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General Inquiries
0844-847-5847 or +44-844-847-5847
* Make sure the number is correct before making a call.
P/NO : MMBB0370940(1.0)


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  • Page 1: User Guide

    ENGLISH General Inquiries <LG Customer Information Center> 0844-847-5847 or +44-844-847-5847 * Make sure the number is correct before making a call. USER GUIDE LG-GS290 www.lgmobile.com P/NO : MMBB0370940(1.0)

  • Page 2

    Bluetooth QD ID B016078...

  • Page 3

    Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. GS290 GS290 User Guide...

  • Page 4

    Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact GS290 phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Disposal of your old appliance 1 When this crossed-out wheeled bin symbol is attached to a product it means the product is covered by the European Directive 2002/96/EC.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Guidelines for safe and effi cient Using call divert ........27 use ..............6 Using call barring ......... 27 Getting to know your phone ..14 Changing the common call Open view ..........15 setting ............28 Installing the SIM and battery ..16 Contacts ..........

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Pictures ............ 45 Adding an event to your calendar . 50 Sending a photo ........45 Adding an item to your task list ..50 Using an image ........45 Using date fi nder ......... 50 LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Using the stopwatch ......53 Changing your screen settings ..59 PC Sync ............ 54 Changing your phone settings ..60 Installing LG PC Suite on your Using memory manager ....60 computer ..........54 Changing your connectivity Connecting your phone and PC ..54 settings ............

  • Page 8: Guidelines For Safe And Effi Cient Use

    Do not rely on this Switch off when device for emergency instructed in hospitals communications and medical facilities Only use approved Switch off when accessories instructed in aircrafts and airports Switch off in explosive environments LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 9

    Please read these simple guidelines. limit stated in the international Not following these guidelines may guidelines is 2.0 W/kg*. Tests for SAR are conducted using standard be dangerous or illegal. operating positions with the Exposure to radio frequency device transmitting at its highest energy certified power level in all tested frequency bands.

  • Page 10

    2cm (0.79 inches) must be SAR values may vary depending on maintained between the user’s body national reporting requirements and and the back of the phone. the network band. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 11

    • Do not disassemble this unit. Take FCC Notice & Caution it to a qualified service technician Notice! when repair work is required. This device complies with part 15 of • Keep away from electrical the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to appliances such as TVs, radios, and the following two conditions: personal computers.

  • Page 12: Efficient Phone Operation

    To ensure this, use the phone at the opposite ear to your pacemaker and do not carry it in a breast pocket. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 13

    • If you are listening to music whilst Hospitals out and about, please ensure that Switch off your wireless device when the volume is at a reasonable requested to do so in hospitals, level so that you are aware of your clinics or health care facilities.

  • Page 14: Battery Information And Care

    Keep the phone in a safe place out performance. of the reach of small children. It • Use only LG batteries and chargers. includes small parts which may cause LG chargers are designed to a choking hazard if detached.

  • Page 15

    • Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Please recycle when possible. Do not dispose as household waste. • If you need to replace the battery, take it to the nearest authorized LG Electronics service point or dealer for assistance.

  • Page 16: Getting To Know Your Phone

    Multitasking key Handsfree or Stereo earphone connector WARNING: Placing a heavy object on the phone or sitting on it while it is in your pocket can damage the phone’s LCD and touch screen functionality. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 17: Open View

    Open view Side keys • When the screen is Charger, cable at the Home screen: Ring tone and key tone volume. Lock key • During a call: Earpiece • Short press to turn on/off volume. the screen. Camera key MicroSD Card Slot •...

  • Page 18: Installing The Sim And Battery

    Please make sure the Press the right side of the battery battery is removed from the phone until down it clicks into place. before installing the SIM card. To remove the SIM card, pull it gently outwards. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 19: Charging Your Phone

    Charging your phone Remove the charger socket cover on the side of your GS290. Connect the Travel Adapter (Charger) and the included USB cable. Connect the USB cable into the phone and plug it into a power socket. Your GS290 must be charged until the “Battery full“...

  • Page 20: Memory Card

    2 Slide the microSD card into the structure may be different after slot until it clicks into place. Make formatting since all files will have sure the gold contact area is facing been deleted. downwards. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 21: Using Your Touch Screen, Touch Screen Tips, Control The Touch Screen

    Using your touch screen Scrolling Touch screen tips Drag from side to side to scroll. On • To select an item, touch the centre some screens, such as the call history of the icon. list, you can also scroll up or down. •...

