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Troubleshooting; Refrigerator Does Not Operate; Refrigerator Runs Too Frequently; Refrigerator Door Does Not Shut Properly - Black & Decker ECR17B Use & Care Book

Compact refrigerator


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Refrigerator does not operate:

• Check if thermostat control is not in the "0" position.
• Check if refrigerator is plugged in.
• Check if there is power at the AC outlet, by checking the circuit breaker.
Food temperature appears too warm:
• Frequent door openings.
• Allow time for recently added warm food to reach fresh food temperature.
• Check gaskets for proper seal.
• Adjust temperature control to colder setting.
Food temperature is too cold:
• If temperature control setting is too cold, adjust to a warmer setting and allow
several hours for temperature to adjust.

Refrigerator runs too frequently:

• This may be normal to maintain constant temperature during high temperature
and humid days.
• Doors may have been opened frequently or for an extended period of time.
• Check gasket for proper seal.
• Check to see if doors are completely closed.
• The condenser coils may need to be cleaned.
Moisture build up on interior or exterior
of the refrigerator:
• This is normal during high humidity periods.
• Prolonged or frequent door openings.
• Check door gaskets for proper seal.
Refrigerator has an odor:
• Interior needs cleaning.
• Foods improperly wrapped or sealed are giving off odors.

Refrigerator door does not shut properly:

• Level the refrigerator.
• Re-align refrigerator door.
• Check for blockages, e.g. food containers, crisper cover,shelves, bins, etc.
Popping or cracking sound when the compressor
comes on:
• Check to ensure the refrigerator is level.
• The floor may be uneven or weak. The refrigerator rocks on the floor when it is
moved slightly. Be sure the floor can adequately support the refrigerator. Level
the refrigerator by putting wood or metal shims under part of the refrigerator.
• The refrigerator is touching the wall. re-level the refrigerator and move it from
the wall. See the "Installing Your Refrigerator" section.

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