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Before The First Use; Using Your Rice Cooker; Cooking Hints - Oster 20 Cup Rice Cooker Reference Manual

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How to:

before tHe firSt uSe

1 Remove all packaging materials before using.
soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. See Care and Cleaning.

uSing your rice cooker

NOTE: Measuring your rice is of extreme importance. Please do not
discard the Oster™ MEASURING CUP included with this unit. This is a "rice
cooker" MEASURING CUP, not a standard U.S. MEASURING CUP. One rice
cup of the Oster™ MEASURING CUP included with this unit is equal to
5.33 ounces of uncooked rice. The rice cooker is capable of cooking up to 5
full "rice cooker" Oster™ measuring cups of uncooked rice, or 10 (5.33oz)
Oster™ cups of cooked rice. Do not use instant rice with this unit.
1 Measure the amount of rice you would like to cook.
2 Wash the measured rice in a separate bowl until water is clear.
3 Place rice in the INNER POT and add the corresponding amount of
water. For example, if you are making 5 Oster™ cups of uncooked
rice, add water after adding rice to the "5" mark on the INNER BOWL.
NOTE: Brown rice will take longer to cook than white rice.
4 Set the INNER POT into the rice cooker. Make sure that the INNER
POT is in direct contact with the HEATING BASE by turning it slightly
from left to right until it properly fits onto the HEATING BASE. NOTE:
Make sure the outside of the INNER POT is completely dry before
placing onto the heating plate.
5 Cover with the LID. WARNING: Do not operate this appliance
uncovered—steam is generated during use that could cause burns
or other serious injury.
6 Plug the cord into a 120 Volt AC electrical outlet. Switch the rice
cooker ON by pushing the button down. Make sure the COOK
indicator light is illuminated. Steaming will begin shortly.
7 The switch will pop up and the KEEP WARM indicator light will come
on when all the water in the RICE COOKER has evaporated. NOTE: You
may need to add more water and set the rice cooker to COOK more
than once depending on your own personal tastes.
8 After cooking, the KEEP WARM indicator light will illuminate. For best
results, let the rice stand for 10-15 minutes of steaming without
removing the LID. Carefully open the LID, taking care to avoid
escaping steam. Use the RICE LADLE, or other long handled utensil,
to mix the rice well to allow steam to escape.
Do Not Use Metal Utensils.
CAUTION: Steam will escape. Do not touch the INNER POT or
heating unit until they have cooled.
9 Allow the appliance to cool completely and unplug before cleaning.
10 Disconnect the plug from the wall outlet when not in use.

cooking HintS

Rinse rice - Bran gives an unpleasant smell to cooked rice. Be sure to
rinse rice thoroughly. Rinsing with water effectively removes bran
quickly and thoroughly.
NOTE: Some rice suppliers suggest not rinsing rice because vitamins
may be lost.
• A fter use, wash the INNER POT and LID in warm, soapy water.
• R inse thoroughly and dry.
• D o not keep the rice cooker in operation:
- When there is only a small amount of rice left in the POT.
- When rice ladle is inside the rice cooker.
- To warm up cold rice.
* DO NOT let water in the INNER POT boil dry.
How To Use Your Steaming Basket
1 Clean and prepare your food or vegetables.
2 Place the INNER POT in the BASE. The length of steaming time is
subject to your own personal tastes: depending if you prefer al
denté (crunchy) or more well done steamed vegetables.
3 Measure appropriate amount of water and add to INNER POT. NOTE:
You are able to steam rice and vegetables/food at the same time with
the STEAMING BASKET resting on the INNER POT.
4 Place the STEAMING BASKET on the rim of the INNER POT.
5 Add vegetables or food and put the LID onto the appliance. Switch
to COOK position for the appropriate time as shown in the chart on
page 8.
Disconnect the plug from the wall outlet.
(included with select models only)

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