Eagle UltraNav II Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Eagle marine gps system installation and operation instructions.
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  • Page 1

    UltraNav INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS E&GI 988-0135-02 LITHO IN U.S.A. PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor...

  • Page 2

    Remember operators. UltraNav accurate as it's system using. Copyright0 1993 Eagle Electronics All rights All features and specifications screens in this PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor AS AN AID TO NAVIGATION. ONLY ONE METHOD TO...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    MODULE SELF-TEST This feature tests BIT SUMMARY module returns special LOW ORDER This Code Is Code. interest HIGH only to the service department. PRE PROCESS TEST UltraNav inter- However, PRE PROCESS this code and displays MULTI INTERFACE prets status This message.

  • Page 4

    PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor jgJt setthe first PCFfactor, press then MENU key, press the to the key next "CHANGE GPS UOOOaOOO SETTINGS" label. press 0OO,OOO' next to "ADJUST PCF OFFSET' label. The IUSE on the NUMERIC KEYS screen shown previous CHANGE VALUE...

  • Page 5: Mounting

    Using menu and "soft-key" operation, that also easiest-to-use products Eagle shows the world with high "UltravisionTM" screen underwater keyboard are also lighted detail. display optional ST-T speed/temperature sensor, Installing water...

  • Page 6: Power Connections, The Key

    3-amp fuse. There is reverse UltraNav II. power wires will occur unit. fuse wired the power into cable! warranty. speed/ mounting instructions. Route Il's power cable and...

  • Page 7: Gps Module Installation, The Key

    Distance (DTG), Bearing (BRG), backto the atthe of the postion with the plotterinthe lower right corner back need steer The UltraNav II The white wire is NMEA interface. through the white wire. The another electronic navigation devices wire is (DGPS) receiver input. differential...

  • Page 8

    "cleats" onto each cleats as four holes templates) mark Drill holes, then replace cleats mounting surface with 5 mm (#10) screws. Route UltraNav II. "CLEAT" DRILL FOUR • PLACES CABLE PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor of the side surface,...

  • Page 9

    Using four and lock stainless steel mm screws washers to the the pole UltraNav II, attach adapter mounting completes assembly. POLE MOUNTING ADAPTER SCREW using isn't mast you're hollow pole...

  • Page 10: Transducer, The Clear, The Key

    TRANSDUCER CONNECTIONS See the transducer owner's manual included transducer installation instructions. SIDE SCAN The UltraNav II has optional side-scan capability. must purchase theScanpacaccessory. To enclosed with ScanPac. See the "Side Scan section Operation" using the side-scan feature. SPEED/TEMPERATURE/DISTANCE LOG To use...

  • Page 11

    ARRIVAL ALARM arrival alarm sounds when your tone radius waypoint. example, if the mile recalled waypoint arrival alarm's from 9.9 miles. adjustable ALARM track error) alarm sounds (cross error is greater than alarm's setting. Changing on the XTE range steering screen. changes from 0.0 miles.

  • Page 12: Display, Menus

    DISPLAY General are turned on lights approximately is first turned on. Menus appear press the key to the adjacent Light label. on the display and If you don't want the lights on, wait keyboard. and the seconds will lights automatically will also after ten disappear...

  • Page 13: Help, Windows

    No matter travel forward last waypoint in reach route, off. IMPORTANT! alarm Turningthearrival preventsthe UltraNavil route. effect, turns nextwaypoint This, unit will show still datato the currentwaypoint navigation time the arrival alarm was turned off. CANCEL NAVIGATION To stop the UltraNav from navigating waypoint in...

  • Page 14

    Press arrow key move backward. Forexarnple, down arrow key• pressing once shows the group "B" screen which is the side scan full screen. return sonarscreen, simply pressthe SONAR key. Every one of the group screens key while group "A" • example, MENU press...

