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    Trip 1 & Trip ™ ™ Owner’s Manual. ENGLISH...

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    Your Trip computer may not include all of the features discussed in this manual. This manual covers Trip 1 and 4W models. Please read this manual carefully. If you do not understand the information, or you have a question that this manual does not cover, consult your Authorized Bontrager Dealer or visit

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    Safety When Riding When riding your bicycle, do not stare at the computer for a long time (Figure 1). Failure to pay attention to the road ahead of you, obstacles, and traffic could result in a loss of control, serious injury, or death. Stay alert! Make sure the computer wire cannot contact the tire, rim, or spokes.

  • Page 4: Abbreviations And Screen Terms

    Display Elements and Abbreviations The Trip 4W can be used on two bicycles with different wheel sizes while still calculating data correctly for each wheel size. You must first set the wheel sizes and choose the appropriate bike setting before riding. Trip Data (can be reset to 0 without WHEEL SELECTION SPEED...

  • Page 5: Install The Battery, To Set The Units

    Easy Setup This procedure programs your Trip cycle computer for the first time or after a Reset. Install the Battery To prolong the life of the battery, it is not installed at the factory. (See Figures 9 and 10 at the end of the manual for further help installing the battery.) To Set the Units You can program the wheel size, units, and time with just two buttons (Figure 2).

  • Page 6: To Set The Clock

    To Set the Clock Scroll to Clock (CLK). Hold for two seconds. To change between 12 or 24 hour clock, press (for 2 seconds) To select, press To change the hour, scroll To select, press To change the minutes, scroll To select, press...

  • Page 7: Automatic Sleep Mode, To Remove From Base

    Additional Information & Features Automatic Sleep Mode If the Trip’s sensors do not send a signal to the computer head for 10 minutes, the Trip switches to Sleep Mode to prolong battery life (Figure 3). Figure 3. Display in Sleep Mode. To Remove the Computer from the Computer Base Press firmly on the computer (not on the base) in a rearward direction (Figure 4).

  • Page 8: Trip Restart

    Trip Restart (Set the Trip Data to Zero) Trip Restart resets the following Trip data to zero: • Trip Distance (TRP) • Speed AVG and MAX • Ride Time (TME) To Restart Hold at the same time for two seconds (Figure 5). The trip data restarts at ‘0’.

  • Page 9: To Set Units Of Measurement/odometer

    Custom Settings You can change units of measurement without erasing other settings. To Set the Units of Measurement and Odometer Scroll to ODO. (for 2 seconds) Hold for two seconds. To change to MH or KMH, press To select, press The odometer appears.

  • Page 10: To Set A Custom Wheel Size

    Custom Wheel Size The menu on your computer for tire size is based on averages, but there is some variation in actual tire size even between tires marked as the same. You can make your computer more accurate by setting a custom wheel size. To Set a Custom Wheel Size Measure the roll-out (Figure 6).

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    To select, press To change the flashing digit, press To select, press Repeat step 5 for the other digits. To save and exit, hold for two seconds. The Trip returns to the TME display. (for 2 seconds)

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    Second Wheel Size (Trip 4W only) The Trip 4W can store two different wheel sizes. The icon for Wheel 1 is a small circle (Figure 7). Wheel 2 is a partial circle surrounding the Wheel 1 icon (Figure 8). Figure 7. Wheel 1 Icon. Figure 8.

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    To select, press The wheel size appears. To change the wheel size, press To select, hold for two seconds. To set a custom a wheel size, refer to the instructions listed earlier in the (for 2 seconds) manual. To Select the Wheel for Use Scroll to TRP.

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    Installation Trip 1 (wired) Handlebar Mount Stem Mount 22.0-26.0mm 31.8mm...

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    Attach Wire Install Wheel Magnet Make sure the computer wire cannot contact the tire, rim, or spokes. Contact with wires could damage the computer or cause you to lose control and fall. 3-5mm Install Wheel Sensor...

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    Trip 4W (wireless) Handlebar Mount Stem Mount 22.0-26.0mm 31.8mm...

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    Install Wireless Wheel Sensor Install Wheel Magnet 3-5mm...

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    Battery Maintenance Reset If the computer is giving erratic information, the battery may be running low. A Reset erases all data and settings. Before a Reset, you may wish to record the Replace the battery whenever the computer malfunctions, or every 6 months. total miles (or kilometers) of the odometer so you can set the odometer to this When purchasing a new battery, it is best to take the old battery to the store with number later during set up.

  • Page 19: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If you experience a problem with your Trip computer, consult this guide for troubleshooting and solutions. Your local Bontrager Dealer can also assist you. Symptom Possible Causes Solution Display is blank Battery is low, not installed, or installed incorrectly Make sure battery is installed correctly;...

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    Limited Warranty See or Bontrager dealer for detailed warranty information. Bontrager & Bontrager B-Dot are registered trademarks of Trek Bicycle Corporation. ©2007 Trek Bicycle Corporation, Waterloo, Wisconsin 53594 USA. All rights reserved.

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  • Dieuwke Aug 16, 2017 06:16:
    How do you change the battery in the wireless wheel sensor?
    An​d can you get a new wireless sensor without buying a whole new unit ?
  • TOM SOTO Jun 06, 2017 02:30:
    HHow do I turn it off? Or does it auto go into sleep mode? Numbers remain displayed even after I stop. The screen ever goes blank.
  • Randy Burns Aug 09, 2016 06:29:
    How do I turn it off? Or does it auto go into sleep mode? Numbers remain displayed even after I stop. The screen ever goes blank.
  • Terry Mar 12, 2016 09:18:
    I do not need or want your conversion utility, even if it is free (how do I know where it's been??)! Thanks anyway, I found what I needed to know.
  • Barry Bright Oct 07, 2014 05:54:
    Cannot get trip meter to reset no matter what I do. ODO is now set to 5149?????