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Canon DZ-3600U Brochure & Specs page 2

Canon digital document camera
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Canon's New DZ-3600U: Breakthrough Technology
That 'Communicates The Details' With Higher
Resolution And Faster Speed Than Ever Before.
Canon's new DZ-3600U is a remarkable product that combines
exceptional image quality and detail, with outstanding value.
While it may look like a document camera, that's where
similarities end. The DZ-3600U is a high resolution digital
imaging system (1900 pixels x1424 pixels) that can capture
an entire 8 1/2" x 1 1" document, legible to 8 pt. type, and
display and/or transmit intricate details that are virtually
can enjoy the benefits of high resolution imaging for only a
fraction of the cost.
In addition to exceptional quality and detail, the DZ-3600U
features high speed image capture, allowing the user to
quickly and conveniently integrate critical material into any
presentation. With this advantage, users can display a letter,
detailed engineering drawing, contract or small 3-D object -
even a postage stamp-during their presentation, creating a
sharp visual presentation clearly read and understood by the
entire room without continual adjustments, like zooming in.
With the DZ-3600U, PowerPoint
presentations moments before or during show time, enabling
them to seamlessly insert a critical bar graph, chart, spread-
sheet, document, 3-D object, or even a 35-mm slide into their
presentation to enhance audience interest.
Engineered to make it easier for users to "Communicate The
Details" better than ever, Canon's DZ-3600U is the heart of
any presentation, training, display, or imaging system.
Communicate The Details With Canon's DZ-3600U.
Communicate The Details With Canon's DZ-3600U.
invisible to the naked eye.
To achieve these remarkable
advantages, the DZ-3600U
incorporates Canon's Parallel Plate
'Variable Refraction Optical System'
technology. This breakthrough
enables the
DZ-3600U to
capture image
quality with
just one CCD,
that others
by using as
many as three
CCDs. This
innovative technology
means that DZ-3600U users
users can create and edit
Product Design.
The DZ-3600U is an
essential imaging tool
for product designers
who require exceptional
quality and intricate
detail when presenting,
reviewing or archiving
images of 3-D objects.
The DZ-3600U's
unobstructed base lets
architects present
blueprints, rotate or
scroll through the
image, and have it seen
in the back row without
constant zooming in.
From CAD drawings
to finished design, the
DZ-3600U makes it easy
for engineers to capture
details that are virtually
invisible to the naked
eye and display them
in presentations and
technical materials.



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