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How To Optimize The Dos-Mode; Enter Into The Factory Mode - Acer X233HZ Service Manual

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How To Optimize The DOS-Mode

Plug And Play
Plug & Play DDC2B Feature
This monitor is equipped with VESA DDC2B capabilities according to the VESA DDC STANDARD. It allows the
monitor to inform the host system of its identity and, depending on the level of DDC used, communicate additional
information about its display capabilities.
The DDC2B is a bi-directional data channel based on the I²C protocol. The host can request EDID information over
the DDC2B channel.
This monitor will appear to be non-functional if there is no video input signal. In order for this monitor to
operate properly, there must be a video input signal.
This monitor meets the Green monitor standards as set by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA)
and/or the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and The Swedish Confederation Employees
(NUTEK). This feature is designed to conserve electrical energy by reducing power consumption when there is no
video-input signal present. When there is no video input signals this monitor, following a time-out period, will
automatically switch to an OFF mode. This reduces the monitor's internal power supply consumption. After the video
input signal is restored, full power is restored and the display is automatically redrawn. The appearance is similar to
a "Screen Saver" feature except the display is completely off. Pressing a key on the keyboard, or clicking the mouse
restores the display.
Using the Right Power Cord
The accessory power cord for the Northern American region is the wallet plug with NEMA 5-15 style and is UL listed
and CSA labeled. The voltage rating for the power cord shall be 125 volts AC.
Supplied with units intended for connection to power outlet of personal computer: Please use a cord set consisting of
a minimum No. 18 AWG, type SJT or SVT three conductors flexible cord. One end terminates with a grounding type
attachment plug, rated 10A, 250V, and CEE-22 male configuration. The other end terminates with a molded-on type
connector body, rated 10A, 250V, having standard CEE-22 female configuration.
Please note that power supply cord needs to use VDE 0602, 0625, 0821 approval power cord in European counties.

Enter into the factory mode:

Turn off the power, press the "e-color" and turn the power on. The factory OSD will be at the left top of the panel.



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