  • Page 15

    This menu lets select the route number, name waypoints used route. Route Name name route, press assign the list of routes. When the desired route number label move through the window the top appears in until black moves "NAME" position. Now press "CHANGE"...

  • Page 16: Sonar Operation, Automatic

    To change the RANGE key. range, press of the bottom up or down display. of the side scan modefrom ten sixtyfeet. you've changed range and key to erasethe CLEAR press Group "L" as shown right group "U" also use the side scan displays along with other...

  • Page 17

    keys on both sides screen enterthewaypoint name. name example, waypoint "COVE 1", press until key repeatedly letter "C" appears in the window. Next, press right move black arrow next letter position. press "3" key repeat- "0" until appears on edly screen.

  • Page 18

    RANGE Manual The UltraNav II gives control over mode. To change the first make certain range, mode. Next, RANGE pressthe key. The range adjustment...

  • Page 19

    Saving Present Position as a Waypoint Save (Quick Feature) • UltraNav lets saveyour present position This "Quick Save" feature lets key press. • • wreck other locations. To save your present position • QU ICKSAVE key. UltraNav available first waypont number •...

  • Page 20

    PAGE MENU CHART SPEED rate echoes scroll across the screen is called chart it's speed. by first adjustable menu key, then pressing the key pressing adjacent to CHART "ADJUST SPEED" label. The chart speed menu appears at the bottom screen. Increase chart speed by pressing...

  • Page 21: Fish I.d

    PLOTTER UPDATE yourtrack plottershows asolid line behindyour drawing The track present position. once every updated instantly when the unit is turned on the tirsttime. However, you're distance, travelling long track line end prematurely to the limited number of dots that available plotthetrack.

  • Page 22: Display Contrast, The Key

    turtles, submerged floats, bubbles, from outwards isthe group limbs distinguishfromfish. maysee there are no actually, fish. Practice become more familiar with the Fish I.D. feature. ToturntheFishj.D.featureon pressthemenukey,thenpress the key the 'Turn adjacent On" Fish-ID label. Echoes will continue scroll across the screen, however, surface clutter...

  • Page 23: Sonar Alarms, The Clear, The Key

    All of the navigation displays This location you marked. plotter displays. CHANGE DISPLAY The four on the left digital displays customized will. When changed after it's the four digital displays are Distance preset, Over Ground (SOG), Bearing Ground (COG). available displays windows are: Distance To...

  • Page 24: Zone Alarm

    ZONE ALARM zone alarm consists HE4LARM bar that appears on the right of the side screen. echo that appears on screen between and bottom the zone bar will alarm's "trip" the zone alarm. Note:Thezone alarm isn'tavail- able the Windows mode. URhZuNEALMQH To set zone alarm, press...

  • Page 25: Depth Alarms

    PLOTFING WITH WAYPOINT Usingthe plotterwith arecalled route an easy waypoint see the effects wind • andcurrentonyourboat. Italso • simplifies navigation. To use • this first plotter manner, recall awaypoint orstart route. sec- (See Recall • Waypoint tionfor more information.) Then •...

  • Page 26

    ]USE After you've entered sired alarm depth, press the key next "ACCEPT" bel. This enters the alarm depth ihto memory and automatically turns theshallowalarmon. key next to the press "AC- CEPT' label. screen shown right ap- next. The shallow alarm pears set.

  • Page 27: Adjust Back Light Level, Speaker Volume, The Clear, The Key

    In this example, changed the Bearing display (Distance pressing the up arrow key twice. change another digital the left or right ar- play, press label in next key. display box changes as digital arrow key. Again, press down arrow key press change display.

  • Page 28

    DIGITAL BOX OFF" label. Repeat DIGITAL BOX CONSTRUCT UltraNav Plus display ture, and distance upper UltraNav II is firstturned Plus on, Onlythe depth each display on digital desired To select the menu, first digital displays Next, press...

