Pioneer DVR-233-S Service Manual
Pioneer DVR-233-S Service Manual

Pioneer DVR-233-S Service Manual

Service manual
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When servicing this model, some service procedures may reset the customer settings
to the factory default settings. Make sure to explain this to the customer.
Refer to the chapter 8 of the Operating Instructions for more details about the customer
For details, refer to "Important Check Points for Good Servicing".
PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A.
PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium
PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936
Power Requirement
4-1, Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8654, Japan
Region No.
T-ZZV APR. 2005 printed in Japan
Serial No.
Please confirm 3rd & 4th
alphabetical letters.


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Pioneer DVR-233-S

  • Page 1: Dvd Recorder

    PIONEER CORPORATION 4-1, Meguro 1-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8654, Japan PIONEER ELECTRONICS (USA) INC. P.O. Box 1760, Long Beach, CA 90801-1760, U.S.A. PIONEER EUROPE NV Haven 1087, Keetberglaan 1, 9120 Melsele, Belgium PIONEER ELECTRONICS ASIACENTRE PTE. LTD. 253 Alexandra Road, #04-01, Singapore 159936 PIONEER CORPORATION 2005 T-ZZV APR.
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    For the latest information, always consult the current PIONEER Service Manual. A subscription to, or additional copies Also test with plug reversed of, PIONEER Service Manual may be obtained at a (Using AC adapter Earth nominal charge from PIONEER. plug as required)
  • Page 4 [Important Check Points for Good Servicing] In this manual, procedures that must be performed during repairs are marked with the below symbol. Please be sure to confirm and follow these procedures. 1. Product safety Please conform to product regulations (such as safety and radiation regulations), and maintain a safe servicing environment by following the safety instructions described in this manual.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SAFETY INFORMATION............................2 1. SPECIFICATIONS .............................6 2. EXPLODED VIEWS AND PARTS LIST......................8 2.1 PACKING SECTION ...........................8 2.2 EXTERIOR SECTION ..........................10 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM and SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM ....................12 3.1 OVERALL BLOCK DIAGRAM ........................12 3.2 OVERALL WIRING DIAGRAM .........................14 3.3 JCKB (1/3) and KEYB ASSYS........................16 3.4 JCKB ASSY (2/3)............................18 3.5 JCKB ASSY (3/3)............................20 3.6 MAIN ASSY (1/2)............................22...
  • Page 6: Specifications

    1. SPECIFICATIONS Input/Output Specifications ..VHF/UHF antenna input/output terminal VHF/UHF set 75Ω (F-shape connector) Video input ..... Input 1 (rear), 2 (front) General Input level .
  • Page 7 Accessories • Remote control ×1 • RF antenna cable ×1 (VXX2981) (VDE1088) STANDBY/ON DISPLAY AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE • Power cable ×1 Plus+ CLEAR (ADG7075) DISC NAVIGATOR MENU MENU ENTER INPUT HOME MENU RETURN • Audio / Video cable(L=1.5m) ×1 (red/white/yellow) ì...
  • Page 8: Exploded Views And Parts List

    For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual. (In the case of no amount instructions, apply as you think it appropriate.) 2.1 PACKING SECTION DVR-233-S/KCXV only DVR-231 only...
  • Page 9 VHL1089 Pad F VHA1384 Pad R VHA1385 Packing Case See Contrast table (2) (2) CONTRAST TABLE DVR-231-S/KUXV/CA, DVR-231-AV/KUXV/CA, DVR-233-S/KUXV and DVR-233-S/KCXV are constructed the same except for the following : DVR-231-S DVR-231-AV DVR-233-S DVR-233-S Mark No. Symbol and Description /KUXV/CA...
  • Page 10: Exterior Section

    2.2 EXTERIOR SECTION 34 37 20 (1/3) 20 (2/3) 20 (3/3) (for DVR-231) (for DVR-233) DVR-231-S...
  • Page 11 See Contrast table (2) NSP 19 Front Panel See Contrast table (2) NSP 20 Main Key VNK5758 (2) CONTRAST TABLE DVR-231-S/KUXV/CA, DVR-231-AV/KUXV/CA, DVR-233-S/KUXV and DVR-233-S/KCXV are constructed the same except for the following : DVR-231-S DVR-231-AV DVR-233-S DVR-233-S Mark No. Symbol and Description...
  • Page 12: Block Diagram And Schematic Diagram

