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5. Enjoying and Managing Your Files in Seagate Share

Accessing Your GoFlex Home Files Using FTP

You can access your GoFlex Home using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is one way of
copying files from one computer or storage device to another. You can upload files to and
download files from any of your GoFlex Home folders using FTP.
You should be familiar with FTP before using this feature. For security reasons, don't enable
FTP access unless or until you need it. Seagate Share Pro subscribers can access GoFlex
Home using the more secure FTPS.
FTP access must be enabled in Seagate Share before you can use FTP to access your
GoFlex Home. To enable FTP in Seagate Share:
Open and log in to Seagate Share (see page 31).
Click Go To, then click Preferences.
Under Server Preferences, click Network Services.
Set Enable FTP access to your local LAN and Enable FTP access to the Internet to Yes.
Click Submit.
FTP access is enabled.
Ensure that your router is set to forward port 21 to your GoFlex Home. This is set up
automatically if your router has UPnP enabled.
To connect to GoFlex Home using FTP locally, open a browser and browse to:
You can find the IP address of your GoFlex Home by (Mac) right-clicking the GoFlex Home
Agent icon, selecting Preferences, and then selecting the GoFlex Home Found tab, or
(Windows) by finding GoFlex Home in the list of Network devices and looking at its properties.
To connect to GoFlex Home using FTP remotely, open a browser and browse to:
When you log in to GoFlex Home, remember that your user name and password are case-
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Accessing Your GoFlex Home Files Using FTP

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