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Sony KDL-26M4000/R - Bravia M Series Lcd Television Important Safety Instructions

Safety and regulatory booklet
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Safety and Regulatory Booklet
Read and understand the contents of this booklet before
operating your new TV.
Feuillet de consignes d'utilisation
et de sécurité
Veuillez lire et vous assurer de comprendre le contenu de ce
feuillet avant d'utiliser votre nouveau téléviseur.
Folleto de instrucciones de
Lea y entienda el contenido de este folleto antes de operar su
nuevo televisor.
© 2008 Sony Corporation
Printed in U.S.A.
To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do
not expose this TV to rain or moisture.
☐ The TV must never be exposed to dripping,
splashing, or spilling liquids of any kind.
☐ Do not place liquid filled objects such as a
vase or potted plant on the TV.
☐ Do not use a power line
operated TV set near water;
for example, near a bathtub,
This symbol is intended to alert
washbowl, kitchen sink,
the user to the presence of
laundry tub, wet basement or
uninsulated "dangerous voltage"
near a swimming pool, etc.
within the TV's enclosure that
may be of sufficient magnitude
to constitute a risk of electric
When cleaning, be sure to unplug the power
shock to persons.
cord to avoid any chance of electric shock.
☐ Clean the cabinet of the TV
This symbol is intended to alert
with a dry soft cloth.
the user to the presence of
☐ Wipe the LCD screen gently with a soft
important operating and
maintenance (servicing)
☐ Stubborn stains may be removed with a
instructions in the literature
cloth slightly moistened with a solution of
accompanying the TV.
mild soap and warm water.
☐ If using a chemically pretreated cloth,
Outdoor Antenna Grounding
please follow the instruction provided on
the package.
☐ Never use strong solvents such as a
Antenna lead-in wire
thinner, alcohol or benzine for cleaning.
Ground clamps
☐ Periodic vacuuming of the ventilation
Antenna discharge
openings is recommended to ensure to
proper ventilation.
(NEC Section 810-20)
Electrical service
Grounding conductors
(NEC section 810-21)
The ventilation openings in the TV are
Ground clamps
necessary to ensure reliable operation of the
Power service grounding
NEC: National Electrical
electrode system
TV and to protect it from overheating.
(NEC Art 250 Part H)
☐ Do not block or cover the
ventilation openings with
cloth or other materials.
☐ Never place the TV on a bed,
sofa, rug or other similar
surface where ventilation
openings may be blocked.
☐ Unless proper ventilation is provided, the
TV may accumulate dust and cause
☐ Never allow liquid or solid
objects to fall into the ventila-
tion openings.

Important Safety Instructions

1) R ead these instructions.
10) P rotect the power cord
from being walked on or
2) Keep these instructions.
pinched particularly at
3) Heed all warnings.
plugs, convenience
receptacles, and the point
4) F ollow all instructions.
where they exit from the
5) D o not use this apparatus
near water.
11) O nly use attachments/
accessories specified by the
12) U se only with the cart,
stand, tripod, bracket, or
table specified by the
manufacturer, or sold with
the apparatus. When a cart
6) C lean only with dry cloth.
is used, use caution when
moving the cart/apparatus
combination to avoid
7) D o not block any
injury from tip-over.
ventilation openings. Install
13) U nplug this apparatus
in accordance with the
during lightning storms or
manufacturer's instructions.
when unused for long
periods of time.
14) R efer all servicing to
qualified service personnel.
8) D o not install near any heat
Servicing is required when
sources such as radiators,
the apparatus has been
heat registers, stoves, or
damaged in any way, such
other apparatus (including
as power-supply cord or
amplifiers) that produce
plug is damaged, liquid has
been spilled or objects have
9) D o not defeat the safety
fallen into the apparatus,
purpose of the polarized or
the apparatus has been
grounding-type plug. A
exposed to rain or
polarized plug has two
moisture, does not operate
blades with one wider than
normally, or has been
the other. A grounding type
plug has two blades and a
third grounding prong.