    3. BLOCK DIAGRAM and SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 3.1 OVERALL BLOCK DIAGRAM : Playback system signal route : Recording system signal route Video Selector IC402 MM1657XJBE U601 VXF1059 TV FRONT-END RF IN AOUT VOUT u-com Audio Selector with Electric ATT FRONT INPUT IC601 (INPUT2) BD3823FV...
  • Page 13 • R ch is same as L ch. CN301(1/2) (40P) SEL.V/Y SEL.C IC101 V201 PMC002A8 Tuner IC201 PT6315 U-com FL Driver Control Data SEL.L CN2301 (1/2) (40P) IC3101 PCM1802DB1 Audio 48KHz 20Bit • MAIN/SUB CPU • MEMORY Controler • ROM Interface •...
  • Page 14: Overall Wiring Diagram

    3.2 OVERALL WIRING DIAGRAM ÷ When ordering service parts, be sure to refer to "EXPLODED VIEWS and PARTS LIST" or "PCB PARTS LIST". ÷ The > mark found on some component parts indicates the importance of the safety factor of the part. Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation.
  • Page 15 COMPONENT VIDEO OUT :UPPER SIDE :BOTOM SIDE U601 JA501 JA401 VKB1192- VKF1059- VKB1223- CN301 T-VKN120(40FMN-BTRK-A) 1/3- JCKB ASSY (VWV2100) KEYB ASSY (VWG2522) CN201 CN1001 B3B-PH-K-S KEY2 JA502 VKB1224- V+5FL HOWSING ASSY CN303 VKP2356- B14B-PH-K-S (PH-SAN Type) FL TUBE VAW1086- AUDIO INPUT2 DVR-231-S...
  • Page 16: Jckb (1/3) And Keyb Assys

    3.3 JCKB (1/3) and KEYB ASSYS JCKB ASSY (VWV2100) MRST 2-B3 V+5M R144 HST_TO_M 80 79 78 77 76 75 74 73 71 70 57 56 53 52 51 3-C3 TEXTV C119 C134 R145 C120 2.2/50 blank XTHROU 81. CVBSIN 50.
  • Page 17 V201 VAW1086- 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 20 21 26 27 28 31 32 V+5F V+5FL C205 R201 V+5FL L201 LAU220J-TA FL-24V GRID10 LED1 GRID11 LED2 GRID12 LED4 LED3 C206 R205 IC201 SEG16 PT6315 DOUT SEG15 R202 FLDATA /UPD16315GB-3S SEG14 FLCLK...
  • Page 18: Jckb Assy (2/3)

    3.4 JCKB ASSY (2/3) JCKB ASSY (VWV2100) V+1R5 2SD2012 2SC4081(QR)-TLB Q308 Q309 V+31E CN303 B14B-PH-K-S CN301 EV31 UMF23N-TLB Q311 C301 C311 VKN2007- 1µ SW1R5 0.1(50V) SW3R7 SW1R5 C305 (2125) SW1R5 V+3R7SW IC301 (TA76432S-T) SW1R5RS SW3R7 C304 C307 100/6.3 SW3R45 SW3R45 V+5R8SW P_CONT P_ON...
  • Page 19 V+5R8SW R436 C404 C405 R452 Q402 2SC4081(QR)-TLB from TU-CON V+5VO R401 SPDIF 2-B3 Q401 C403 R407 UMD2N-TLB 1/50 R405 V+5VO V+5VO R409 Q401 UMD2N-TLB IC401 525P <VIDEO DRIVER BLOCK> R410 C407 LA73054-TBB 1-A3,2-A3 6ch VIDEO DRIVER 100/10 C408 GAIN SW1 C409 1/2DRIVE1 CVBS IN...
  • Page 20: Jckb Assy (3/3)