  • Page 22: Your Home Screen

    Quick key icon you want to use. TIP! The User Interface is based on three types of Homescreen. To swap between the home screens just wipe quickly over the display from left to right, or from right to left. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 23: The Quick Keys

    The quick keys The quick keys on your home screen provide easy, one-touch access to the functions you use the most. Touch to bring up the touch Touch to open your Contacts. dialling pad to make a call. To search for the number you want to call, enter the name of the contact at the top of the screen using...

  • Page 24: The Status Bar

    Battery empty Bluetooth is active New text message BGM play New voice message BGM pause Message inbox is full Memory card is enabled Message sending failed for use Multimedia message sending failed An alarm is set LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 25: Function, The Status Bar

    Changing your Status from the status bar Touch the centre of the status bar to open the Status Summary. It shows the current Time, Network, SVC ID, Battery, Handset memory, External Memory, Profile, MP3s and Bluetooth status. Here you can set the Profile type, play/pause MP3s and activate/ deactivate Bluetooth.

  • Page 26: Calls, Making A Call, Making A Call From Your Contacts, Answering And Rejecting A Call

    To mute the ringing, slide up the cover. This will unlock the phone if it is locked, then tap . This is useful if you forgot to change your profile to Silent for a meeting. Touch reject an incoming call. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 27: In-call Options

    In-call options Hold - Touch to put a call on hold. Mute - Touch to turn off the microphone so the person you are talking to cannot hear you. Speaker - Touch to turn the speaker phone on. Options - Touch to bring up a list of further in-call options.

  • Page 28: Speed Dialling, Making A Second Call, Viewing Your Call Logs

    NOTE: You will be charged for each call you make. Viewing your call logs Touch Recent history in the COMMUNICATION tab. TIP! Touch any single call log entry to view the date, time and duration of the call. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 29: Using Call Divert, Using Call Barring

    Using call divert Using call barring 1 Touch Call settings in the 1 Touch Call settings in the SETTINGS tab. SETTINGS tab. 2 Touch Call barring. 2 Touch Call divert. 3 Choose any or all of the six options: 3 Choose whether to divert all voice calls, when the line is busy, when All outgoing there is no answer or when you...

  • Page 30: Setting

    ON or right for OFF. Answer mode - Choose whether to answer the phone using the send key or any key. Minute minder - Slide the switch left to ON to hear a tone every minute during a call. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 31: Contacts, Searching For A Contact, Adding A New Contact, Creating A Group

    Contacts 6 Assign the contact to one or more Searching for a contact groups. You can assign up to There are two ways to search for a three groups per contact. Choose contact: between No group, Family, 1 Touch Contacts in the Friends, Colleagues, School or VIP.

  • Page 32: Changing Your Contact Settings, Viewing Information

    Send all of your contacts to another device using Bluetooth. You will be prompted to turn on Bluetooth if you select this option. Backup contacts - See Backing up and restoring the information on your phone. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 33: Messaging, Sending A Message, Entering Text, T9 Mode., Handwriting Recognition

    Messaging Messaging Entering text Your GS290 combines SMS and MMS There are five ways to enter text: into one intuitive and easy-to-use Keypad, Keyboard, Handwriting- menu. Screen, Handwriting-Box, Handwriting-Double Box. Sending a message You can choose your input method by 1 Touch Messaging in the tapping and Input method.

  • Page 34: Setting Up Your Email, Retrieving Your Emails, Account, Changing Your Email Settings

    Include attachment - Choose to 3 Touch Send and your email will include the original attachment in be sent. any reply. Auto retrieval in roaming - Choose whether to retrieve your messages automatically when abroad (roaming). LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 35: Message Folders, Settings

    New e-mail notification - Choose Changing your text message whether to be alerted to new settings emails. Touch Messaging in the Signature - Switch this feature ON COMMUNICATION tab and touch and create an email signature. Settings. Select Text message. You Priority - Choose the priority level can make changes to: of your email messages.

  • Page 36: Settings, Changing Your Other Settings

    Info. service - Choose whether to turn Slide duration - Choose how long Cell broadcast on/off and select your your slides appear on the screen by channels and languages. default. Creation mode - Choose to create multimedia messages freely or restrictively. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 37: Social Network Services (sns)

    updates, Photo), Delete or Log out. Social network services (SNS) You can also write comments by Your GS290 has SNS that lets you selecting + icon. enjoy and manage your social Profile: You can select the Wall > network. You can update your own Status updates and write the current SN place status and view your friends’...

