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For Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the
service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National
Service Division website at:
This model is classified as a
This Service Manual describes replacement parts for the green product. When repairing this
green product, use the part(s) described in this manual and
For (*1) and (*2), refer to
green product
(*1), as indicated by the underlined serial number.
lead-free solder


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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba 42HL67 - 42" LCD TV

  • Page 1: Service Manual, Lcd Color Television

    SERVICE MANUAL LCD Color Television 42HL67 Rev.1 For Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National Service Division website at: This model is classified as a green product (*1), as indicated by the underlined serial number.
  • Page 2 EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Toshiba shall not be liable for any damages, losses, expenses or costs, if any, incurred in connection with or as a result of use of any information or data provided herein.
  • Page 3 that have these same characteristics. Use only the specified parts when the mark is indicated in the circuit diagram or parts list. Part mounting and wire routing should be the same as that used originally. For safety purposes, insulating materials such as isolation tubes or tape are sometimes used and printed circuit boards are sometimes mounted floating.
  • Page 4 fluid should contact the skin or clothing, wipe off with alcohol, etc., and rinse thoroughly with water. If the fluid should enter the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes thoroughly with running water. When attaching the LCD module to the LCD cover, position it appropriately and fasten at the position where the display can be viewed most conveniently.
  • Page 5 CMOS-LSI circuitry is used in the LCD module, so avoid damage due to static electricity. When handling the module, use a wrist ground or anchor ground. Do not expose the LCD module to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet rays for extended periods. Do not store the LCD module below the temperature conditions described in the specifications.
  • Page 6 Entering Service Mode Set VOLUME to minimum and press MUTE button twice on the remote control. Press MUTE button again and hold button down. Service Mode display While holding the MUTE button, press MENU button on TV set. Selecting the Adjusting Item Every pressing of CH button in the service mode changes the adjustment items.
  • Page 7 LED Indication The yellow, blue and red/green LED lights on the TV (at the bottom center of the TV) indicate the TV's status, as described below: Note: If the TV loses A/C power (e.g., a power outage occurs or the power cord is unplugged), when power is restored, the yellow LED will blink while the TV is booting until the remote control is usable.
  • Page 8 Sound Missing Distorted Sound Missing or Distorted? Is Missing Digital Analog Digital Sound Analog Distorted Sound or Digital? Analog or Digital? Reconfirm proper operation of all Replace Analog analog audio Signal Processing sources. Section. Replace Digital Signal Processing Section, then suspect Analog.
  • Page 9 Picture Missing Distorted the Picture Missing or Distorted? Is the Is Distorted Digital Analog Digital Missing Picture Analog or Picture Analog or Digital? Digital? Replace Analog Signal Replace Digital Replace Digital Processing Section, then Signal Processing Signal suspect Digital. Section. Processing Section.
  • Page 10 Dead any LEDs Blinking on the front of the unit? Suspect Power Supply, Use Blink Codes to Low B Supply – Then help determine Suspect system Control problem area. (SYSCON). Questions or Statements in flow chart pertain to only the defined areas. It is assumed that all other inputs and functions operate correctly.
  • Page 11 Dead set – No sound or picture Does 3VDC appear at pin 3 of P806A when on-off is pressed? any problem LED indications 5VDC present at pin 1 exhibited after the of P806A when the unit power button is is plugged in? pressed? Suspect the Low B supply, then the main...
  • Page 12 Examples No or distorted Replace the video LCD display panel. Does the screen discolored the back light function or does it have streaks normally when the unit or dark areas with no is turned on? signal input? Is the on screen display normal? Using the Is the problem...
  • Page 13 Does the back light function and then turn off? Replace the 24 VDC present LCD display. at pins 1 and 5 of P804 when the unit is turned Replace the Main Power supply. 6VDC present at pin 8 of CN91A when the unit is turned on? 3.3 VDC present at pin 7 of P812A shortly...
  • Page 14 No or distorted Audio Digital Analog problem associated with analog or digital inputs? Using Using the power the power distribution diagram, distribution diagram, are are the voltages normal the voltages normal at at P812A and CN90A and P812B? CN91B? Suspect the Suspect the Suspect the digital module.
  • Page 15 Does the screen light unevenly? (Normal screen with a shaded area) This *** Warranty Concession normally required for LCD panel indicates a defective CCFL replacement. Digital photo (Lamp). The may be requested. display should Contact Technical be replaced. Support. Does the back light function and then turn off? If it is available , try the...
