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Haier HWM90-9188 User Manual

User manual
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  Summary of Contents for Haier HWM90-9188

  • Page 1 HWM90-9188 HWM90-9188DD...
  • Page 3: Names Of The Parts

    Names of the parts Top lid component Detergent box Water absorption Bleach Inlet Out tub cover Screw cover Control pannel Water inlet valve Hook Power cord Handle Inner tub Filter frame Pulsater Lint filter Cover Lock Drain hose Panel Cabinet Back cover Base frame Adjustable leg film...
  • Page 4 Safety precautions Benzene...
  • Page 5 Front B a c k Bottom plate Soft laying cloth...
  • Page 6 Place the washing machine on the soft laying cloth, the Screw face is towards the upper. Front Insert the bottom cover into the slots of the bottom cover, B a c k and then tighten it with screw. Soft laying cloth Bottom plate Adjust the installation position If the floor is uneven, adjust the adjustable feet of the...
  • Page 7 Place the washing machine on the laying cloth, take out the drainage pipe along the groove the bottom of the washing machine and then embed it in the opposite direction.
  • Page 11 Bleach Inlet...
  • Page 12     Cover lock function During running process, the top lid lock is still locking if the power off or power plug is pulled out and shall not open the top lid. If the washing process is over, please confirm the light of top lid lock is go out before pull the power plug out. Remark: In order to protect the Washing Machine, please don't try to open the top lid while the light of the top lid is lighting.
  • Page 13 Program For the MEMORY and STANDARD programs,the washing machine can detect the laundries automatically,and the water level will set to one of 2,4,6,8.If put in wet laundries, it maybe set to waterlevel 8.You shall set waterlevel by yourself.
  • Page 14 For the DELICATE,BLANKET programs,push the SPIN botton, choose or cancel spin process, but can't change the spin time. For the DELICATE,BLANKET programs,push the RINSE botton, choose or cancel rinse process, but can't change the rinse time. For the DELICATE,BLANKET programs,push the WASH botton, choose or cancel wash process, but can't change the wash time.
  • Page 15 and memory The soak procedure can work in cooperation with automatic programs like MEMORY ,HEAVY,ECONOMY ,STANDARD and DELICATE .There is intermittent pulsator stiming during soak. During speedy and tub dry programs, push the soak, wash ,rinse,spin button, the machine have no reaction.
  • Page 16 16 hours later, finish wash...
  • Page 17 The machine will beep to indicate the end of the cycle then automatically cut the power off.
  • Page 18 Install Dismantle P e t r o T hi nn er Alcohol...
  • Page 19: Trouble Shooting Answer To Question

    Trouble shooting Answer to question (If there's breakdown, please pull off the power plug before checking) The following phenomena are not breakdowns sometimes. Please confirm again before sending it to repair. If there are real breakdowns, please come to the special maintenance department or after-sale service department of our company.
  • Page 20 220V-240V~ 50Hz Rated voltage frequency 9.0kg/9.0kg Rated Washing/spinning capacity Water level/Water quantity(L) 1/22,2/30,3/40,4/49,5/58,6/67,7/75,8/88 Inlet pressure 0.03MPa-1.0MPa Weight HWM90-9188DD 45kg HWM90-9188 44kg Dimensions(mm) L 610mm W 620mm H995mm...

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