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  • Page 1

    INSTALLATION OPERATION MANUAL LCG RECORDER • LOWRANCE ELECTRONICS, INC. TULSA, OKLA. 74128 SKELLY 12OOO DR., Litho U.S.A. 988-0105-21 PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE CONTENTS Introduction Installation Power Connections Noise Keyboard Basics Operation Clear Auto Sensitivity Automatic Sensitivity Advanced Chart Speed Range Lower Limit Upper Limit Scale with Auto Range Zoom Bottom Track Digital 10th Alarms Zone Alarm Note Clearing Zone Alarm Depth Alarm Discrimination Light Surface Clarity Control...

  • Page 3: Introduction

    COMMAND SUMMARY INTRODUCTION ON/OFF DIGITAL DIGITAL the world of Your Lowrance X-4 Welcome sportfishing sonar. NUMBERS DIGITAL SIZE 2nd, both professional and novice users. The high quality sonar designed X-4 automatically finds and displays the bottom depth, fish, and structure DIGITAL—TENTHS...

  • Page 4: Power Connections

    Power Connections SPECIFICATIONS The X-4 operates from 12 volt battery power cable can system. 8½"W 6'/a"H 3¾"D attached an accessory you have problems Dimensions power buss, with dots or that electrical interference (random lines show whenever the Weight pounds boat's engine an accessory then attach the cable directly on),...

  • Page 5: Noise

    Please read instructions carefully transducer in them. You may further. get any start installing transducer. before toss few Lowrance Fish-N-Floats in the boat, ready Keep fish, throw school out. overboard. When the indicates buoy will sinker hits because...

  • Page 6: Keyboard Basics

    KEYBOARD BASICS Most fish don't spawn water temperature within rather Unless narrow To find different temperatures, limits. surface temperature such as is a SENSITIVITY These it'll the LDT-3000 aid to your valuable boat. This keys meter, unit control graph's sensitivity. provides an extremely quick desired surface...

  • Page 7

    AND THERMOCLINES WATER TEMPERATURE This Is the Surface orscc. clarity Control Water temperature has an important—if eliminates surface clutter controlling—influence (noise) caused wave action, their activities all fish. Fish are cold blooded and bodies are upon algae, schools baitfish, or always the temperature water.

  • Page 8: Off

    there must some movement between boat and Remember, C}PFRATICThJ fish develop the arch. Usually this means trolling very slow speeds with main engine in gear at a minimum throttle the X-4 first finds setting. When turned automatically displays. bottom depth, sets sensitivity level, and much more.

  • Page 9: Auto

    FISH SIGNALS CLEAR the X-4 by what you signals displayed on fish can identified various mistake, and press key other than you make wanted, shaped markings in certain random marks wait six the X-4 will automatically erase opposed seconds and patterns, entry.

  • Page 10

    20 degree transducer almost always best use in fresh To manually adjust the AUTO key once, and auto sensitivity, press while the 8 water degree transducer used mostly salt water, will The word at the of the be turned off. AUTO display will sensitivity...

  • Page 11: Chart Speed Io

    Remember, the 192 kHz sonar products. cone angle that will interchange with any turned off automatic sensitivity control and auto ranging functions In other words, any Lowrance sonar instrument be used with any and on any time AUTO two controls cannot pressing key.

  • Page 12: Range

    is first 8CC has ten levels adjustment. When the X-4 turned on, the —- set to 2. To change different CHART level automatically level, simply SPEED iuum number key from then press SOC key. 1111111 press Figure view the SOC level, simply press key.

  • Page 13: Lower Limit

    LIMIT LOWER F AUTO LIGHT LIGHT word the lower first "AUTO" make certain the To change limit, the X-4 at the unit that night. When the top of the the automatic mode is light is provided operation screen, signifying displayed first lights will flash seconds.

  • Page 14: Upper Limit

    When the X-4 while changes ranges automatic the lower mode, limit will selected be a other multiple often. In always words lower DISC will be a limit number that ends in zero such ten, twenty, forty, one DISCRIMINATION hundred, etc. Unwanted noise the display is fairly common complaint.

  • Page 15: Scale

    desired depth, then lower To use Shallow Alarm, press SHALLOW Upper and limits may be in various combinations show For example, the Shallow Alarm 15 feet, press 1,5, to the ALARM from the bottom and anywhere in between. This surface segments key.

  • Page 16: Auto Range With Zoom Bottom Track

    AUTO RANGE WITH ZOOM BOTTOM TRACK NOTE on a upper limit can zoom target, if Even though changed the X-4 is will the lower automatic mode limit change audible tone When alarm first note key turns track bottom depth changes To make upper limit along with the lower is on...

  • Page 17

    '0" will flash until the X-4 is first adjust the then When turned on, shallow SHALLOW SET digital (top) alarm, key, press bottom alarm window up, "locked on" bottom signal. Once press the arrow key move the acquired depth, left of the will of the depth in...

  • Page 18

    10th depth alarm also has upper and lower but they have limits, to be used depth alarm sounds with fast beep whenever together. will the bottom echo detected shallower than alarm upper digital sonar bottom depth in whole numbers. limit, display slow when the...

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    In Quebec by the law when you sell équipment you should have a french manual.
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    In Quebec by the law when you sell équipment you should have a french manual.
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    In Quebec by the law when you sell équipment you should have a french manual.
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