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Haier SC-970 Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Vertical display and storage one and two door vertical chillers


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Vertical Display and Storage
One and Two Door Vertical Chillers



Summary of Contents for Haier SC-970

  • Page 1 Vertical Display and Storage SC-650/970 One and Two Door Vertical Chillers...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE O F C O NT EN TS INSTALLATION Safety Information ....... . . 3 Positioning the Cabinet .
  • Page 3: Installation

    MAINTENANCE INSTALLATION 3. 2 Cleaning 1.1 Safety Information When necessary, wipe both the interior and exterior of the cabinet When using any electrical appliance, safety precautions should with a damp cloth. Ensure the cabinet is disconnected from the always be observed. Read these instructions carefully and retain for mains power supply before cleaning the cabinet.
  • Page 4: Positioning The Cabinet

    MAINTENANCE 1.2 Positioning the Cabinet Sign Light The SC-970 sign unit is fitted with a 21 Watt T5 fluorescent tube Installation Guidelines (Ø16mm x 850mm). The SC-650 sign unit is fitted with a 14 Watt When positioning the cabinet, adequate clearance must be T5 fluorescent tube (Ø16mm x 550mm).To replace the fluorescent...
  • Page 5: Fitting The Sign Unit

    INSTALLATION MAINTENANCE 1.3 Fitting the Sign Unit 3. 1 Lighting For transit purposes the sign unit and sign side panels are packed Cabinet Interior lights inside the cabinet. To fit the sign unit assembly to the top of the Depending on the model cabinet, the chiller has either one or two cabinet: interior side lights.
  • Page 6: Fitting The Shelves

    INSTALLATION OPERATION 1.4 Fitting the Shelves 2. 1 Cabinet Operation The chiller is supplied with five cabinet shelves, which may be Connect the cabinet to the mains power supply and check operation positioned at different heights to suit various products. Depending of the refrigeration unit and cabinet lighting.

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