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    For an interactive guide to your new wireless device, go to

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    CONTENTS My Verizon Manage your account online or from your phone with My Verizon Mobile. Basics How to use your new phone—from charging the battery and placing calls to checking voice mail. apps and Features It’s a mobile world and it’s yours to conquer— with music, video, web browsing, email and picture messaging, plus tools for navigation and family safeguards.

  • Page 4: Verizon Wireless

    WElCOME THaNk YOu fOr CHOOSINg VErIzON WIrElESS You’re now connected to the power of america’s largest and most reliable wireless network. This guide will introduce you to the features of your new phone. for assistance, please go to You can also contact Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204 or speak with a Customer Service representative at your local Verizon Wireless Store.

  • Page 5: Important Customer Information

    IMpOrTaNT CuSTOMEr INfOrMaTION data plans and Features: content and internet access Many services and applications offered through your device may be provided by third parties. Before you use, link to or download a service provided by a third party, or an application such as a non- Verizon Wireless location-based gpS- type service, chat room, marketplace or social network from your device, you...

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    policy at contentpolicy. Your Verizon Wireless Customer agreement terms and conditions and certain other specially identified terms govern your use of any Verizon Wireless products and services.

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    MY VErIzON Save time. Save money. register now at Manage your account. Quickly check ≠ your voice, text and data usage or make adjustments to your plan at any time. Get personalized support. My Support ≠ answers your questions quickly. pay bills your way.

  • Page 8: Phone Features

    BaSICS pHONE fEaTurES power/lock earpiece 3.5MM headset jack VoluMe controls touch screen connector hoMe Microphone Menu Back search note: You’ll see the HOME, MENu, 1.3Mp Front BaCk, and SEarCH buttons when caMera your wireless device is turned on.

  • Page 9: Led Flash, First Steps, Removing The Back Cover

    8Mp caMera dual led Flash Back coVer speaker fIrST STEpS reMoVinG the Back coVer Make sure the wireless device is turned off. Hold the device securely with the front facing down. Starting from the small opening at the bottom of the device, lift the back cover and remove it completely.

  • Page 10: Installing Your Battery

    note: please handle the back cover with care since your wireless device’s antennas are placed underneath it. avoid twisting or bending the back cover. To get the best signal for calls, data connection, and gpS navigation, be sure to secure the back cover tightly to the device.

  • Page 11: Charging Your Battery

    charGinG your Battery Connect one end of the uSB cable to the aC charger. Connect the smaller end of the uSB cable to the uSB Connector on the left side of your wireless device. plug in the aC charger to a wall socket to start charging the battery.

  • Page 12: Setting Up Your Device

    settinG up your deVice When you turn on your wireless device for the first time, simply follow the prompts to complete the initial setup of your wireless device. for more information on how to set up your email, visit Click on the smartphone support tab and select your wireless device.

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    setting up your personal email accounts from the main Home screen, press Menu , and then tap settings > accounts & sync. Tap add account > Mail. Select your email provider, enter your email account details, and then tap next. Tap Finish setup.

  • Page 14: Backup Assistant

    Select the type of information you want to synchronize, and then tap next. Enter a name for this account, and then tap Finish setup. Backup assistant Backup assistant is a free service from Verizon Wireless which saves your wireless device’s address book to a secure server. If your wireless device is lost or damaged, or if you upgrade to a new wireless device, Backup assistant will restore your contacts.

  • Page 15: Make A Call, Assisted Dialing

    Make a call Do one of the following: ≠ On the Home screen, tap , dial the number, and then tap call. ≠ In people, press and hold the contact you want to call, and then tap call Mobile on the options menu.

  • Page 16: Receiving Calls, Voice Mail, Setting Up Voice Mail, Your Phone

    receiVinG calls Do one of the following: Tap answer. ≠ ≠ When the wireless device is locked, slide the bar down to answer, slide the bar up to reject, or press Menu to see more options. VOICE MaIl settinG up Voice Mail On the Home screen, tap 86 ( VM), and then tap call.

  • Page 17: Visual Voice Mail

    follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages. accessinG your Voice Mail FroM any phone Dial your wireless number. When you hear the greeting, press to interrupt it. follow the prompts to enter your password and retrieve your messages. resettinG your Voice Mail password To learn how to reset your password or discover other features, visit...

  • Page 18: Setting Up Visual Voice Mail, Voice Mail Service

    setting up Visual Voice Mail If you are a new Verizon Wireless 86 to set up your subscriber, first dial voice mail service. On the Home screen, tap Voice Mail Tap Visual Voice Mail and follow the prompts to download it for future use. note: It may take five minutes for Visual Voice Mail to set up.

  • Page 19: Using The Speakerphone

    lock screen, and then slide your finger down to unlock the screen. uSINg THE SpEakErpHONE auTOMaTICallY You can switch to speakerphone by simply flipping over your phone. from the main Home screen, press Menu , and then tap settings. Tap sound, and select Flip for speaker. note: The Flip for speaker option is not available when your wireless device is set to either Vibrate or Silent mode.

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    rINgTONES Make your phone dance to your tune. Choose a ringtone, change the tone, or silence your phone. selectinG a rinGtone from the main Home screen, tap > ringtone. Scroll through the available ringtones and tap the ringtone you want to use. The ringtone briefly plays when selected.

  • Page 21: Turning On Bluetooth

    BluETOOTH® turninG on Bluetooth from the main Home screen, press Menu , and then tap settings > wireless & networks. Select the Bluetooth check box. note: Turn off Bluetooth when not in use to save battery power, or in places where using a wireless device is prohibited, such as on board an aircraft and in hospitals.