The wide blade or the
Please observe the Additional Safety DOs and
third prong are provided
DON'Ts to avoid electrical shock, short-circuit,
for your safety. If the
fire, bodily injury or property damage.
provided plug does not fit
into your outlet, consult an
electrician for replacement
of the obsolete outlet.
☐ If any liquid or solid object falls inside the
Prevent the TV from toppling over
TV, unplug the TV immediately and have it
Take measures to prevent the TV from
checked by qualified service personnel before
toppling over and causing injury or
operating it further.
damage to the TV and property.
☐ Never push objects of any kind into the TV
☐ Secure the TV to a wall and/or stand.
through the ventilation openings as they may
☐ Never install the TV on unstable and/or
come in contact with dangerous voltage
uneven surfaces.
points or short out parts that could result in a
☐ Do not allow children to climb on or play
fire or an electric shock.
with furniture and TV sets.
☐ Do not install the TV on furniture that can
Allow adequate space around the TV set to
easily be used as steps, such as a chest of
ensure proper air circulation.
☐ Never place the TV in a confined
☐ Care should be taken to install the TV where
space, such as a bookcase or
it cannot be pushed, pulled over, or knocked
built-in cabinet, unless proper
ventilation is provided.
☐ Care should be taken to route all AC power
☐ There should be a clearance of at least 11 7/8
cords and connecting cables so that they
inches (30 cm) above the TV set and 4 inches
cannot be pulled or grabbed by curious
(10 cm) on each side. If mounted on the wall,
allow at least 4 inches (10 cm) of clearance at
the bottom of the screen. (See additional
Medical institutions
information provided in the Operating
Do not place this TV in a place
Instructions manual.)
where medical equipment is in use.
It may cause a medical equipment
The TV should be installed near an easily
Outdoor use
accessible AC power outlet.
Do not install this TV outdoors. The TV should
☐ Do not install the TV face up or down,
not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight in
upside down or on its side.
order to avoid damage and possible fire or
☐ Do not install the TV in hot, oily, humid, or
electric shock.
excessively dusty places.
Do not install this TV in a vehicle, ship
☐ Do not install the TV in places
subject to extreme temperature,
or other vessel
such as in direct sunlight, near a
☐ Excessive bumping motion of a
radiator or a heating vent. The
moving vehicle or continuous
TV may overheat in such condi-
swaying motion on a boat may
tions which can cause deformation
cause the TV to fall down and
of the enclosure and/or TV
cause injury.
☐ Exposing the TV to seawater
☐ Do not install the TV in a place
may cause a fire, electric shock
exposed to direct air condition-
or damage to your TV.
ing; moisture may condense
Magnetic influence
inside and may cause TV malfunction.
☐ This TV contains a strong magnet in the
☐ Do not install the TV where it may be
speaker unit that generates a magnetic field.
exposed to mechanical vibration.
Keep any items susceptible to magnetic fields
☐ Do not install the TV where insects may enter.
away from the speaker.
☐ Do not install the TV in a location where it
☐ Electro-magnetic radiation emitted from
may protrude, such as on or behind a pillar,
optional equipment installed too close to the
or any place you might bump your head or
TV may cause picture distortion and/or noisy
receive bodily injury.
☐ To prevent fire keep flammable objects or
open flame (e.g. candles) away from the TV.
☐ Do not place optional equipment on top of
the TV.
Consignes de sécurité importantes
1) L isez les directives suivantes.
10) N e placez pas le cordon
d'alimentation dans des
2) Conservez ces directives.
endroits passants et assurez-
3) O bservez et respectez tous les
vous qu'il ne peut pas être
pincé, surtout au niveau des
fiches, de la prise de courant
4) S uivez toutes les directives.
et à l' e ndroit où il sort de
5) N 'utilisez pas cet appareil
près de l' e au.
11) U tilisez uniquement les
éléments de raccordement et
les accessoires recommandés
par le fabricant.
