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    Infant Learning® toys develop baby’s mental and physical abilities by inspiring, engaging and teaching. At VTech®, we know that a child has the ability to do great things. That’s why all of our electronic learning products are uniquely designed to develop a child’s mind and allow them to learn to the best of their ability.

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    Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train™ ® learning toy! The VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train™ will take your child on a ® journey through letters, numbers, music and more. Entertaining sound effects, dancing lights and fun melodies reward your child’s curiosity while taking baby on the ride of a lifetime!

  • Page 4: Included In This Package

    INCLUDED IN THIS PACKAGE one engine one engine handle Four carriage wheels Two engine back wheels one soft hinge alphabet blocks...

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    Yellow bracket for engine Yellow bracket for engine back wheel (left) back wheel (right) blue bracket for carriage blue bracket for carriage front wheel (left) front wheel (right) blue bracket for carriage blue bracket for carriage back wheel (left) back wheel (right) one instruction manual WARNING: All packing materials, such as tape, plastic sheets,...

  • Page 6: Getting Started

    GETTING STARTED BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. make sure the unit is turned OFF. 2. locate the battery cover on the back of the unit. use a coin or a screwdriver to loosen the screw. 3. install 3 new ‘aa’ (am-3/lr6) batteries following the diagram inside the battery box.

  • Page 7: Assembly Instructions

    VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train™, safety comes first. ® To ensure your child’s safety, please only assemble this product by an adult. Assembly Instructions 1. install the two green front wheels onto the front of the engine by placing them over the yellow front axles.

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    3. install the two blue front brackets and two green carriage wheels by fitting the brackets over their respective front sockets on the sides of the carriage. Then, insert two green carriage wheels into the front sockets on the sides of the carriage. push the wheels into the sockets until you hear a click.

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    5. position the handle so that the curved part of the handle faces the back of the engine. insert the handle into the hole in the top of the engine until you hear a click. once you have installed the handle, it cannot be removed.

  • Page 10: Product Features

    LOW VOLUME or the HIGH VOLUME position. 3. AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF To preserve battery life, the VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train™ ® will automatically power-down after approximately 45 seconds without input. The unit can be turned on again by pressing any...

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    ACTIVITIES 1. s l i d e t h e r e d O N / O F F / M O D E SELECTOR SWITCH located at the top of the engine to the Learning Mode or Discovery Mode position to turn the unit on.

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    5. place the blocks onto the train’s block slots to learn letters and objects in both modes. upbeat melodies and fun sounds will accompany the play. The lights will flash with the sounds. 6. Drop the blocks into the slot at the top of the train and they’ll slide out the back! 7.

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    SUNG SONG LYRICS SUNG SONG 01 LYRICS (Tune of “London Bridge”) happily we chug along, learning letters, singing songs. happily we chug along, on the train! SUNG SONG 0 LYRICS (Tune of “Alphabet Song”) a-b-c-D E-F-g h-i-J-K l-m-n-o-p Q-r-s T-u-V Y and Z.

  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Department at 1-800-521-2010 in the u.s. or 1-877-352-8697 in canada, and a service representative will be happy to help you. For information on this product’s warranty, please call VTech 1-800- ®...

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    FCC Notice: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class b digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the Fcc rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

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