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The NEW MF 9280 DELTA Hybrid Combine Harvester

   Summary of Contents for MASSEY FERGUSON MF9280 - BROCHURE HP 500

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    Welcome back...

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    At Massey Ferguson we understand that every single customer is different when it comes to harvesting and that you have specific needs and aspirations to make your business run smoothly and to its full potential. Years of research, development and pure hard work have produced a machine of ground-breaking possibilities, built purely to secure the future of your business.

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    The from significant fuel savings. The Massey Ferguson 9280 DELTA novel HyPerforma Threshing and combine harvester is the latest, Separation Technology, with its albeit big, step on the way to completely new and highly efficient...

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    ® PowerFlow Making the harvest easier and more profitable since ® 1976. The Massey Ferguson PowerFlow table is as unique today as it was when we first invented it. And still as popular. • The lightweight yet solid Alan Haines, Sales Support...

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    In control with PowerFlow With PowerFlow you can specify Auto reel speed Folding dividers can be mounted the following control systems: Adjusts reel speed to ensure for quick turnarounds and safety. your selected ‘forward speed Easily fitted crop lifters can Pre-set cutting height for to reel speed ratio’...

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    HyPerforma Threshing & Separation Technology The Massey Ferguson HyPerforma Technology is a finely tuned combination of precision engineering and proven technology. The Hi-Inertia threshing system, Hi-Performance concave, rotor feeder and Hi-Separation rotors forms the synergy between crop and combine. the manufacture of Today's modern farming continues to be a challenge.

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    separation to axial separation with "The large, 475mm That makes it very easy for the a large receiving zone at the front farmer to switch between crops. diameter rotors with spiral of the rotors together with the rotor Machine changes have to be kept pattern fingers provide a feeder’s high volumetric capacity."...

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    HyPerforma Threshing & 5.44m Total S Rotor Feeder / Rotor Feeder Concave Proven Technology: • Large 500 mm diameter rotor • Ensures smooth transition of crop from the threshing unit into the Hi-Separation rotors • A total of 1.9m separation area is available before the Hi-Separation rotors Proven Results...

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    & Separation Technology: Separation Area Hi-Separation Rotors Proven Technology: • 4.2 m long rotors • 475 mm diameter • Smooth separation fingers • Spiral formed separation fingers facilitate efficient grain removal through the straw mat using centrifugal force • Variable speed from 360 rpm to 1000 rpm Proven Results •...

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    Cropflow & Threshing Proven threshing technology ensures a smooth transition during this critical point in the crop flow. Hyperforma System - Crop Flow • Crop is taken from the main elevator into the Hi-Performance Concave (1) and Hi-Inertia Threshing Cylinder (2). •...

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    Hi-Inertia Threshing Drum and Hi-Performance Concave Pre-Threshing Rub Bar Drive Belts Meeting the increasing demand for The solid construction of the The Hi-Inertia threshing drum intensive output and higher yields Pre-rub threshing bar ensures has heavy-duty backing bars is simple. We have taken a smooth, even and clean feed which creates weight on the the proven design of the...

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    Maximise output all day long with Constant Flow Constant Flow is a simple yet effective way to obtain high levels of productivity and output.

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    Reaping the benefits with Constant Flow Increasing output dramatically The key to increased output is to keep the combine fully loaded. • Constant Flow ensures the machine is fully loaded at all When the crop thins, the combine times during harvesting needs more material to keep it •...

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    Protecting your crop, every step of the way This is where your crop begins its journey to true productivity. A massive 500mm in diameter rotor and wide inlet loading bay ensure total crop-flow efficiency and gentle handling through to the Hi-Separation rotors.

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    New dimensions 4.2m in length, 475mm in diameter. The Hi-Separation Rotor System from Massey Ferguson holds the key to precision harvesting with its class-leading dimensions. Massey Ferguson has over thirty Benefits of Twin Rotor Specially designed separation years of experience with rotary technology fingers are placed in a spiral...

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    The science behind a clean grain sample Experience an exceptionally clean grain sample and keep losses to a minimum with the unique Venturi Cleaning System from Massey Ferguson. The Venturi Cleaning System • Reduces grain losses separation system, separating the delivers high levels of cleaning •...

