use the oven door must be left ajar and the switch protection shield inserted (Fig. 4 and 5).
  • Page 7 60 minutes postion then in an anti-clockwise direction to the time required. Once the pre-established time has elapsed, an acoustic signal intervenes which stops automatically. The action of the time cannot stop the oven. FO 0190 FO 0763 Fig. 6...
  • Page 8: Electric Oven

    These two switches allow you to choose the type of cooking (choice of heating element) as well as the tem- perature according to the requirements of the recipe. The oven lamp stays lit in all positions. Meaning of symbols Upper and lower heating...
  • Page 9 (A-Fig. 12) in the specific grids, situated under the grill (B-Fig. 12). If you need to cook with the dripping pan on the oven FO 0190 grill, place as shown in Fig. 12...
  • Page 10: Electronic Minute Minder

    The minute minder can be used to time a set cooking period. At the end of the cook time the minute minder will automatically switch off the oven if in use. The minute minder gives an audible reminder at the end of any period of cooking up to 23 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Page 11: Things To Note

    Press and hold button (1) and the display will count down in one minute intervals to 0:00. See Fig. 13.8. Release button (1). If the oven is in use this will switch OFF after a few seconds. To reset the time of day, press button (1) and (2) together.
  • Page 12 Convection cooking Heat is transmitted to dishes by hot air forcibly circulated inside the oven by a fan placed at the back of the oven. By this method, heat is quickly and evenly circulated throughout the oven, permitting several different dishes to be cooked at the same time on different levels.
  • Page 13: Advice For Oven Use

    It is advisable to salt the outside the of the meat after just over half the cooking time. Place the roast in the oven in a dish having a low rim; a deep dish acts as a shield and prevents heat from circulating.
  • Page 14: Table Of Cooking Times

    Grilled chicken Veal roasted on the spit 0.6 Kg Chicken on the spit *The level number is counted from the bottom (not including the rest on the base of the oven where the dripping pan can be inserted. Level *...
  • Page 15: Maintenance

    For daily cleaning use soap and water or one of the numerous products available commerically. Wash the enamelled grills with water and a cleaning product. Clean the oven door with hot water only, avoid using rough clothes or abrasive substances. Only clean the electric plates once they have become cold.
  • Page 16 CARE OF CATALYTIC SIDES The catalytic sides can neutralise most food and splashes of grease when the temperature exceeds 220˚C. To facilitate cleaning, it is advisable to heat the oven, empty, above this temperature for 1 to 2 hours a week. Practical advice: .
  • Page 17: Instructions For The Installer

    Once the cooker has been installed it is important to remove the protective materials which were put on in the factory. Switch the oven control to MAX and leave it to run, empty, for 30 minutes to remove any unpleasant new smells.
  • Page 18: Electrical Connection

    The protection fuse and the domestic wire system are suitable to carry the total electric load of the oven (see rating plate). Your domestic wiring system has an efficient earth connection in compliance with the rules and laws in force.
  • Page 19: What To Do If

    The oven produces smoke: • we advise you to clean the oven after each use; when cooking meat splashes of fat are formed, if they are not cleaned they can cause smoke and smells during successive cooking (see paragraph concerning cleaning).