  • Page 38: Camera, Getting To Know The Viewfi Nder

    (WQVGA), QVGA (320x240). Continuous shot - This enables you to take 3/6/9 shots automatically in very quick succession. TIP! You can bring up the options by tapping the screen. They automatically turn off after a few seconds. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 39: Taking A Quick Photo, After Taking A Photo

    Taking a quick photo After taking a photo 1 Press the key on the right side Your captured photo will appear on of the phone. the screen. The name of the image runs along the bottom of the screen. 2 When the camera has focused on your subject, touch the on the Touch to send the photo as a...

  • Page 40: Using The Advanced Settings

    This means you’ll be able to store fewer photos in your memory. View mode - Choose between Full screen or Full image. In Full screen, the image may be cropped to fit the screen. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 41: Video Camera, Getting To Know The Viewfi Nder

    Video camera Getting to know the viewfinder Image size Saving to handset memory/ Zoom - zoom in or zoom out. external memory Back Camera mode - Touch this icon to switch to camera mode. Start recording Gallery Video mode - Video Settings - Touch this icon to open the mode is selected.

  • Page 42: Making A Quick Video, After Making A Video

    Touch to view a gallery of saved 5 To pause the video, touch videos and images. resume by selecting 6 Touch on screen or press a second time to stop recording. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 43

    Memory - Choose whether to save Using the advanced settings Handset memory your videos to the From the viewfinder, touch Settings External memory or to the to open all the advanced settings Voice - Choose whether or not to options. record a video with sound.

  • Page 44: Your Photos And Videos, Viewing Your Photos And Videos, Capturing An Image From A Video

    Touch to show random. menu. Touch to increase or decrease the 3 From the options menu select speed of the slideshow. 4 The image will appear on the screen, with its image name. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 45: Setting A Photo As Wallpaper, Editing Your Photos

    Setting a photo as wallpaper Decorate your photo with stamps. Choose from the different 1 Touch Gallery in the stamps and colours and touch ENTERTAINMENT tab. your photo where you want to 2 Touch the photo you would like to place them.

  • Page 46: Adding An Eff Ect To A Photo

    Oil painting - Give an Oil painting effect. Sketch - Apply an effect that makes the picture look like a sketch. Emboss - Give an Emboss effect. Vivid - Give an effect of clearness and brilliance. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 47: Multimedia, Pictures, Sending A Photo, Using An Image, Printing An Image

    Multimedia You can store any multimedia files 1 Touch My stuff in the on your phone’s memory so that you ENTERTAINMENT tab and select have easy access to all your pictures, Images. Select the picture you sounds, videos and games. You can want.

  • Page 48: Moving Or Copying An Image, Sounds, Using A Sound, Videos, Watching A Video

    You can also access this using ENTERTAINMENT tab and select the menu Games & Apps in the Sounds. ENTERTAINMENT tab. 2 Select a sound you want and a confirmation message appears. 3 Touch Yes. It will begin to play. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 49: Playing A Game, Documents, Transferring A Fi Le To Your Phone, Others, Muvee Studio

    You can want to include, then select Insert . also use the LG PC Suite via your 3 Touch the style tab to choose a sync cable. Muvee style. The default style is To transfer using Bluetooth: Classic Sepia.

  • Page 50: Music, Phone, Playing A Song

    Bluetooth or your have played recently. sync cable. NOTE: The copyright of music fi les can You can also use LG PC Suite. To be protected by international treaties transfer using Bluetooth: and national copyright laws. It may be...

  • Page 51: Creating A Playlist, Fm Radio, Searching For Stations, Resetting Channels

    , the stations will be automatically found. FM Radio Resetting channels Your LG GS290 has an FM radio feature so you can tune into your 1 Scroll and touch FM radio in the favourite stations to listen on the ENTERTAINMENT tab, then move.

  • Page 52: Organiser, Adding An Event To Your Calendar, Adding An Item To Your Task List

    5 The Target date will be shown events have been saved to and a below. bell will ring at the start time of your event, so that you can stay organised. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 53: Adding A Memo, Setting Your Alarm, Drawing Panel

    5 Select Alarm type to select the Adding a memo type of alarm you want. 1 Touch Memo in the UTILITIES tab. 6 Choose Alarm bell and select a 2 Touch Add memo. sound from the folder. To listen to 3 Type your memo, then touch Save.