    3.5 JCKB ASSY (3/3) JCKB ASSY (VWV2100) V+5VI (SC) C440 R438 Q408 (SC) C_IN 2-B3 R422 R453 R454 V+5VI IC402 V+5VI MM1657XJBE C1IN (SC) C432 (SC) 2-C4 C2IN Addres (SC) D406 COUT C3IN C441 (SY) C433 R441 BIAS V/YOUT (SY) *** NP 47/16 V1IN...
  • Page 21 U601 VXF1059- (KU) <U/V TUNER BLOCK> V+31V 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 V+5TU R601 L601 L605 CTF1399- -T VTL1165- -T R602 R617 W504 W505 V+5TU Q603 1-B3 R616 2SA1576A(QR)-TLB 1-C3 1-C3 V+12R1VOL R612 3-C2 R603 2-C5 C611 R613 2-C5 R605 R604...
  • Page 22: Main Assy (1/2)

    3.6 MAIN ASSY (1/2) to WRITER&HDD V+3D V+3D (AT) (AT) R1803 R1813 MAIN ASSY (VXX2985) L1811 R1812 R1814 15µ GNDD GNDD L1801 R1802 R1804 V+1R5 Q1811 Q1801 2SA1576A(QR)-TLB 39µ 2SA1576A(QR)-TLB L1001 DTL1106- -T 1R5V GNDD C1814 GNDD C1804 0.047 0.047 GNDD V+DDR R1002...
  • Page 23 Suffix V+3D V+12A 3R3V 3R3V (AT) (AT) Q1111 D1111 PROTECT R1111 HADRS0 R1151 R1112 3R3V Q1111 HADRS1 R1152 GNDD HADRS2 R1153 to DVD-RW/R Drive R1154 HADRS3 GNDD HADRS4 R1155 Primary ATA R3831 R1156 HADRS5 AT1DATA0 R1103 GNDD GNDD CN3801 HADRS6 R1157 R1108 VKN1794- -TFB...
  • Page 24: Main Assy (2/2)

    3.7 MAIN ASSY (2/2) R4513 V+3R45 R4514 5V REG V+6V MAIN ASSY (VXX2985) D4507 IC4507 D4501 V+5A S-1170B33UC-OTS-TRB V+3D R4522 3.3V REG V+5AVI UMF21N-TLB IC4503 R4515 P_CONT2 NJM2872F05-TLB 2-B3 GNDD V+3D GNDD R2003–2007 R2521–2525 STEPUP R4011 BASE 6.8k GNDD V+3V V+5D V+5A V+3D...
  • Page 25 V+3R45 V+2R5 D4509 3R3V V+3V V+5A V+1R5 V+3R45 GNDD R4534 P_CONT2 IC4512 2-B3 S-1170B25UC- OTK-TRB 2.5V REG GNDD GNDD V+5AVI R4591 V+1R5_IN R4592 R4593 V+1R5 V+3R45 equals 3.7v truly. CN2301 (SY) C2303 VKN1526- -TFB (SY) SW1.5 YOUT SW1.5 C2306 Q2501 SW1.5 R2303 Y_OUT...
  • Page 26: Power Supply Unit

  • Page 27 NOTE : No individual parts replacement for repair is accepted by Model Supplier due to the safety reasons. Replace whole assy. CN202 CN201 CN303 DVR-231-S...
  • Page 28: Waveforms

    3.9 WAVEFORMS Note : The encircled numbers denote measuring point in the schematic diagram. JCKB ASSY IC601 - pin 18 (L_IN) CN301 - pin 19 (CR_OUT) IC401 - pin 25 (Y2) IC402 - pin 19 (Y_IN) (Function : Line 1 Audio in) (Function : DVD play) (Function : DVD play) (Function : Line 1 Video in)
  • Page 29 MAIN ASSY X1001 - pin 1 (27MHz CLOCK) CN2301 - pin 15 (Y OUT) IC3201 - pin 16 (DACCLKO) (State : Power on) (State : 75% Color-bar A1 disc 2-20) V: 1V/div. H: 20nsec/div. V: 1V/div. H: 20nsec/div. V: 0.5V/div. H: 10µsec/div. X1002 - pin 1 (24.576MHz CLOCK) CN2301 - pin 13 (C OUT) (State : Power on)
  • Page 30 DVR-231-S...
  • Page 31: Pcb Connection Diagram

