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Samsung ME179KFETSR/AA Installation Instructions Manual

Over the range microwave oven
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Installation Instructions

Over The Range Microwave Oven
Save these instructions for local inspector's use.
Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
• Note to Installer
• Note to Consumer
• Skill level
• Proper installation is the responsibility of the installer.
• Product failure due to improper installation is not covered under the Warranty.
This manual is made with 100% recycled paper.
(Installation)ME179KFETSR_DE68-04129A_AA.indd 1
(Read these instructions completely and carefully.)
- Be sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer.
- Keep these instructions for future reference.
- Installation of this appliance requires basic mechanical and electrical



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  Summary of Contents for Samsung ME179KFETSR/AA

  • Page 1: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Over The Range Microwave Oven BEFORE YOU BEGIN (Read these instructions completely and carefully.) IMPORTANT Save these instructions for local inspector’s use. IMPORTANT Observe all governing codes and ordinances. • Note to Installer - Be sure to leave these instructions with the Consumer. •...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents General information Step-by-step installation guide Important safety instructions ..3 1. Placement of the mounting plate ..8 A. Removing the microwave oven from the Electrical requirements ..3 carton/Removing the mounting plate . . 8 Hood exhaust .
  • Page 3: General Information

    General information IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This product requires a three-prong grounded The power cord of this outlet. The installer must perform a ground appliance is equipped continuity check on the power outlet box before with a three-prong beginning the installation to insure that the (grounding) plug which outlet box is properly grounded.
  • Page 4: Hood Exhaust

    General information HOOD EXHAUST NOTE: Read these next two pages only if you plan to vent your exhaust to the outside. If you plan to recirculate the air back into the room, proceed to page 11. OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST (EXAMPLE ONLY) The following chart contains an example of one possible ductwork installation.
  • Page 5 General information Maximum duct length: Outside ventilation requires a HOOD EXHAUST DUCT. Read the following carefully. For satisfactory air movement, the total duct length of NOTE: It is important that venting be installed using 3 ¼˝ x 10˝ rectangular or 6˝ diameter round duct should the most direct route and with as few elbows as not exceed 140 equivalent feet.
  • Page 6: Damage - Shipment/Installation

    General information DAMAGE - SHIPMENT/INSTALLATION • If the unit is damaged in shipment, return the unit to the store in which it was bought for repair or replacement. • If the unit is damaged by the customer, repair or replacement is the responsibility of the customer. •...
  • Page 7: Tools You Will Need

    General information TOOLS YOU WILL NEED # 1 and #2 Phillips Pencil Ruler or tape measure and Carpenter square (optional) screwdriver straight edge Tin snips (for cutting Scissors (to cut Electric drill with ˝, ½˝ and Filler blocks or scrap wood damper, if required) template, if necessary) ⅝˝...
  • Page 8: Step-By-Step Installation Guide

    Step-by-step installation guide 1. PLACEMENT OF THE MOUNTING PLATE A. REMOVING THE B. FINDING THE WALL STUDS MICROWAVE OVEN FROM THE CARTON/REMOVING THE MOUNTING PLATE Wall Studs Wall Studs 1. Remove the installation instructions, Exhaust adaptor, filters, glass tray, and the small Center hardware bag.
  • Page 9: Determining Wall Plate Location Under Your

    Step-by-step installation guide C. DETERMINING WALL PLATE LOCATION UNDER YOUR CABINET Plate position – beneath flat bottom cabinet. Plate position – beneath framed recessed cabinet bottom. 16 ½˝ Draw a vertical line on the wall at the center of the 30˝ 30˝...
  • Page 10: Aligning The Wall Plate

    Step-by-step installation guide D. ALIGNING THE WALL PLATE Centerline Draw a Horizontal line on Draw a Vertical Line Hole A Hole A Centerline notches on Wall from Center the wall along the bottom notches of Top Cabinet of “Rear Wall Template”. Horizontal Line Area E Horizontal Line...
  • Page 11: Ventilation Types (Choose A, B Or C)

    Step-by-step installation guide 2. VENTILATION TYPES (CHOOSE A, B OR C) This microwave oven is compatible with the following NOTE: This microwave is shipped assembled three types of ventilation: for Outside Top Exhaust (except for non-vented models). An exhaust adaptor is shipped assembled A.
  • Page 12: Outside Top Exhaust (Vertical Duct)

    Step-by-step installation guide A. OUTSIDE TOP EXHAUST NOTE: You must attach the house duct to the (VERTICAL DUCT) exhaust adaptor after installation is complete. House Duct House Duct A1. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE FOR THE EXHAUST ADAPTOR AND PROPER DAMPER OPERATION CHECK The exhaust Adaptor and Damper are shipped assembled and attached to the filler-upper.
  • Page 13: B2. Installing The Charcoal Filter

    Step-by-step installation guide Remove the screw that holds the blower motor Place the blower unit back into the opening. and carefully pull out the blower unit. The wires will extend far enough to allow you to adjust the blower unit. CAUTION: Do not pull or stretch the blower unit wiring.
  • Page 14: Outside Back Exhaust (Horizontal Duct)

    Step-by-step installation guide C. OUTSIDE BACK EXHAUST (HORIZONTAL DUCT) C1. ADAPTING THE MICROWAVE 5. Rotate the blower unit counterclockwise 180 °. BLOWER FOR OUTSIDE BACK Before Rotation After Rotation EXHAUST 1. Remove and save the screws that hold the Blower Plate to the microwave. Screw Lift up the Back of Microwave...
  • Page 15: Installation

    Step-by-step installation guide 3. INSTALLATION INSTALLATION OVERVIEW A. Prepare Rear Wall (horizontal duct only) B. Attach Mounting Plate to Wall C. Prepare Top Cabinet D. Mount the Microwave Oven E. Connecting Ductwork (vertical duct only) A. PREPARING THE REAR B. ATTACH THE MOUNTING WALL FOR OUTSIDE BACK PLATE TO THE WALL EXHAUST...
  • Page 16: Use The Top Cabinet Template To Prepare The Top Cabinet

    Step-by-step installation guide D. MOUNT THE MICROWAVE To use toggle bolts: OVEN Spacing for Toggles More Spacing for Toggles More Than Wall Thickness Than Wall Thickness Toggle Wings Toggle Wings Mounting Mounting Toggle Toggle Plate Plate Bolt Bolt Wall Wall Bolt End Bolt End FOR EASIER INSTALLATION AND PERSONAL...
  • Page 17: Connecting Ductwork For Outside Top

    Step-by-step installation guide Install the grease filters. See the Owner’s Manual Lift the microwave, tilt packed with the microwave for instructions. it forward, and hook the slots at the back bottom edge onto the four lower tabs of the mounting plate. NOTE: For models with installed grease filters, you do not need to install a filter.
  • Page 18: Before You Use Your Microwave

    Before You Use Your Microwave 4. BEFORE YOU USE YOUR MICROWAVE Read the Owner’s Manual. Make sure the microwave oven has been installed according to instructions. Keep installation instructions for the local inspector’s use. Remove all packing material from the microwave oven.
  • Page 19 Note (Installation)ME179KFETSR_DE68-04129A_AA.indd 19 2012-05-21 9:57:31...
  • Page 20 Code No.: DE68-04129A (Installation)ME179KFETSR_DE68-04129A_AA.indd 20 2012-05-21 9:57:31...

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