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    from the main Home screen, press Menu , and then tap settings > wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings. If Bluetooth is not yet turned on, tap the Bluetooth check box. Make sure that the headset is discoverable. Tap scan for devices. Your wireless device will start to scan for Bluetooth devices within range.

  • Page 23: Global Phone, Installing A Sim Card

    glOBal pHONE global phone offers you reliable, consistent voice service at home and abroad. use one phone and one number for voice coverage in more than 220 countries. get one bill for both domestic and international calls. In order to get the full benefits of global phone service you must subscribe to a global phone calling plan and ensure that you have a SIM Card installed.

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    Hold the SIM Card so that the metal contacts on the SIM Card face down and the cutoff corner points toward the bottom-right corner of your phone. Insert the SIM Card all the way into the SIM Card holder. Insert the battery so that the metal contacts on the battery align with the metal contacts on your phone.

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    place the back cover onto the top panel of your wireless device and push down so that the cover clicks into place. note: Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card is a small rectangular plastic card that stores your phone number and other important information.

  • Page 26: Using Android Market

    appS aND fEaTurES Make your phone do more with music, ringtones, wallpapers, apps and games. Check the latest scores, keep up with Twitter™ and facebook®, even plan a vacation, we’ve got apps that help you do it all. for details and pricing, go to

  • Page 27: Send Your Message

    Navigate or search for the item you want, and then tap Free (for free apps). If you agree to the terms and conditions, tap ok to begin downloading and installing the app. SEND YOur MESSagE Talk with your fingers. Make a bold statement with the touch of a button.

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    ≠ Tap the icon, and then select the phone numbers of contacts or contact groups. When you have selected all the message recipients, tap done. 4. Tap the box that says “add text”, and then enter your message. 5. Tap send. text MessaGinG (FroM outside the u.s.) sending a new text message to a phone On the Home screen, tap Messages...

  • Page 29: Picture Messaging

    picture MessaGinG Take pictures that you can send to virtually any wireless number or email address. snap a photo and send as a picture message from the main Home screen, tap > camera frame your subject on the Viewfinder screen. If you want to use the front camera, press Menu , then tap switch camera.

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    5. Tap on the post-capture screen, and then tap Messages 6. Compose the message by adding text and by specifying the recipients. 7. When finished, tap send. delete a photo attachment before sending a message While composing a message, tap Tap any picture you want to delete from the attachment, and then tap remove.

  • Page 31: Video Messaging

    Video MessaGinG record and send videos to virtually any wireless number or email address. record and send a video message from the main Home screen, tap > camcorder frame your subject on the Viewfinder screen. If you want to use the front camera, press Menu , then tap switch camera.

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    delete a video attachment before sending a message While composing a message, tap Tap any video you want to delete from the attachment, and then tap remove. Tap done. save a video clip from a message Open a video message, and then tap slideshow.

  • Page 33: Mobile Web

    DaTa Tap into a powerful stream of data—it’s all in the palm of your hand. eMail Check email on the go with popular internet- based email accounts. Yahoo!, aOl, gmail and Windows live Hotmail can all be set up and accessed from the Mail app.

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    Tap a suggestion or continue entering an address. While on the web page, slide your finger on the screen to scroll through the web page or pinch the screen to zoom in or out. ending a web session To quit surfing the Internet, just tap Back while on a web page.

  • Page 35: Skype Mobile, Ringback Tones, V Cast Media Manager

    skype MoBile™ See more. Share more. Enjoy more. To begin: from the main Home screen, tap > skype mobile follow the step-by-step instructions for either signing in with your existing Skype name or creating a new Skype name. BE a MEDIa MOgu l let your music flood the airwaves.

  • Page 36: V Cast Music With Rhapsody

    with just a uSB cable connection. go to to download your free copy. note: System requirements: Windows® Xp, Windows Vista® or Windows 7. Verizon wireless Media store go online to find loads of cool apps, as well as the latest games and music. Make your purchase online, download apps straight to your phone.

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    SEE IT all Watch what you want, when you want, right on your phone. V cast Video on deMand Catch your favorite shows and live sports from anywhere in the V CaST coverage area. View more than 100 channels, with additional shows added every day in on- demand, full-length episodes.

  • Page 38: Verizon Safeguards

    VErIzON SafEguarDS Your family; your call. Verizon safeguards give you peace of mind with Content filters, Spam Controls, usage Controls and more. go to or GettinG started with location-Based serVices (lBs) Verizon Wireless values your privacy. Because of this, your phone is defaulted to only acquire your location when you dial 911.

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    You should use caution when determining whether or not location Information should be made available to others and you should review any applicable third party privacy policies before providing access. To limit potential unauthorized access to your location Information, Verizon Wireless phones are preset to E911 only, which will only allow emergency response personnel to locate you if you dial 911 from your phone.

  • Page 40: Total Equipment Coverage

    from the main Home screen, tap > Vz navigator or go to TOTal EQuIpMENT COVEragE Sign up for Total Equipment Coverage and if your device breaks, gets lost or stolen, or malfunctions after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you’re covered. Total Equipment Coverage combines Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty and asurion’s Wireless phone protection.

  • Page 41: International Roaming

    international lonG distance You can call over 190 destinations from the u.S. with your Verizon phone. Simply add I-DIal to your account and for reduced rates, select our International long Distance Value plan or for occasional international calls, use our per-Minute rates. international text MessaGinG You can send text messages to customers onparticipating carriers...

  • Page 42

    of destinations and rates can be found at GloBal traVel proGraM available in more than 220 voice countries, more than 200 data countries and more than 115 countries with 3g, this is the perfect short- term solution for the occasional or infrequent global traveler who needs to stay in touch when traveling outside of the u.S.

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