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NEC 42VP4D Installation Manual
NEC 42VP4D Installation Manual

NEC 42VP4D Installation Manual

42" plasma displays
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42VP4/42VP4D Installation Guide
42" Plasma Displays
Product Description and Notes
Ventilation Requirements
Display Dimensions
Front, Top & Bottom
Left & Right Side
Display Dimensions w/Optional Accessories
Front & Top
Dimensions w/Optional Flat Wall Mount
Dimensions w/Optional Tilt Wall Mount
Dimensions w/Optional Ceiling Mount
Control Codes

Product Description

Plasma Display
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
This document is intended to be used as a reference guide to supply useful information for a design or installation. It is not
intended to be a step-by step procedure for installation.
Any ceilings or walls must be strong enough to support the display and the installation must be in accordance with any local
building codes. All mounts should make secure contact to wood studs.
4:3 sources can be displayed on the 16:9 screen in either normal aspect ratio with bars on the left or right, or stretched
horizontally to fill the screen using the menus (see "Aspect Modes" in menus and user manual).
Distances are in inches, for millimeters multiply by 25.4.
Distances may vary ±5%.
Maximum Tilt Angles
Below are the maximum angles that the display can be tilted in both landscape and portrait mode
42VP4/42VP4D Landscape
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Color Correction: NEC CCF (Capsulated Color Filter, in panel)
Screen Surface: 42VP4:
42VP4D: Anti-Glare
40"(W) x 24"(H) x 3.5"(D)
61.8 lbs
Max Tilt
NEC Solutions (America), Inc.
Visual Systems
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Summary of Contents for NEC 42VP4D

  • Page 1: Product Description

    Page 8 Dimensions w/Optional Ceiling Mount Page 9 Control Codes Page 10 Product Description Type: Plasma Display Color Correction: NEC CCF (Capsulated Color Filter, in panel) Resolution: 853x480 Screen Surface: 42VP4: Anti-Reflective 42VP4D: Anti-Glare Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Dimensions: 40”(W) x 24”(H) x 3.5”(D) Weight: 61.8 lbs...
  • Page 2 NOTE: The ventilation space should not be covered or closed off at the front of the opening. If for some reason the opening needs to be covered, other means of ventilation will need to be incorporated into the design. Contact NEC for design review and recommendations.
  • Page 3: Display Dimensions

    Ventilation Openings 0.63 1.69 0.38 34.69 0.38 1.69 0.63 40.08 1.30 0.59 36.76 2.72 Ventilation Openings Ventilation Openings Ventilation Openings 0.79 33.03 3.11 3.95 0.63 1.69 0.63 0.38 33.25 3.50 16.81 23.27 5.53 34.55 42VP4/42VP4D Page 3 of 11...
  • Page 4 Display dimensions (cont.) 9.61 20.87 9.61 Ventilation Openings 4.13 8-M4 PC Mount Points 1.78 Ventilation Openings Ventilation Openings AC IN 1.65 8.78 19.21 1.65 8.78 Ventilation Openings 42VP4/42VP4D Page 4 of 11...
  • Page 5 Display dimensions (cont.) Ventilation Openings 3.50 0.40 1.97 0.40 1.57 42VP4/42VP4D Page 5 of 11...
  • Page 6 Dimensions with optional speakers and stand 47.20 Optional Speakers 3.54 0.02 0.02 3.54 4.41 4.41 13.58 13.58 11.42 11.42 42VP4/42VP4D Page 6 of 11...
  • Page 7 Dimensions with optional Flat Wall Mount Kit (FWMK) 42VP4/42VP4D Page 7 of 11...
  • Page 8 Dimensions with optional Tilt Wall Mount Kit (TWMK) Tilt Range 12.1 Depth at 15° Tilt 42VP4/42VP4D Page 8 of 11...
  • Page 9 Dimensions with optional Ceiling Mount Kit (CMK) 12.2 16.0 12.0 42VP4/42VP4D Page 9 of 11...
  • Page 10 Connections LOCATED AT BOTTOM OF DISPLAY POWER EXT. SPEAKERS 42VP4/42VP4D Page 10 of 11...
  • Page 11: Control Codes

    THEAT.2 DEFAULT SCREEN MODE: STADIUM ZOOM NORMAL FULL AUTO PICTURE CINEMA MODE NOTE: Contact your NEC rep for codes not listed. NOTE: Use a cross/reverse/null modem cable. Cable Connection Communication Protocol: Interface: RS-232C Parity: Communication: Asynchronous Stop Bit: 1 bit...

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