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Disc Settings - JVC DRMV100B - DVDr/ VCR Combo Instructions Manual

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Disc Settings

Disc Settings
If you load a completely blank disc, the recorder will
initialize the disc.
DVD-R: The recorder initialize the disc to Video mode.
The recording mode will always be Video mode.
DVD-RW/ DVD+RW/DVD+R/DVD-RAM: The Initialize
menu will appears. Select [OK] then press ENTER.
DVD-RW disc is initialized to Video mode.
Also, you can reformat the DVD-RW/DVD+RW from
the Setup menu as below.
1. Select the [Initialize] option then press B.
[Start] icon is highlighted.
2. Press ENTER.
In case of DVD-RW, use b / B to select a
desired Disc Initialize Mode (VR Mode or Video
Mode) then press ENTER.
In case of DVD+RW/DVD-RAM, use b / B to
select [OK], and press ENTER.
It takes a few moments to format the disc.
If you want to change the disc format, everything
recorded on the disc will be erased.
Finalizing 'fixes' the recordings in place so that the
disc can be played on a regular DVD player or com-
puter equipped with a suitable DVD-ROM drive.
Finalizing a Video mode disc creates a menu screen
for navigating the disc. This is accessed by pressing
Once you have finalized a DVD-R and DVD+R disc,
you cannot edit or record anything else on that disc
except DVD+RW. However, you can record and edit
a DVD-RW disc by choosing [Unfinalize] option.
1. Select the [Finalize] option then press B.
2. Press ENTER while [Finalize] is selected.
Finalize menu appears.
3. Select [OK] then press ENTER.
The Recorder starts finalizing the disc.
Finalization can take up to 3-4 minutes or more depend-
ing on the type of disc, how much is recorded on the
disc, and the number of titles on the disc.
If you load a DVD-RW that has already been finalized,
you can 'Unfinalize' it by choosing [Unfinalize] from the
Finalize menu. After doing this, you can edit and re-
record onto the disc.
You cannot unfinalize a DVD-R and DVD+R disc.
If [Disc Protect] option is set to [ON], the finalize is not
available. To finalize, set [Disc Protect] option to [OFF].
Disc Label
Use the Disc Label feature to enter a name for the
disc. This name appears when you load the disc and
when you display disc information on-screen.
The Disc label can be up to 32 characters long.
For discs formatted on a different Recorder, you
will see only a limited character set.
1. Select the [Disc Label] option then press B.
[Edit] icon is highlighted.
2. Press ENTER.
Keyboard menu appears.
To enter characters, see page 44.
Disc Protect
Depending on the type of disc you are using, Disc
Protect allows you to preserve your recordings in a
variety of ways:
DVD+RW: Prevents editing, erasing, or overwrit-
ing of existing recordings. Allows regular record-
DVD+R: Prevents editing or erasing of existing
recordings. Allows regular recording.
DVD-RW (VR mode)/DVD-RAM: Prevents
editing, erasing, and regular recording.
Disc Protect is not compatible with DVD-RW discs in
Video mode or DVD-R discs.
If you need to unlock a disc to make edits, select [OFF].
PBC stands for Playback Control and refers to special
menus and navigation features that are available on
some Video CDs.
[ON]: Video CDs are played according to the PBC, if
[OFF]: Video CDs are played the same way as Audio


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