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6X CD-ROM Drive


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  • Page 2 In no event will Epson be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use this product or documentation, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In particular, the vendor shall not have liability for any hardware, software, or data stored or used with the product, including the costs of the repairing, replacing, or recovering such hardware, software, or data.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    USER’S MANUAL FOR CMD-2260 6X ATA/IDE CD-ROM DRIVE UNIT TABLE OF CONTENTS Laser Safety Information Handling Precautions Drive Parts and Functions Hardware Installation Software Installation Device Driver Installation MSCDEX.EXE Installation Additional Installation Instructions Product Features Technical Support ® Windows ‘95 Installation Notes Technical Support Options ATA/IDE Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 4: Laser Safety Information

    LASER SAFETY INFORMATION Class 1 LASER Product This equipment is certified to comply with DHHS Rule 21 CFR Chapter 1, Subchapter J in effect as of date of manufacture. Caution: Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  • Page 5: Handling Precautions

    HANDLING PRECAUTIONS DISC HANDLING Hold the disc by the edges. Do not touch the surface of the disc, especially the bottom of the disc. To remove dust or finger prints, use a clean soft dry cloth. Do not use thinners or cleaners on the disc. Do not write with a hard tip pen on the surface.
  • Page 6: Drive Parts And Functions

    DRIVE PARTS AND FUNCTIONS FRONT PANEL 1. HEAD PHONE JACK Connects headphone, use 3.5mm stereo mini plug. 2. VOLUME Adjust audio output level. 3. BUSY INDICATOR Power on and drive ready/busy indicator. 4. DISC TRAY Accepts a CD-ROM disc. 5. REVERSE SELECT - Audio CD Function Only Manually steps backwards for track selection 6.
  • Page 7 REAR PANEL 1. AUDIO OUT CONNECTOR Standard card connector pins 2. INTERFACE MODE SELECTOR A. CSEL (Cable Select) B. SLAVE (Factory Default) C. MASTER 3. 40 PIN IDE INTERFACE CONNECTOR Interface to connect to host computer 4. DC (IN) CONNECTOR ATA/IDE Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 8: Hardware Installation

    HARDWARE INSTALLATION SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS You need the following equipment to install your CD-ROM Drive: IDE compatible sound card or IDE interface card IBM PC/AT or compatible 3.5” or 5.25” floppy drive MS-DOS 6.0 or higher HARDWARE INSTALLATION Before installing the drive, be sure that you have turned off the computer, and the power cord is disconnected from the wall socket.
  • Page 9 5. Connect the 40-pin drive interface and sound cable at the rear of the CD-ROM drive. To prevent an incorrect connection and possible system damage, place Pin 1 of the cable connector (red colored edge of the cable) to Pin 1 on the ATAPI drive connector. Do not force the cable and the connector. 6.
  • Page 10: Software Installation

    SOFTWARE INSTALLATION 1. Insert the installation disk into Drive A or Drive B. (Not required for Windows ‘95 installations - see page 20). 2. At the DOS prompt, type the drive letter where the disk is inserted, followed by a colon. Press ENTER 3.
  • Page 11 6. The defaults provided by the program are: Primary Primary/Secondary: Master/Slave: Slave Assigned Drive Letter: Next Available Drive ** 12 ** Memory Buffer Size Verbose Mode: On ** These settings are utilized by the MSCDEX.EXE program. Complete documentation is available in your MS-DOS manual.
  • Page 12 8. Your computer MUST now be rebooted for all changes to become effective. ATA/IDE Owner’s Manual...
  • Page 13: Device Driver Installation

    DEVICE DRIVER INSTALLATION The Device Driver, EPSON. SYS, is described below. DEVICE=[drive:\][path\]EPSON.SYS /D:device-name /M: /P: /I: /V For example: DEVICE=C:\EPCDROM/EPSON.SYS /D:EPSON00l /M:S /P: 1F0s /I:14 /V [drive:\][path\] specifies the drive and the path name in use. /D: Specifies the device name that will be used in conjunction with the MSCDEX.EXE tile, so that the MSCDEX.EXE tile can find and communicate with the Device Driver.
  • Page 14: Mscdex.exe Installation

    MSCDEX.EXE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MSCDEX.EXE must be included in the AUTOEXEC.BAT tile. The MSCDEX.EXE will be invoked each time the system boots up. The syntax is as follows: C: \ <path> \MSCDEX.EXE / D:<device name. /L:<drive letter>/M:<buffersize> Example: C:DOS\MSCDEX.EXE /D:EPSON00l /M: 12 Path-filename The path where the MSCDEX.EXE tile is located.
  • Page 15: Additional Installation Instructions

    Installing A IDE Controller Card With A Primary and Secondary Port If you are connecting the Epson CD-ROM to the secondary port of the controller card, the drive must be configured to be a master drive. When you are using the master drive configuration, it is suggested that you also use IRQ 15.
  • Page 16: Product Features

    PRODUCT FEATURES CMD-2260 CMD-2240 SPECIFICATIONS CD-ROM DRIVE CD-ROM DRIVE Disc CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-DA, CD-I; CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-DA, CD-I; Applicable Disc CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Form 1 &2 CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Form 1 &2 12cm, 8cm 12cm, 8cm Disc Diameter Performance 900KB/sec...
  • Page 17: Technical Support

    Technical Support TROUBLESHOOTING Check the table below for common problems and solutions. PROBLEM CORRECTIVE ACTION When you play a CD there is There are several probable causes no image on the screen. for this problem. The disc might be an audio CD with no screen images.
  • Page 18: Technical Support Options

    The following Technical Support options are available if you have questions or concerns: Call Epson Technical Support at 800-922-8911 On CompuServe, GO EPSON or contact us directly at 76004,1432 Using Test Directory Contained On Installation Disk The test directory contained on your installation disk is for use as directed by technical support. These programs provide information that will enable you to receive a quick solution to many common technical support problems.

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