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Read rules for safe operation and instructions carefully. ECHO provides an Instruction
Manual and a Safety Manual. Both must be read and understood for proper and safe


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  • Page 1: Chain Saw, Instruction Manual

    Instruction Manual MODELS : CS-300 CS-340 CS-345 WARNING DANGER Read rules for safe operation and instructions carefully. ECHO provides an Instruction Manual and a Safety Manual. Both must be read and understood for proper and safe operation. X750003242 X7503203103 06/05...

  • Page 2

    The Kick Guard ® device is not installed on the the guide bar contact a log, branch, or any other guide bar when you purchase your ECHO chain obstruction which could be hit while you are oper- ® saw. The Kick Guard can be used in a majority of ating the saw.

  • Page 3

    19. Spark arrestor mufflers approved to SAE 13. When cutting a limb that is under tension, be Standard J335b are Standard on ECHO Chain alert for spring back so that you will not be saws to reduce the possibility of forest fires. Do...

  • Page 4

    ECHNICAL ) b l ) b l ) b l h t i c - r r t s i l y i . u ) . n i . u ) . n a r t c i t r t n u f i t u l...

  • Page 5: Emission Control

    After opening the carton, check for damage. Immediately notify your retailer or ECHO Dealer of damaged or missing parts. Use the contents list to check for missing parts.

  • Page 6

    OMENCLATURE OF ARTS CS-300, CS-340 1. Hand guard 7. Purge bulb 14. Pull starter (Chain brake actuating lever) 8. Guide bar 15. Oil tank cap 2. Throttle control lockout 9. Saw chain 16. Throttle control latch 3. Throttle control trigger 10.

  • Page 7

    REPARATION FOR ® KICK GUARD TO BAR INSTRUCTIONS ® For saws with Kick Guard P/N 2894901 and symmetri- cal or asymmetrical low-kick type guide bars. ® 1. Install bolt (A) in rear hole (B) of Kick Guard through front hole (C) in guide bar. ®...

  • Page 8

    Emission Defect Warranty Explanation.) IMPORTANT Echo premium Power Blend Universal 2-Stroke Oil may be mixed at 50:1 ratio for application in all Echo engines sold in the past regardless of ratio specified in those manuals.

  • Page 9: Chain Lubricant

    • Do not use used or reclaimed oil to avoid various oiler prob- lems. • Use ECHO bar and chain oil. • When ECHO bar and chain oil is not available: Use motor oil, etc. • Use bar and chain oil of the following grades:...

  • Page 10: When The Engine Is Cold

    • Push purge bulb (C) 10 times. • Pull starter handle several times until first firing sound is heard. (Secure unit on ground with your knee or foot.) (5 - 6 CS-300 pulls maximum.) CS-340 • Push choke (B) all the way in. (open position) •...

  • Page 11: Starting Warm Engine

    • Choke may be used if necessary, but be sure to push it CS-345 back on first firing sound. NOTE If engine does not start after 5 pulls, use cold start procedure. CS-300 CS-340 RUNNING WARNING DANGER The saw chain should not move at idle, otherwise serious personal injury may result.

  • Page 12

    NSTRUCTIONS GENERAL WARNING DANGER Read the ECHO “CHAIN SAW SAFETY MANUAL” included with your chain saw for additional cutting and safety instruc- tions. Failure to obey all instructions may result in serious or fatal injuries. In all circumstances the operation of the chain saw is a one-man job.

  • Page 13: Felling A Tree

    FELLING A TREE WARNING DANGER DIRECTION OF FALL A falling tree can seriously damage anything it may hit - a car, a house, a fence, a power line, or another tree. There are ways to make a tree fall where you want it, so first decide where that is! Before cutting, clear the area around the tree.

  • Page 14

    Don’t cut with the saw overhead or the bar in a vertical position. If the saw should kick back you may not have good enough control to prevent possible injury. Bucking is the sawing of a log or fallen tree into smaller pieces.

  • Page 15

    Reduced nose radius NOTE Use ECHO replacement guide bars. These guide bars may be considered to have equivalent kickback reduction: • Sprocket nose guide bars of the same length and nose radius, same pitch and having the same number of teeth.

  • Page 16: Automatic Oiler

    AINTENANCE AND AIR FILTER • Check before every use. • Pull choke (A) all the way out (close position). • Loosen bolt and remove air cleaner (B) cover and filter (C). • Lightly brush dust off filter, and inspect for damage. AUTOMATIC OILER •...

  • Page 17: Spark Plug, Cooling System Cleaning

    SPARK PLUG • Check periodically • Gap = 0.65mm (.026 in.) • Replace if either electrode is worn, or if the insulator is fouled by oil or other deposits. • Torque = 145 – 155 kg*cm (125 – 135 in. lb.) IMPORTANT Do not over-torque.

  • Page 18: Carburetor Adjustment

    If engine stops or stalls after full warm up return LOW ALTITUDE ADJUSTMENT the unit to your authorized ECHO dealer for adjustment. Engines that have been adjusted to operate at high altitudes must be readjusted to operate properly at 6.

  • Page 19

    Use of replacement saw chain and/or guide bar other than that specified, or operation without the “tip guard” in place, may cause severe kickback resulting in serious injury. Only use saw chain designated as, “LOW-KICKBACK,” that meets the ANSI B175.1-2000 Standard, and the Echo guide bar specified.

  • Page 20

    • Place the depth gauge tool firmly on guide bar so that depth gauge protrudes. Then file top of depth gauge with flat file until flat with top of the gauge tool. - Be sure to round off the front edge of the depth gauge. Depth gauge tool Round Remove...

  • Page 21

    ROUBLESHOOTING Poor performance of the engine and/or cutting mechanism can normally be prevented by carefully following these instructions. Poor performance can easily be corrected even by a beginner. When the engine does not function properly check the following three (3) points first. •...

  • Page 22

    Improper fuel used ........Use fuel with correct mixing ratio. Never use gasoline of poor quality. Table 2 Spark plug defective (worn) ......Replace. Engine overheated As cooling fins clogged, air does not pass well ........Clean fins. Excessive deposits in combustion chamber ........

  • Page 23

    You should inquire through local government offices, your employer or your local dealer to ensure that your chain saw conforms to the required safety standard. Echo chain brakes have been designed and tested to comply with international safety standards as follows.

  • Page 24: Echo Consumer Product Support, Warranty Card, Additional Or Replacement Manuals

    • Purchasing from your Echo Dealer. • Manuals are available by sending a written request stating the model number and serial number of your Echo unit, part number of the manual, your name and address, and mail to the address below.

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