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Before You Begin

"Dear RCA Customer,
Thank you for purchasing the RCA Digital Audio Player. This product will play open
mp3 and Windows Media™ audio (WMA) content as well as content purchased from
most online music download services.
After purchasing and downloading music to your PC, you are now ready to move
content to your player. To transfer the music, you must use Windows Media Player or
the application recommended by the online music download service.
(Note: Services and applications must be Windows Media audio-compliant and
support Digital Rights Management.)"

Unpacking your unit

When you unpack your new player, be
sure you have removed all the accessories
and documentation. The items below
should have been packed in the box with
your player.
• RCA player
• Music Management CD
• USB connection cable
• Clip Earphones
• Neck Strap
• Armband
• Carrying case
• Belt clip
What's so special about this
mp3 player?
This player is meant to play mp3 and
Windows Media
audio files.
To do so, you need the use of a Windows
computer with a USB port , USB extension
cable (included) and music management
Computer system
• Pentium III 500MHz or higher
Macintosh iMac G3 or higher
• Windows ®98SE, Me, 2000 (SP3 or
higher), or XP
Mac OS X Version 10.1.5 or higher
• Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher
• Internet access
• 100MB free hard disk space for the
• 64MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
• CD-ROM drive capable of digital audio
• USB port (2.0 recommended)
• Sound card


Table of Contents

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