    4. PCB CONNECTION DIAGRAM NOTE FOR PCB DIAGRAMS : 1. Part numbers in PCB diagrams match those in the schematic 3. The parts mounted on this PCB include all necessary parts for diagrams. several destinations. 2. A comparison between the main parts of PCB and schematic For further information for respective destinations, be sure to diagrams is shown below.
  • Page 32: Jckb And Keyb Assys

    4.1 JCKB and KEYB ASSYS SIDE A JCKB ASSY L204 W344 V+5V W345 KEY1 W352 W325 V+5M C137 W322 C128 V+5M C138 W323 C517 JCKB ASSY VWV2100- VWV2129- C520 V+5M W271 W268 V+5M W267 C119 CONTACT SIDE CN102 W255 W273 C212 L201 FL-24V...
  • Page 33 SIDE A W374 W365 V+5.8E W364 TUON KN306 W363 U601 W362 V+5VI W341 W321 W320 V+12.1VOL SWVION W308 C323 W281 V+5VI C510 C404 C328 W282 SPDIF C512 KN302 TEXTV C327 V+5.8E C528 C527 C403 C421 CONTACT SIDE W375 V+12.1SW W372 V+5.8SW W216 CB_OUT...
  • Page 34 SIDE B JCKB ASSY Q603 Q603 R617 C346 R602 Q312 R309 V+5R8E R612 Q301 R601 C601 Q403 Q403 R421 Q408 Q408 Q409 Q409 R920 C603 Q306 R419 C437 L302 R428 IC402 IC402 C432 IC101 Q305 Q305 Q602 Q307 Q307 Q302 Q302 D406 C336...
  • Page 35 SIDE B C226 R223 R222 V+5V C125 R165 R124 R135 R123 V+5M C126 C132 V+5M R154 R122 R172 R153 D107 C129 R170 R155 R156 C116 C127 R164 C117 R121 C114 V+5M C113 C130 R119 C516 R519 R150 R526 R149 R527 C121 C120 C519...
  • Page 36: Main Assy

  • Page 37 SIDE A CN301 CN2301 to DRIVE ASSY (VNP1999-A) DVR-231-S...
  • Page 38 SIDE B MAIN ASSY DVR-231-S...
  • Page 39 SIDE B (VNP1999-A) DVR-231-S...
  • Page 40: Power Supply Unit

  • Page 42: Pcb Parts List

    5. PCB PARTS LIST NOTES: Parts marked by "NSP" are generally unavailable because they are not in our Master Spare Parts List. mark found on some component parts indicates the importance of the safety factor of the part. Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of identical designation. When ordering resistors, first convert resistance values into code form as shown in the following examples.
  • Page 43 Mark No. Description Part No. Mark No. Description Part No. R524, R525 RS1/10S75R0F CAPACITORS R316 RS1/16S1801F C1813 CCSRCH101J50 R304 RS1/16S3600F C2201, C2211, C3207, C3211 CCSRCH121J50 C3221-C3223 CCSRCH121J50 Other Resistors RS1/16S###J C1902, C1911 CCSRCH150J50 C1812 CCSRCH151J50 OTHERS X101 (15.0 MHz) CSS1653 C1901, C1912, C2202, C2212 CCSRCH180J50 X102 (32.768kHz)
  • Page 44: Adjustment

    6. ADJUSTMENT Mark No. Description Part No. R3209, R3224 RN1/16SE8201D There is no information to be shown in this chapter. R1002, R2200, R4522, R4532 RS1/10S0R0J R4591-R4593 RS1/10S0R0J R1302, R1303, R1312, R1313 RS1/16S1001F R2213, R2214, R3110 RS1/16S1001F R2502, R2505, R2508, R2511, R2514 RS1/16S2000F R2201, R2202 RS1/16S3300F...
  • Page 45: General Information

