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32-bit fast ethernet cardbus notebook adapter
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Section 1 - Product Overview
Fast Ethernet is a network technology specified by IEEE Standard 802.3u. It extends the traditional 10Mbps (10 megabit/
sec) Ethernet technology to achieve 100Mbps (100 megabit/sec) transmission and reception. Because Fast Ethernet
retains the traditional Ethernet CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense, Multiple Access, and Collision Detect) protocol, it remains
wholly compatible with 10Mbps Ethernet while providing a tenfold increase in network capacity.
The Fast Ethernet standard specifies three subtypes, corresponding to three media types:
• 100Base-TX (using two twisted pairs in EIA 568 Category 5 UTP or STP cable)
• 100Base-T4 (using four twisted pairs in a Category 3, Category 4, or Category 5 UTP cable)
• 100Base-FX (using two fiber-optic strands)
The DFE-690TXD provides full-duplex and half-duplex 100Base-TX operation (in Category 5 twisted-pair cable
environments). It does not provide 100Base-T4 or 100Base-FX operation. To provide for traditional 10Mbps Ethernet
operation in twisted-pair cable environments, the DFE-690TXD also offers 10Mbps Ethernet operation, in full-duplex
and half-duplex modes. The DFE-690TXD's auto-negotiation capability provides for automatic selection of the best
operation mode.
D-Link DFE-690TXD User Manual

About Fast Ethernet


Table of Contents

Table of Contents