  • Page 29: Menu-page3, Chart Cursor, The Key

    the bottom of screen are that Displays. Please note Error Cross Track displays. STEERING SCREEN steering screen shows This is called a Course Deviation Indicator travelled. To Go Over Distance (DTG), Speed (BRG), and Course Over Ground (COG). Your position is shown present arrow.

  • Page 30: Display Zone Bar, Digital Sonar

    menu then page appears, press BAR" label. Note: zoom on also turns Turning DISPLAY ZONE When the zone alarm is on, zone bardoesn't normallyshow screen. To turn the zone baron first continuously, press MENU until menu page appears. press to the key next "DISPLAY ZONE...

  • Page 31: Fastrak, Select Units Of Measure, The Key

    time local and possibly does, your method shown above settings. Oncethis internal done, when the unit is The GPS system turned off. unit locked satellites. POSITION/NAVIGATION DISPLAYS has a UltraNav position screen, navigation screen, plotter, steering indicator, and satellite information screen. These displays the most show important data.

  • Page 32: Clear Distance Log, Menu, Adjust Chart Surface Clarity, To The "gps, The Key

    on each line shows unit measure the units of shown below, measure degrees Fahrenheit, and both speed and Press the key the unit that adjacent press the key next DEPTH label two This meters. the black boxtwo moves you have the units of set as measure "EXIT"...

  • Page 33: Menu

    If you have high noise are having trouble interference source high setting. off. they are processed times. Then press label until desired number of press the Menu key, EAGLE 1992 —— U2.5B...

  • Page 34: Adjust Keel Offset

    MENU PAGE ADJUST KEEL OFFSET keel offset feature lets you compensateforthetransducers Since location. this sonar unit the water measures depth from the face transducer, there can be significant difference w:flpth between actual unit. For example, suppose you mount a bolt-thru-hull transducer launch the boat you find that this location places belowthe...

  • Page 35

    The EAGLE EGP-1 Module This GPS receiver is currently used in all Eagle fast. The rugged, and five channel design lets five and acquire up at onetime. It sends satellites to the UltraNav once every second.

  • Page 36: Fish Arches

    This shaped beam, looks much like the • the outside between the cone is edges offers choice transducers Eagle transducer with the angle. supplied angle. Typically, wide cone angle transducers shallow medium water operating see more of the allows underwater...

  • Page 37: Back Light On/off


  • Page 38

    For from 45 example, better screen resolution will UltraNav II is with Zoom feature. This easier detail. making as high as without possible getting medium to deep this water,...

  • Page 39

    PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor SURFACE LAYER ABSORBS HEAT THERMOCUNE MOST ZONE FOR VARIES IN DUE TO CURRENTS, detectthis layerinthewater, butthe invisible UltraNav probably have be turned will FROM EPILIPQ1NION PRODUCTIVE FISHING DEPTH WIND, sensitivity...

  • Page 40

    IMPORTANT TROUBLESHOOTING your unit working, following troubleshooting section before contacting service It may save you department. Unit won't turn on: 1. Check the power cable's connection Make certain cable is wired power to the positive battery terminal, black 3. Check the fuse.

  • Page 41

    tfram '—r FISH 46.1 DEPTH "H" GROUP •:)DrflI(eI I,i,piiAni,i Iou,, Au,, 0.15 HH:MM:SS OO01O 0.14 "J" GROUP "L" GROUP GROUP "N" PDF compression, OCR, web-optimization with CVISION's PdfCompressor DtB1fl :n'vui "I" GROUP s:s'a I JOLTS 15.4 "K" GROUP S1MI •:R4'I:IU 11*1 .i,,,,,,, I,,.,, 6 A ,,,,,,I sun6'..,,, Ii,,,,,...

  • Page 42

    NOIISE major cause sonar problems on the sonar's display random can completely cover the screen operate erraticly, all. eliminate minimize effects cause. With the boat rest is turn all electrical equipment on the also. Turn your off, UltraNay on, then turn off ASP Processing).

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