    7. GENERAL INFORMATION 7.1 DIAGNOSIS Necessary Tool & JIGS Service Remote control (GGF1381) ID DATA DISC(GGV1328) (*) (*) : GGV1328 will be available on June 2005. Download DISC Test DISC(GGV1025) DVD-RW (Commercial Use) TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. For SETTINGS ITEM CASE 7.1.1 MODEL TYPE SETTING •...
  • Page 46 WORK PROCEDURE after replacing ASSYs Condition after replacing and setting Replaced Parts Necessary settings User Setting Data 1. MODEL SETTING MAIN ASSY 2. FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD JCKB ASSY 3. CPRM SETTING 1. FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD DRIVE ASSY 2. CPRM SETTING SERVICE MODE MAP Operation MODE NAME &...
  • Page 47: Model Type Setting

    7.1.1 MODEL TYPE SETTING [Tool to be used] [Purposes] When the MAIN Assy and/or JCKB Assy are(is) replaced, they(it) must recognize the model of this unit. Items to be set: The model number and destination must be set. Remote control unit for servicing (GGF1381) •...
  • Page 48: Firmware Downloading Method

    7.1.2 FIRMWARE DOWNLOADING METHOD [Purposes] 1. When the main board is replaced, the firmware versions for the system control computer, drive, and the TUFL microcomputer will be mismatched, and operations of the unit may be destabilized. To match the versions for the above four, firmware downloading is necessary in the following two cases: 1 After the model setting 2 When NG is displayed on the first screen (version information, etc.) of Service mode 2.
  • Page 49 [Tips] If the power is not correctly turned on or when the power is shut off during downloading, download by DISC again. If you could not download, proceed as follows: • In a case where downloading was incorrectly terminated while "DL-1" was displayed on the FL display: The SYSCON program will not function correctly.
  • Page 50 2. SERIAL DOWNLOAD [Purposes] 1. When the main board is replaced, the firmware versions for the system control computer, drive, and the TUFL microcomputer do not match, and operations of the unit may be destabilized. In such a case, the versions for the above three must be matched.
  • Page 51: Cprm Id Number And Data Setting

    7.1.3 CPRM ID NUMBER AND DATA SETTING [Purposes] For the DVD recorder,it is necessary with the recoding/playback of DVD–RW disc to set an individual number (ID number) and ID data to each recorder. If the number and data are not set correctly with the following procedure, the unit will not be CPRM compatible, and CPRM recordings and playback can not be made on CPRM compatible DVD-RW discs.
  • Page 52 How to Input the ID Number and ID Data To enter the input mode, press ESC + STEREO keys When the ID data have been written to the FLASH-ROM, the sequentially in a status with no ID number set, such as after message "Rom Write OK"...
  • Page 53 [How to Confirm the ID Number] Press ESC + STEREO keys sequentially with an ID number already set, and the unit enters the ID number confirmation mode. The set ID number is displayed on the screen (and on the FL display), permitting you to confirm it.
  • Page 54: Service Mode

    7.1.4 SERVICE MODE Overview and purposes To be used to check the status of the product and to collect the information for failure diagnosis. The following information to be used for servicing is displayed: [1] First screen : Version, CPRM No., etc. [2] Second screen : ATA/ATAPI debug screen (Drive Assy information) Each screen has sublevel screens.
  • Page 55 [Description] OK : Appropriate version compared with that of the firmware of the system control computer (1) First screen OK+ : The version of the TUFL microcomputer is advanced. Measures to be taken: Download the firmware. NG- : The version of the TUFL microcomputer is older. DVR-231/KU/CA Measures to be taken: VERSION : 1.14...
  • Page 56 (3) Simple Error Rate Measurement (Subscreen 2) • While the User Operation screen is displayed, press the ESC then DISP keys, then the DIG/ANA [How to enter] key twice, in that order. • While subscreen 1 of the first screen is displayed, press the DIG/ANA key. [How to quit] Press the ESC key.
  • Page 57 2. ATA/ATAPI Debug Screen (Second screen) [Purposes] [Tools to be used] To be used as a rough guide to judge whether the pickup unit is all right or not • Dirt on the pickup lens • Degradation of the laser diodes for reading CDs and reading/writing to/from Remote control unit for servicing Aluminum-coated test disc...
  • Page 58: Aging Mode