  • Page 54: Voice Recorder, Recording A Sound Or Voice, Using Your Calculator, Converting A Unit

    4 Touch to listen to your enter the value you would like to recording. convert from, followed by the unit you would like to convert to. 5 The corresponding value will appear on the screen. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 55: Clock, Using The Stopwatch

    Adding a city to your World clock 1 Touch Tools in the UTILITIES tab. 2 Select World clock. 3 Touch the , followed by New city. 4 Scroll the globe, touch the area you want and choose the city on the map.

  • Page 56: Installing Lg Pc Suite On Your Computer, Connecting Your Phone And Pc

    4 Your information will be backed up displayed. or restored. 4 Follow the instructions on the Viewing phone files on your screen to complete the LG PC Suite Installer wizard. 1 Connect your phone to your PC as 5 Once installation is complete, the outlined previously.

  • Page 57: Synchronising Your Contacts, Synchronising Your Messages, Device

    the Phone Memory, they will be Using your phone as a Music displayed. Sync device Your Phone can be used as a Music TIP! Viewing the contents of your Sync device for Sync Music Files only. phone on your PC helps you to arrange fi les, organise documents Music Sync can be carried out using and remove content that you no...

  • Page 58: Vodafone Live, Accessing The Web, Bookmarks, Using Rss Reader

    Add bookmark. Enter a name for content, downloading any updates your bookmark followed by the that it finds. URL in the corresponding field box. 4 Touch Save. Your Bookmark will now appear in the list of bookmarks. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 59: Saving A, Accessing A Saved, Viewing Your Browser History, Settings

    USB cable or Bluetooth. you can easily recognise it. 4 Touch Save. Using the USB cable: 1 Ensure you have the LG PC Suite Accessing a saved page installed on your PC. Touch Vodafone live! in the UTILITIES 2 Connect your GS290 and your PC tab.

  • Page 60: Access To Google

    2 Pair your PC and GS290 so that a passcode is required for connection. 3 Use the Connection wizard on your LG PC Suite to create an active Bluetooth connection. 4 Click Internet Kit on your PC. Then click New button.

  • Page 61: Personalising Your Profi Les, Settings, Changing Your Screen Settings

    Settings Top menu - Choose the style of Personalising your profiles the top menu, Zigzag, Scrolling or You can quickly change your profile Screen by screen. on the Home screen. Lock screen - Choose the way of You can personalise each profile unlock.

  • Page 62: Changing Your Phone Settings, Using Memory Manager

    External memory - View the memory Reset settings - Restores all settings to their factory defaults. available on your external memory card (you may need to purchase the memory card separately). LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 63: Sending And Receiving Your Fi Les Using Bluetooth, Settings

    USB connection mode - Choose a Touch Connectivity in the SETTINGS Data service from the options and tab. synchronise your GS290 using the LG Network settings PC Suite software to copy files from Select network - If you your phone. See PC Sync for more select Automatic, the GS290 information on synchronisation.

  • Page 64: Device, Settings

    Files will usually be visibility in the Settings menu. saved to the appropriate folder in 2 Touch Search. My stuff. 3 Your GS290 will search for devices. When the search is completed, Refresh will appear on screen. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 65: Using A Bluetooth Headset, Software Upgrade

    Always connect and touch Yes to Connect now. Your GS290 will automatically switch to Headset profile. Software Upgrade LG Mobile Phone Software Upgrade Program For more information on installing and using this program, please visit http://update. lgmobile.com. This feature allows you to upgrade...

  • Page 66: Accessories

    Battery Stereo headset NOTE: • Always use genuine LG accessories. • Failure to do this may invalidate your warranty. • Accessories may be different in different regions; please check with our regional service company or agent for further inquires. LG GS290 | User Guide...

  • Page 67: Technical Data

    Technical data General Product name : GS290 System : GSM 850 / E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800 / PCS 1900 Ambient Temperatures Max : +55°C (discharging), +45°C (charging) Min : -10°C...

  • Page 69: Limited Warranty Statement

    Customer Service Department of LG. LG shall bear the cost of shipping the product back to the consumer after the completion of service under this limited warranty. (8) During the warranty period LG or its authorised service agent will repair or replace at LG’s sole discretion a defective product.

  • Page 70

    (3) Breakage or damage to antennas unless caused directly by defects in material or workmanship. (4) A warranty repair if the Customer Service Department at LG or other agreed service agent was not notified by the consumer of the alleged defect or malfunction of the product during the applicable limited warranty period.

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