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Basic Operation; Playback From An Sd Card; Selecting Fi Les And Folders (Choosing Movies And Photos) - JVC CU-VS100 - Digital AV Player Instructions Manual

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Basic Operation

You can play video shot on an Everio.
Turn the player on by pressing power (
• The power lamp lights green and start-up screen appears
on the TV screen.
Insert an SD card into the SD card slot.
• After a few seconds, the content menu appears on the TV
SD card slot A
• Push the card in until you hear a click.
• To remove the SD card, push it in again.
Use ▲/▼/◀/▶ to select a fi le and then press ENTER.
And playback begins!
Selecting fi les and folders (choosing movies and photos)
SD cards containing content shot on a JVC Everio appear as
folders, as shown in the fi gure on page 12.
The names of the folders currently in the folder appear in the
folder list of the content menu.
Files currently in the folder appear in the fi le list.
Using the folder list
Folders inside the selected folder are displayed in the order
that they are recorded on the SD card.
■ To view the fi les in the selected folder, simply select the
folder you want to look at, then press ENTER.

Playback from an SD card

■ To stop playback
press STOP.
■ A range of playback options are available using fast-forward, reverse,
skip, slow, pause and single frame step.(P.5)
■ To view photos
Press ◀/▲ buttons on the remote control to select the UP folder icon
and then select the DCIM folder.
■ To move up one level.
Select the UP folder icon (
■ To move to the fi le list.
Move the cursor by pressing the ▶.
■ If you press DISPLAY when the AVCHD format contents
folder, SD-VIDEO format contents folder, or the DCIM folder
is displayed, you can move to each folder.
Selecting fi les
Select fi les using ▲/▼/◀/▶.
■ When selecting the folder that appears at the very top of
the folder list, press ▲ and the fi le at the very bottom of the
fi le list will be selected. However, when no content can be
displayed on the fi le list, the folder at the very bottom of the
folder list will be selected.
Content Manager
17 Jun 2009 11:13
Slot A
17 June 2009 11:30
) and press ENTER.
(TV start-up screen)
(TV content menu screen)
00 : 00 : 00


Table of Contents

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