    7.1.5 AGING MODE [Tools to be used] [Purposes] STANDBY/ON DISPLAY If symptoms regarding recording/ AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE Plus+ CLEAR playback of discs that your customer DISC NAVIGATOR MENU MENU claimed are difficult to reproduce, they ENTER INPUT HOME MENU RETURN can be reproduced with a long-time test ì...
  • Page 59: Disassembly

    7.1.6 DISASSEMBLY Note 1: Do NOT look directly into the pickup lens. The laser beam may cause eye injury. Note 2: Even if the unit shown in the photos and illustrations in this manual may differ from your product, the procedures described here are common.
  • Page 60 2. Diagnosis of the JCKB Assy MAIN Assy Front Panel Section Remove the four screws. Remove the bonnet case S. (See step 1-¥) Disconnect the flexible cable. Remove the tray panel. (See step 1-ø) Disconnect the connector. Unhook the four hooks. CN2301 CN201 CN301...
  • Page 61 JCKB Assy Remove the three screws. Cover the transistor (Q308) with the clip type heatsink. Remove the bridge. Bridge JCKB Assy Clip type heatsink (GGF1528) Transistor (Q308) JCKB Assy Connect the connector from front panel section. Connect the flexible cable for service. Arrange the unit as shown in the photo below.
  • Page 62 3. DRIVE Assy R9R DRIVE Assy R9R Remove the bonnet case S. (See step 1-¥) Remove the tape. Remove the tray panel. (See step 1-ø) Disconnect the one flexible cable. Remove the front panel section. (See step 2-¥) Tape Disconnect the connector. Release the jumper wire.
  • Page 63 Cleaning the pickup lens Remove the aluminum tape. Remove the two screws. Unhook the four hooks. Remove the clamper section. Remove the front bezel. Remove the four screws. Clamper section Bottom view Aluminum tape Front bezel Clean the pickup lens. Before shipment, be sure to clean the pickup lens, Remove the one screw.
  • Page 64 7.2 IC • The information shown in the list is basic information and may not correspond exactly to that shown in the schematic diagrams. List of IC PMC002A8, BD3823FV, MM1657, LA73054, UPD61181F1-101MN2A, PMC1802 PMC002A8 (JCKB ASSY : IC101) • TUFL Microcomputer Pin Function Pin Name Signal Name...
  • Page 65 Pin Name Signal Name Function Active Letter-box output superimposed signal Squeese output superimposed signal RGBSEL Input RGB selection XTUMODE S1/S2 selection signal XLPTHRU PSMUTE XAVLTH Through selection of AV.Link communication line SI2P0/SO2 SI2P1/SI2/SB2 SI2P2/SCK2 SI2P3/SCK2O RFTHRU RF through selection of tuner PWM1 PWM0 FANCTRL...
  • Page 66 Pin Name Signal Name Function Active Input video for data slicer PB6/CVD/CSYNC CVBSIN − VSSVCO PB4/FILTSLC FILTSLC External filter for slicer PLL − VDDVCO VDDVCO PB0/DS1FLD − VSS3 − VDD3 VDD3 PC7/DBGP2 DBGP2 Nch O/D Control port for on-chip debugger Control port for on-chip debugger PC6/DBGP1 DBGP1...
  • Page 67 BD3823FV (JCKB ASSY : IC601) • Audio Sound Processor (Input Selector & VR) Block Diagram Pin Function Pin Name Function Pin Name Function Front 1 Front input terminal of ch1 DGND Ground terminal Front 2 Front input terminal of ch2 I2C BUS data terminal Tuner 1 Tuner input terminal of ch1...
  • Page 68 MM1657XJBE (JCKB ASSY : IC402) • 3 system input Video Switcher with I2C BUS Block Diagram Pin Function Pin Name Function Pin Name Function Cin 1 Chroma Signal Input 1 Yin 1 Video Signal Input (Y) 1 Front input terminal of ch2 Cin 2 Chroma Signal Input 2 Yin 2...
  • Page 69 LA73054 (JCKB ASSY : IC401) • Video Driver Block Diagram DVR-231-S...
  • Page 70 Pin Function Pin Name Function VCC1 5V VCC COMPOSITE IN Input Composite SQUEESE SW Selecting squeese mode LETTER BOX SW Selecting letter-box mode MUTE SW 1 Composite siganal MUTE_SELECTION C IN Input chroma signal GND11 Y IN 1 Input Y signal YC MIX SW Selecting of doing Y/C MIX or not SIGNAL IN SW Selecting of a kind of signal...
  • Page 71 UPD61181F1-101MN2A (MAIN ASSY : IC1001) (EMMA2RL) • 1 Chip System Codec Block Diagram Ext. Memory DDR33 Unified Memory Video 480P Video MIPS32 Controller MIPS32 Decoder CVBS or Y/C Encoder 480I Stream Display 1394 Link Processor MPEG MPEG MPEG-TS Controller BT.656 or Video &...
  • Page 72 PCM1802DB1 (MAIN ASSY : IC3101) • 24bit/96kHz Stereo ADC Pin Layout PCM1802 (TOP VIEW) MODE1 MODE0 FMT1 FMT0 AGND SCKI PDWN BYPAS DGND FSYNC DOUT LRCK Block Diagram Single-End 5th Order V IN /Differential Delta-Sigma Serial LRCK Converter Modulator Interface FSYNC ×1/64 (×1/128) Decimation...
  • Page 73: Outline Of The Product