12) U tilisez l'appareil uniquement
avec le chariot, le trépied, le
6) N ettoyez cet appareil
support ou la table
uniquement avec un
recommandés par le fabricant
chiffon sec.
ou achetés avec l'appareil.
Lorsque vous utilisez un
chariot, prenez des
7) N e bouchez pas les fentes de
précautions en déplaçant le
ventilation. Respectez les
chariot et l'appareil afin de ne
directives du fabricant pour
pas les renverser, ce qui
l'installation de l'appareil.
pourrait entraîner des
13) D ébranchez cet appareil en
cas d' o rage ou lorsque vous
8) N 'installez pas l'appareil à
ne l'utilisez pas pendant de
proximité d'une source de
longues périodes.
chaleur telle qu'un radiateur,
une bouche d'air chaud, une
14) P our toute réparation,
cuisinière ou tout autre
adressez-vous à un réparateur
appareil (y compris des
qualifié. Faites réparer
amplificateurs) émettant de
l'appareil s'il a été endommagé
la chaleur.
de quelque manière que ce
soit, par exemple si le cordon
9) N e désactivez pas le
d'alimentation ou sa fiche
dispositif de sécurité
sont endommagés, si du
appliqué à la fiche
liquide ou tout autre corps
polarisée ou à la fiche
étranger a pénétré dans
avec mise à la terre. Une
l'appareil, si l'appareil a été
fiche polarisée est équipée de
exposé à la pluie ou à
deux lames dont l'une est
l'humidité, s'il ne fonctionne
plus large que l'autre. Une
pas normalement ou s'il est
fiche avec mise à la terre
est équipée de deux lames
et une broche destinée à la
Veuillez respecter les consignes de sécurité
mise à la terre. La lame la
supplémentaires pour éviter les risques
plus large et la troisième
d'électrocution, de court-circuit, d'incendie, de
broche sont des dispositifs de
blessure et de dommages à la propriété.
sécurité. Si vous ne réussissez
Reportez-vous au verso
pas à brancher la fiche
fournie dans la prise de courant, consultez
pour plus d'information.
un électricien et faites remplacer la prise
par une neuve.
Additional Safety DOs and DON'Ts
Wall-mount use
☐ Do not move the TV with the AC power cord
(or other cables such as audio and video)
☐ Wall-mount installation
requires the use of a
Wall-Mount Bracket. When
☐ Use only an original Sony AC power cord
installing or removing the TV and the
with your TV; no brand substitution is
Wall-Mount Bracket, be sure to use qualified
☐ Do not use AC power cord supplied with the
contractors. If not properly secured during
TV with any other equipment.
installation or removal from the Wall-Mount
☐ Never use a damaged AC power
Bracket, the TV may fall and cause serious
cord. A damaged AC power cord
☐ Be sure to follow the installation guide
can cause a short-circuit, which
supplied with the Wall-Mount Bracket when
may result in a fire or electric
installing the TV.
☐ Be sure to attach the brackets with the
Do not use a damaged or poorly
specified parts supplied with the Wall-Mount
fitting AC power outlet as your TV's
power source.
☐ Do not hang the TV from the ceiling. It may
☐ Insert the plug fully into the outlet.
fall and cause serious injury.
If it is loose, it may cause arcing and
☐ Do not hang anything on the TV.
result in a fire.
☐ Do not allow children to climb on
☐ Do not overload the same AC
the TV.
power outlet.
Unplugging the AC power cord from the wall
☐ Do not touch the AC power cord
outlet will completely remove power from the
and its plug with wet hands as it
may cause electric shock.
☐ During lightning storms or
☐ When disconnecting the AC
when the TV is left unattended
power cord, grasp the plug and
and unused for extended
disconnect from the wall outlet
periods of time, the AC power
first. Do not pull by the cord.
cord should be unplugged
☐ Keep the power cord away from heat sources.
from the wall outlet. This will
avoid possible damage to your
A TV set with a three-wire grounding type AC
TV. Also unplug the antenna
power cord plug must be connected to an AC
to prevent damage to the TV.
power outlet with a protective earthing
☐ For energy conservation and safety reasons,
☐ Do not convert or damage the AC power
practice unplugging the AC power cord from
the AC power outlet.
