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Dell PowerVault MD3200 Installation Manual

Dell powervault modular disk storage arrays
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Dell PowerVault
Modular Disk Storage Arrays
SMI-S Provider
Installation Guide



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  • Page 1 Dell PowerVault Modular Disk Storage Arrays SMI-S Provider Installation Guide...
  • Page 2 © 2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden. Trademarks used in this text: Dell™, the DELL logo, and PowerVault™ are trademarks of Dell Inc. ® ®...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ......Version Information ....Supported Profiles and Sub-Profiles .
  • Page 4 Adding or Removing a Storage Array From SMI-S Provider ..... . Changing the Debug Tracing Option ... Troubleshooting the SMI-S Provider .
  • Page 5: Introduction

    The CIMOM directs the requests to the appropriate device provider. The Dell SMI-S Provider, referred to as SMI-S Provider, must run on a server on the storage network. OpenPegasus CIMOM is installed during the installation of this SMI-S Provider.
  • Page 6: Version Information

    Version Information Table 1-1 lists the version details of the components. Table 1-1. Version Information Component Version SMI-S SMI-S Provider 10.10 OpenPegasus CIMOM 2.9.1 Supported Profiles and Sub-Profiles SMI-S Provider version 10.10 supports the following profiles and sub-profiles: • Physical package •...
  • Page 7: Installing And Uninstalling The Smi-S Provider

    Installing and Uninstalling the SMI-S Provider System Requirements The system requirements to install and run the SMI-S Provider include: • Memory requirements—1 GB minimum (2 GB preferred). • Connectivity requirements—Ethernet with 100BASE-T minimum (Gigabit Ethernet preferred), TCP/IP. • Port requirements—TCP port 5988 or TCP port 5989, or any other available port if these ports are not available.
  • Page 8: For Linux

    On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server platform, ensure that you set the environment variables PEGASUS_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH before running any CLI from pegasus/bin directory (like cimcli or cimserver). Set the environment variables to the following (assuming the /opt/dell as the default install path) export PEGASUS_HOME /opt/dell/pegasus export LD_LIBRARY_PATH /opt/dell/pegasus/lib To change the OpenPegasus CIMOM configuration, see "Configuring CIM...
  • Page 9 • To enable or disable authentication: # cimconfig -s enableAuthentication={false | true} –p • To add a user for defining the credentials for CIM client to authenticate with the CIM server: # cimuser -a -u username -w password • To remove a user: # cimuser -r -u username -w password •...
  • Page 10: Uninstalling Smi-S Provider

    1 Select Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features for Microsoft Windows Server 2008) in the Control Panel. 2 Double-click Dell SMI-S Provider to uninstall it. The un-installation procedure may leave files (such as trace files, repository files, and other administrative files) that were created by SMI-S Provider after the installation was complete.
  • Page 11: For Linux

    Run the command rpm -e <package name> The un-installation process may leave files that were not part of the original installation. Manually delete these files to completely remove SMI-S Provider. NOTE: The default install directory for SMI-S Provider is /opt/dell/pegasus/array. Installing and Uninstalling the SMI-S Provider...
  • Page 12 Installing and Uninstalling the SMI-S Provider...
  • Page 13: Managing Smi-S Provider

    Managing SMI-S Provider Starting and Stopping the OpenPegasus CIM Server For Windows To start or stop the OpenPegasus CIM server: Open the Services window and locate the cimserver service. Right-click • cimserver service and select start or stop. • In the command prompt: To start the service, type: net start cimserver To stop the service, type: net stop cimserver For Linux...
  • Page 14: Changing The Debug Tracing Option

    Customer and Technical Support representative. To change the debug tracing option: 1 Go to the directory where SMI-S Provider is installed. The default install directories are: For Windows: <%Program Files%>/Dell/pegasus/provider/array • • For Linux: /opt/dell/pegasus/array 2 Edit file in a text file editor.
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting The Smi-S Provider

    Troubleshooting the SMI-S Provider Table 4-1 lists some of the common issues and their resolutions. Table 4-1. Common Issues and Resolutions Issue Recommended Action The following message is displayed if This issue occurs when there is a port SMI-S Provider is installed on a system conflict.
  • Page 16 (continued) Table 4-1. Common Issues and Resolutions Issue Recommended Action Turning the Linux system off, takes a long No action recommended. Exiting the SMI time. provider can take up to 15 minutes in Linux environments. The CIM client methods fail due to During installation, you do not run into authentication error or “Return Code any issues with the storage array password...
  • Page 17 No such file or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH= directory /opt/dell/pegasus/lib set PEGASUS_HOME= /opt/dell/pegasus On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, the This issue occurs during the previous CIM server fails to start during uninstall step of the provider; the...
  • Page 18 Troubleshooting the SMI-S Provider...

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