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    Original airflow Original airflow Additional airflow provided Additional airflow provided Additional airflow provided by the Venturi airflow by the Venturi airflow Any Combine with a fan, and Thomas Bojsen, Test engineer “During the testing and especially in sections, faces the development of this system, and shop foreman for the problem of ‘dead or low zones’...

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    Reaping the benefits with high-output unloading Time is money when it comes to unloading so don’t lose a minute of the most important part of your harvest. The MF Delta combine is equipped • Full and 3/4 full sensors Turret system with everything you need to •...

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    100% in, 100% out What comes out of your machine is as important as what goes in. The MF 9280 Delta ensures quality output every time with high performance straw chopper and the optional Maxi-Spreader. Stress-free baling The chopper can achieve a spread The speed of these impellers, Thanks to the DELTA’s Hyperforma of up to 9 metres.

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    Always one step ahead We understand and recognise our responsibility towards a cleaner future. In response to environmental and economical change we are meeting the expectations of our customers and our dealers, putting us one step ahead when it comes to energy, economy and engine efficiency.

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    Will Adblue stop working significant savings in operational Where can I purchase under extremely hot costs, servicing times and fuel. Adblue? temperatures? Adblue can be bought from your No. Adblue is kept in a sealed local Massey Ferguson dealership. container to prevent evaporation.

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    Auto Level: King of the field The MF 9280 Combine is available as an Auto Level machine, where the combine rump levels independently, adjusting for slopes of up to 12%...

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    ‘Whole machine levelling’ is Ideal when working in steep or All the internal components are more efficient than ‘component hilly conditions. The Auto Level kept level which means they levelling’ as slopes affect the combine follows the contours of can continue to operate at the field, enabling the machine whole threshing and separation full productivity.

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    Comfortably in control The MF 9280 DELTA combine offers exceptional comfort and serviceability plus you’ll feel perfectly at home with straightforward and efficient ergonomics. Throughout your long working Unloader engagement is protected Cooling air for the radiators is day you’ll find that our combine so that it cannot be switched on effectively filtered by the rotary cabs are quiet and vibration-free,...

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    Harvesting technology Electronic combine monitoring and control is key to achieving maximum harvesting efficiency. On the new Massey Ferguson DELTA combine, these multi-functional, straightforward systems allow operators to adjust settings on-the-move and boost productivity as well as record crop yield information.

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    Yield Mapping, for future gains Massey Ferguson pioneered yield monitoring on combine harvesters in the 1980’s and continues to lead with the most accurate, easy-to-use systems available. The Datavision terminal can provide data that is compatible for most third party Yield Mapping software programs making it the ultimate information station for farm management.

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    DELTA combine was commissioned. “We started this project by It’s time for change – asking farmers with large Massey Ferguson have every capacity combines and larger confidence the MF DELTA combinable areas about will do this successfully for their key requirements.

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    Total support, no matter where or when! Massey Ferguson is a true global AGCO Customer The right aftersales solution brand with machines operating all whatever the age of machine Support… over the world, from revolutionary Whatever the age of your “little grey fergie”...

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    MF 9280 DELTA Powerflow Table MF 9280 MF 9280AL Width 6.8 to 9.2 Reel Drive Hydraulic Reversing Hydraulic ● ● Auto Level HyPerforma Threshing Technology ● ● Constant Flow Threshing Drum diameter Concave Area 1.18 Rotor Feeder diameter Beater Concave Area 0.33 Separation Area Rotor Feeder 0.39...

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    Engine MF 9280 MF 9280AL Manufacturer AGCO SISU POWER e ✪ hp/kW Maximum Power* 500/372 Fuel Tank Capacity Litres Adblue Tank Capacity Litres Transmission Hydrostatic ● ● No. of Gears Speed Range 0 - 25 km/h Type Integral, Sound proofed Ventilation Fan type ●...

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    MF 9280 DELTA highlights For a productive future in superior harvesting, look no further than the MF 9280 DELTA combine from Massey Ferguson. The MF 9280 DELTA combine harvester from Separation is achieved by two high capacity rotors. Spiral Massey Ferguson is the perfect combination of patterned fingers ensure a smooth transport along the...

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