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Samsung SV-L620K Instruction Manual

Video cassette recorder.
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Instruction Manual


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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    About this manual Contents Thank you for purchasing a Samsung Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). Your Owner’s Instructions contain much valuable information on setting up and OREWORD using your VCR. Please take the time to read them as they will help you take full Safety Instructions ..................

  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Contents Safety Instructions (cont.) The following illustrations represent precautions. LAYING Playing a Cassette..................Adjusting Picture Alignment Automatically (SV-L30K Only) ......Adjusting Picture Alignment Manually ............The lightning bolt is a warning sign alerting you to dangerous voltage inside the product. Intelligent Picture Control ................

  • Page 4: Front View Of The Vcr


  • Page 5: Infrared Remote Control

    (SV-L620K ONLY) Accessories (SV-L30K) STANDBY/ON EJECT EJECT BUTTON STANDBY/ON BUTTON You have just purchased a SAMSUNG Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). SLOW Together with your VCR, you will find the following accessories in the box. SHUTTLE SHUTTLE BUTTON V-LOCK REMOTE CONTROL OWNER’S INSTRUCTIONS...

  • Page 6: Deciding How To Connect Your Vcr

    Deciding How to Connect Your VCR Connecting Your VCR to the TV using the Coaxial Cable To receive television programmes a signal must be received from one of the following sources: An outdoor aerial You must take into account various factors when connecting audio or video systems: An indoor aerial Types of connectors available on your systems A cable television network...

  • Page 7: Connecting A Decoder For Scrambled Pay Tv Broadcasts

    Connecting a Decoder for scrambled PAY TV broadcasts Connecting Your VCR to the Satellite receiver or Other Equipment You can connect your VCR to the Satellite receiver or other VCR using the SCART cable if the appropriate outputs are available on the equipment chosen. The following illustrations give a few examples of the connection possibilities.

  • Page 8: Plug & Auto Set Up

    Plug & Auto Set Up Tuning Your Television for the VCR Your VCR will automatically set itself up when it is plugged into the You must tune your television for the VCR only if you are not using mains for the first time. TV stations will be stored in memory. The a Scart cable process takes a few minutes.

  • Page 9: Inserting Batteries In The Remote Control

    Inserting Batteries in the Remote Control Displaying/Hiding On-Screen Information Your VCR displays most information both on the VCR and the You must insert or replace the batteries in the remote control when television. you: You can choose to display or hide this information on the television Purchase the video cassette recorder screen (except for the Index, Programming MENU which cannot be Find that the remote control is no longer working...

  • Page 10: Setting The Vcr Output Channel

    Setting the VCR Output Channel Presetting the Stations Automatically You do not need to preset the stations if you have already Your VCR output channel may need to be changed if the pictures set them automatically (see Plug & Auto Set Up on suffer from interference or if your TV cannot find the pictures.

  • Page 11: Presetting The Stations Manually

    Presetting the Stations Manually Clearing a Preset Station You do not need to preset the stations manually if you have already set them automatically. If you have stored a TV station: To enable the VCR to decode a scrambled TV station, the That you do not require decoder must be switched on.

  • Page 12: Switching Between The Tv And Vcr Modes

    Switching between the TV and VCR Modes Changing the Preset Station Table The TV/VCR button allows you to record one channel with the VCR You can rearrange the preset TV stations according to your own while you watch another channel on the TV. preferences programme number assigned to the station.

  • Page 13: Selecting The Cassette Type

    Selecting the Cassette Type NICAM (SV-L620K Only) NICAM programmes are divided into 3 types. NICAM Stereo, If you wish to use the tape counter to display the time remaining on a cassette, you must indicate the type of cassette inserted. NICAM Mono and Bilingual (transmission in another language).

  • Page 14: Protecting A Recorded Cassette

    Protecting a Recorded Cassette Recording a Programme with Automatic Stop This function enables you to record up to nine hours of Video cassettes have a safety tab to prevent accidental erasure. programmes. (LP) When this tab has been removed, you cannot record on the tape. Your VCR stops automatically after the requested length of time.

  • Page 15: Using The Timer Programming Feature

    Using the Timer Programming Feature Checking a Preset Recording The Timer Programming feature allows you to preset the VCR to You can check your preset recordings: record a programme up to one month before that programme is to When you have finished presetting the VCR be broadcast.

  • Page 16: Playing A Cassette

    Playing a Cassette Intelligent Picture Control The Intelligent Picture Control Feature allows you to adjust the This function allows you to play back any pre-recorded cassette. sharpness of the image automatically, according to your own preferences. Switch on both the television and your VCR. PROG Insert the video cassette to be played.

  • Page 17: Selecting The Colour Mode

    Selecting the Audio Output Mode (SV-L620K Only) Format 16:9 (WIDE SCREEN) Your VCR can automatically read a 16:9 signal from the AV2 input or a prerecorded 16:9 tape. It can broadcast a 16:9 signal through When monitoring a TV programme or playing back a Hi-Fi a 21 pin scart cable.

  • Page 18: Playing A Cassette In Slow Motion

    Playing a Cassette in Slow Motion You can play a cassette in slow motion. No sound is heard when playing back a cassette in slow motion. SLOW Press: SHUTTLE ❿ II to start playing the cassette SLOW SLOW ( ) as many times as required to decrease or increase the speed respectively V-LOCK ❿...

  • Page 19

    Picture Search, Fast Forward/Rewind Picture Search enables you to Fast Forward or Rewind and look for a particular part of a tape. Press PLAY, the VCR will enter normal play mode. While in play, ❿ ❿ ➛ ➛ press and release the ) button.

  • Page 20: Searching For A Specific Sequence

    Searching for a Specific Sequence Auto Repeat Play Each time you record a cassette on this VCR, an “index” is You can set repeat play to repeat the tape continuously from automatically marked on the tape when recording starts. beginning to end. SHUTTLE The Search function allows you to fast-forward or rewind to a specific index and start playback from that point.

  • Page 21: Using The Tape Counter

    Using the Tape Counter Connecting an RCA Audio/Video Input Cable The tape counter: You can connect other audio/video equipment to your VCR using Indicates the elapsed time in the play and record modes audio/video cables if the appropriate outputs are available on the (SV-L620K) (hours, minutes and seconds) equipment chosen.

  • Page 22: Using The Assemble Edit Function

    Using the Assemble Edit Function Audio Dubbing a Pre-recorded Cassette (SV-L620K Only) This function allows you to start a new recording at a specific With the Audio Dubbing function, you erase the previously position on the cassette while maintaining a very smooth scene recorded sound and replace it with a new soundtrack from: change.

  • Page 23: Auto Power Off

    Using the TV Buttons on the Remote Control Auto Power Off (SV-L620K/SV-L80K Only) Your VCR remote control will work with Samsung televisions and The Auto Power Off feature automatically turns off your VCR if no compatible brands. signal is received and you do not press any button for the selected time.

  • Page 24

    Technical Specifications Problems and Solutions Before contacting the Samsung after-sales service, perform the following simple checks. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Problem Explanation/Solution No power Check that the power plug is connected to a wall outlet.

  • Page 25

    TV Frequency Table (System B/G-D/K) 002~012 :CCIR STD VHF 244~250 :MOROCCO 013~020 :ITALY 251~255 :BELGUIM 021~069 :CCIR STD UHF 071~075 :CCIR CABLE 201~241 :CCIR STD CABLE DISP CH Band DISP CH Band DISP CH Band 48.25 CCIR 783.25 CCIR 43.25 Angola 55.25 CCIR...

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