  • Page 16 U02A LOW-B U01A POWER U03D U03A U04A AV-TERM SIGNAL U03B Front-AV U03C...
  • Page 22 Stand Exploded View A425 A426 A427 A428 A429...
  • Page 23 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description A201 75006119 CESE/COVER/LID FRONT BEZEL ASSY, FRONT BEZEL ASSY A320 75005734 PIECE, CTRL S ASSY A401 75006120 CESE/COVER/LID BACK COVER ASSY, BACK COVER ASSY A420 75006553 LEG STAND KIT FIX A425 75007239 LEG FIX BKT ASSY FIX A426 75007238 LEG BASE ASSY FIX BB A429 75007210 LEG STAND WRENCH B001 75006117 DISPLAY, LC420WX5‐SLC1 C801 76503510 CAPACITOR, PLASTIC FILM, LE224‐C C802 76503510 CAPACITOR, PLASTIC FILM, LE224‐C C803 76092567 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C804 76092567 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C807 76092567 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C808...
  • Page 24 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description C883 76668339 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 3.3UF M C884 76073181 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 56UF M C885 76092567 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC DISC, AC250V E 1000PF M C886 76676470 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 100V 47UF M C887 76073190 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 35V 1200UF M C888 76073158 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 16V 2200UF M C889 76073145 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 10V 3300UF M CE01 76092179 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC CHIP, 25V B 0.22UF K CE02 76092179 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC CHIP, 25V B 0.22UF K CE10 75005708 CAPACITOR, CHIP CERA, 50V B 0.33UF K, C2012JB1H334KT CE11 76092730 CAPACITOR, CERAMIC CHIP, 16V B 0.1UF K CE12 76794101 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 16V 100UF M CE15 76665101 CAPACITOR, ELECTROLYTIC, 10V 100UF M CE17...
  • Page 25 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description D872 75002164 DIODE, FMEN‐220A(LF023‐108) D873 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D874 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D880 23357709 DIODE, RU1P D881 23357880 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ20B D882 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D883 23357900 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ33B D884 23357892 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ27B D885 23357842 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ6.8B D886 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D888 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D889 23357512 DIODE, AL01Z D890 23357854 DIODE, ZENER, MTZJ10B D891...
  • Page 26 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description L872 23103320 COIL, CHOKE, TEM2011 L874 23103304 FERRITE CHOKE, TEM2011AA L875 23103304 FERRITE CHOKE, TEM2011AA L876 23103320 COIL, CHOKE, TEM2011 L878 23103320 COIL, CHOKE, TEM2011 L880 23103330 FERRITE CHOKE, 3.5X5X2, TEM2014AH L881 23103304 FERRITE CHOKE, TEM2011AA LE70 23289979 COIL, PEAKING, TRF4100AZ LE71 75004061 COIL, CHOKE, EI24 56MMH K 4.8A, EI24‐560‐01 LE72 23248417 COIL, CHOKE, TLN3481AH LE75 23248417 COIL, CHOKE, TLN3481AH LE90 75006065 COIL CHOKE 47MMH M 1.8A, RCR1010NP‐470M LE91 23289980 COIL, PEAKING, TRF4220AZ LE92...
  • Page 27 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description QE72 23205330 TRANSISTOR, RN1403(F) QE90 75006069 IC, SI‐8001FFE QE91 23205313 TRANSISTOR, 2SC1815‐Y(F) QE92 23205339 TRANSISTOR, 2SC2655‐Y(F) QE93 23205327 TRANSISTOR, RN1406(F) QE94 75001876 TRANSISTOR, TPC8111(TE12L, Q) QE95 23205330 TRANSISTOR, RN1403(F) QE96 75001876 TRANSISTOR, TPC8111(TE12L, Q) QE97 23205330 TRANSISTOR, RN1403(F) R801 76043006 RESISTOR, CARBON FILM, 1/2W 2.2M OHM J R802 76004718 RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE, 1/2W 8.2M OHM J R810 76554103 RESISTOR, OXIDE METAL FILM, 2W 10K OHM J R811 76553683 RESISTOR, OXIDE METAL FILM, 1W 68K OHM J R831...
  • Page 28 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description R885 75005706 RESISTOR, RGC2‐0.22‐OHM‐J R887 76552221 RESISTOR, OXIDE METAL FILM, 1/2W 220 OHM J RE01 76190013 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/16W 22K OHM F RE02 76011221 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/20W 220 OHM J RE03 76019386 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/16W 5.6K OHM F RE04 76011223 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/20W 22K OHM J RE05 76190013 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/16W 22K OHM F RE06 76019388 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/16W 10K OHM F RE07 76019388 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/16W 10K OHM F RE08 76011683 RESISTOR, CHIP, 1/20W 68K OHM J RE15 75004056 RESISTOR, CR1/16 222DV RE16 75004054 RESISTOR, CR1/16 102DV RE17 75004054 RESISTOR, CR1/16 102DV RE30...
  • Page 29 Replacement Parts List Location Part No. Description U01A 75006107 PWU, POWER, PE0306D1 U02A 75006108 PWU, LOWB, PE0307D1 U03A 75006083 PWU, TN_AV, PE0248C1 U03B 75006110 PWU, F‐AV, PE0248C2 U03C 75006111 PWU, LED/IR_PASS, PE0248C3 U03D 75006112 PWU, KEY, PE0248C4 U04AS 75006509 PC BOARD ASSY, PE0249A1, SEINE W661 75005717 SPEAKER ASSY, SPK1493AO, 60X120 8‐OHM 10W...
  • Page 30 Replacement Parts List...
  • Page 31 Replacement Parts List...

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