    7.3 OUTLINE OF THE PRODUCT Main newly developed technologies 1. Pickup The pickup supports 16 times-speed recording for the DVD-R and 6 times-speed recording for DVD-RW. A new liquid-crystal tilt servo system is adopted for the pickup. 2. Recording-signal-processing LSI •...
  • Page 74: Disc/Content Format

    Digital Audio specification, it may or may not be played with this product. - If you need further information about playability of DualDisc, please see 'Service & Support' on the Pioneer web site ( ) DVD-R/RW compatibility This recorder will play and record DVD-R/RW discs. Compatible media: DVD-RW Ver.
  • Page 75: Panel Facilities

    8. PANEL FACILITIES 8.1 FRONT PANEL and DISPLAY Front panel OPEN/ CLOSE STANDBY/ON VIDEO L(MONO) AUDIO R INPUT 2 5 6 7 STANDBY/ON Press to switch the recorder on/into standby. Press to stop playback or recording. Front panel inputs Audio/video inputs, convenient for connecting a video Press to start or restart playback (press while playing to camera.
  • Page 76: Rear Panel

    8.2 REAR PANEL Rear panel connections VHF UHF COMPONENT VIDEO OUT DIGITAL AC IN OUTPUT INPUT 1 AUDIO VIDEO S-VIDEO AUDIO VIDEO S-VIDEO AC IN Connect to a power outlet using the supplied power cable Front panel connections only. COMPONENT VIDEO OUT VIDEO OPEN/ CLOSE...
  • Page 77: Remote Control

    8.3 REMOTE CONTROL DISC NAVIGATOR, TOP MENU Remote control Press to display the Disc Navigator, or the 'top menu' when a DVD-Video disc is loaded. MENU Press to display the menu of a DVD-Video disc. STANDBY/ON DISPLAY / /|/\ (cursor buttons) , CH +/–, ENTER Used to navigate all on-screen displays.
  • Page 78: Jigs List

    7 Jigs list Name Jig No. Remarks Service Remote Control Unit GGF1381 diagnosis DVD Test Disc (DVD-Video) GGV1025 Check of DVD-Video DVD Recorder Data Disc GGV1328 (*) diagnosis (ID data setting) Flexible Cable (40P) GGD1436 diagnosis of MAIN Assy Clip Type Heatsink GGF1528 diagnosis of MAIN Assy Emergency disc ejection rod...

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