☐ Consult your electrician to have the outlet
Clean the AC power plug
changed to suit your TV.
Unplug the AC power plug and
clean it occasionally to avoid
Subjecting the AC power cord to wear and/or
dust from accumulating. While
abuse can damage the AC power cord and your
cleaning, look for signs of damage. A damaged
AC power cord should never be used.
☐ Do not place the TV where the power cord
can be easily pinched, bent, twisted, or catch
your feet.
Keep small accessories out of children's reach.
Use only the specified accessories with this TV.
Volume Adjustment
☐ When using headphones, adjust
the volume to avoid excessive
☐ Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over
audio levels from causing
the cord.
possible hearing loss.
☐ Before connecting cables, be sure to unplug
the AC power cord for your safety.
Instrucciones importantes de seguridad
1) L ea estas instrucciones.
10) P ara proteger el cable de
alimentación, aléjelo de
2) Guarde estas instrucciones.
lugares de paso o donde
3) R espete todas las advertencias.
pueda ser aplastado,
especialmente en la punta de
4) S iga todas las instrucciones.
los enchufes, los
5) N o utilice este aparato
tomacorrientes o el punto
cerca del agua.
donde el cable sale del aparato.
11) U tilice únicamente los
complementos o accesorios
especificados por el
12) U tilícelo únicamente con el
carro, pedestal, trípode,
6) L ímpielo únicamente
abrazadera o mesa
con un paño seco.
especificados por el
fabricante o vendidos con el
aparato. Si utiliza un carro,
7) N o bloquee los orificios de
tenga cuidado al moverlo
ventilación. Instale el
junto con el aparato para
aparato según las
evitar lesiones en el caso de
instrucciones del fabricante.
una caída.
13) D esenchufe el aparato
8) N o lo instale cerca de
durante tormentas
fuentes de calor como
eléctricas o cuando no se
radiadores, calefactores,
utilice durante períodos
hornos u otros aparatos
de tiempo prolongados.
(incluidos los
14) S olicite servicio técnico
amplificadores) que generen
únicamente a personal de
servicio técnico especializado.
9) R espete la finalidad de
Será necesario solicitar servicio
seguridad del enchufe
técnico si el aparato ha sufrido
polarizado o de tipo
daños como, por ejemplo, si el
conexión a tierra. Un
cable de alimentación o el
enchufe polarizado presenta
enchufe están dañados, se ha
dos contactos, uno más
vertido líquido o se ha caído
ancho que el otro. Un
algún objeto dentro del aparato,
enchufe de tipo conexión a
o bien si dicho aparato ha sido
tierra dispone de dos
expuesto a la lluvia o a
contactos y una tercera
humedad, no funciona
clavija de conexión a tierra.
correctamente o se ha caído.
El contacto ancho o la
Tenga en cuenta las advertencias de
tercera clavija se
seguridad adicionales para evitar descargas
suministra para su
eléctricas, cortocircuitos, incendios, lesiones
seguridad. Si el enchufe
corporales o daños materiales.
suministrado no encaja en la
toma de corriente, póngase
en contacto con un
Consulte el reverso para
electricista para el reemplazo
del tomacorriente que quedó
obtener más información.
Broken screen panel
Your remote control batteries are consumables.
Do not throw anything at the
☐ To preserve our environment, dispose of
TV as the impact can cause
used batteries according to your local laws
the LCD screen glass to
or regulations.
crack, break or scatter.
☐ If damage occurs to the
☐ Do not dispose of batteries in a fire.
LCD panel, small traces of liquid crystal
☐ Do not short-circuit, disassemble or
overheat the batteries.
sandwiched between the glass may be
☐ Replace only with the same or equivalent
found on scattered broken glass.
type of batteries. Using incorrect replace-
☐ Do not touch the broken glass with bare
ment batteries can lead to an explosion.
hands. As with any broken glass pieces,
avoid skin contact and exposure to your
eyes or mouth. Avoid direct contact with
liquid or damp surfaces of the glass as
☐ Although the LCD screen is made with
these may have an adverse effect on some
high-precision technology and has
effective pixels of 99.99% or more, black
people. The contacted area should be
dots or bright points of light (red, blue, or
rinsed thoroughly with water. If conditions
green) may appear constantly on the LCD
persist, see your doctor.
screen. This is a structural property of the
☐ If the surface of the TV cracks, do not
LCD panel and is not a malfunction.
touch the TV until you have unplugged the
☐ The LCD screen is made with high-preci-
AC power cord. Otherwise electric shock
sion technology and to achieve a high level
may result.
of performance and picture quality, this
TV's backlight setting is set to maximize
the brightness of the TV. However, uneven
Do not use the TV if you
brightness may be observed when the LCD
suspect the TV is damaged or
TV is viewed in a dark ambient without an
if the TV is damaged.
input source or with a blank screen. This
☐ Do not attempt to service
condition is normal and not a malfunction
the TV yourself since
of the TV. Changing the Picture mode,
opening the cabinet may
expose you to dangerous
Backlight setting, enabling the Light
voltage levels or other
Sensor, or turning on the Power
Management will improve this condition.
hazards. Refer all servicing to qualified
☐ To avoid damaging the LCD panel, do not
service personnel.
expose the LCD screen to direct sunlight.
☐ If replacement parts are
☐ Do not push or scratch the LCD screen, or
required, acquire a written
place objects on top of the TV. The images
certification from the service
may be uneven or the LCD panel may be
technician which states that
adequate replacement parts
with the same or similar characteristics as
☐ If the TV is used in a cold place, the
picture may smear or become dark. This
the original parts have been used.
does not indicate a failure. These phenom-
Unauthorized substitutions may result in a
ena improve as the temperature rises.
fire, an electric shock or other hazards.
☐ Ghosting may occur when still pictures are
Safety check
displayed continuously. It should disappear
☐ Upon completion of any TV
after a few moments.
servicing or repair, ask the
☐ The LCD screen and enclosure get warm
service technician to perform
when the TV is in use. This is not a
routine safety checks as
specified by Sony and to
☐ Avoid spraying insect repellent with
certify that the TV is safe to operate. Have
volatile material on the LCD screen.
a qualified service technician dispose of
☐ Avoid prolonged contact with rubber or
the TV if it is not safe to operate.
plastic material to the LCD screen.



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  Summary of Contents for Sony KDL-26M4000/R - Bravia M Series Lcd Television

  • Page 1: Important Safety Instructions

    Veuillez respecter les consignes de sécurité eléctricas, cortocircuitos, incendios, lesiones 3-299-071-01(1) electrician for replacement seguridad. Si el enchufe mise à la terre. La lame la supplémentaires pour éviter les risques corporales o daños materiales. © 2008 Sony Corporation of the obsolete outlet. suministrado no encaja en la plus large et la troisième d'électrocution, de court-circuit, d'incendie, de toma de corriente, póngase broche sont des dispositifs de blessure et de dommages à la propriété.
  • Page 2 Prévenez le basculement du téléviseur Installation au mur ☐ Utilisez uniquement un cordon d’alimentation CA PILES Écran endommagé RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Afin de réduire les risques d’incendie et d’ é lectro- téléviseur, débranchez-le immédiatement et faites- Prenez les mesures nécessaires afin d’ é viter ☐ L’installation au mur nécessite Sony d’ o rigine pour votre téléviseur; aucune autre Ne jetez rien en direction de l’ é cran, DO NOT OPEN Les piles de la télécommande sont des produits cution, n’ e xposez pas ce téléviseur à la pluie ou à le vérifier par un technicien qualifié avant de le marque ne convient. ATTENTION que le téléviseur ne bascule, ce qui pourrait l’utilisation d’un support de fixation consommables.