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Huawei E5830 Quick Start Manual

Wireless terminal
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Thank you for choosing this Wireless Terminal
(hereinafter referred to as the device).
The supported functions and actual appearance are subject to your product
purchased. The following pictures are displayed for illustration purpose only. For
details of your product selection, consult your service provider.
This guide briefly describes the function of the device. For the operation of
configuring the management parameters, see Help on the management program or
web management page.
The device can be used in a reasonable closed environment such as a pocket,
handbag or laptop bag, however if there is a risk that the ambient temperature will
increase when the device is processing data services for a long period, due to the
device not being able to dissipate the heat effectively. If this happens and as a safety
precaution the device will switch off automatically or disconnect. In the event of this
happening please restart your device as usual to restart the connection.



Summary of Contents for Huawei E5830

  • Page 1 Thank you for choosing this Wireless Terminal (hereinafter referred to as the device). Note: The supported functions and actual appearance are subject to your product purchased. The following pictures are displayed for illustration purpose only. For details of your product selection, consult your service provider. This guide briefly describes the function of the device.
  • Page 2: Overview

    Get to Know Your Device 1. USB connector 2. Micro SD card slot 3. Battery_button 4. Power On/Off 5. WiFi/WPS button 6. Dialing button 7. Signal indicator 8. Roam indicator 9. WiFi/WPS indicator 10. Mode indicator 11. Battery indicator WiFi: Wireless Fidelity WPS: WiFi Protected Setup...
  • Page 3: Indicators/Status

    Status Indicator Steady on and in red: The USIM/SIM card does not exist or the PIN code is not verified or the signal is inexistent. Steady on and in yellow: The signal strength is weak. Steady on and in green: The signal strength is strong. Off: The device is not in the roaming state.
  • Page 4 Status Indicator Fast blinking in red: The battery power level is very low and must be charged immediately; otherwise the device will be powered off. Steady on and in red: The battery power level is weak. Steady on and in green: The battery power level is enough. Blinking: The battery is being charged.
  • Page 5 Power on the Device Press and hold until the indicators become lightened; the device is powered on. Note: Press and hold until the indicators are off; the device is powered off.
  • Page 6: How To Access Internet With Wifi

    How to Access the Internet with WiFi Step1. Establish the WiFi Connection (Take PC for Example) Select Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Wireless Network Connection. Note: To set up a WiFi connection, the PC must be configured with the wireless network adapter.
  • Page 7 Select the network connection that the SSID is the same as that of the device, and then click Note: If the encryption parameter is set for the device, the Wireless Network Connection dialog box is displayed and requires the network key and confirmation. The SSID and key label is attached on the device.
  • Page 8: Install Management Program

    button manually. Press and hold until is blinking, the connection is set up successfully. Then you can use the Internet service. Note: Press and hold until is off, the connection is tore down. How to Install the Management Program The procedure for installing the management program depends on the operating system installed on your PC.
  • Page 9: Access Web Management Page

    Then double-click the installing file to run the program. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard. After the program is installed, the shortcut icon of the program is displayed on the desktop. After the device is installed, the program is launched automatically. Then every time the device is connected to the PC with the compatible data cable, the program is launched automatically.
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    Everyday Use Charging the Battery Note: If you have not used the battery for a long time, please recharge it first. Method 1: Using the charger Caution: Use the compatible charger delivered only by the manufacturer with this device model. Using charger of other device model, other manufacturers or vendors may invalidate any approval or warranty applicable to the device, result in the non-operation of the device, and cause danger.
  • Page 11 Note: To ensure that the battery has sufficient power to provide the data service longer, it is recommended that you do not power on the device until the charging is finished. If the device is powered on, the management program is launched automatically and the data service is started.
  • Page 12 Mode of Accessing the Internet After you establish the WiFi Connection successfully, you can access the Internet using the following modes. Mode Operations Manual Access the Internet using the dialing button manually. For details, see the chapter of “Step2. Access the Internet”. Note: You can also launch the management program or web page to connect to or disconnect from the network following the prompts.
  • Page 13 Note: The dialing button dose not work in the Auto or On Demand mode. You can launch the web management page to select the mode of accessing the Internet. Establishing the WPS Connection If the WiFi Clients connected with the device support the WPS, the device can automatically generate a network key without manually entering.
  • Page 14 Networking Diagram The procedure for establishing a WiFi connection depends on the operating system installed on your WiFi Clients. The aforesaid section takes a WiFi PC as an example. For other Clients, you need to configure them as required.
  • Page 15 Micro SD card Remove the rubber cap from the Micro SD card slot. Then insert the Micro SD card into the slot. After inserting the Micro SD card completely, replace the rubber cap. Note: Micro SD card is an optional accessory. If the Micro SD card is not provided in the package, you can buy one yourself.
  • Page 16: Safety Information

    Press and hold at the same time until all the indicators are off, you restore the factory defaults successfully. Note: After this operation, all personal configuration settings are deleted and all web-based management settings and parameters will be restored to their default values. Friendly Tips If you cannot ensure that the device is normal, you can try these following ways to solve: See Help on the management program or web page.
  • Page 17 Electronic Device Do not use your device if using your device is prohibited. Do not use the device when using your device causes danger or interference with electronic devices. Medical Device Follow rules and regulations set forth by hospitals and health care facilities. Do not use your device when using the device is prohibited.
  • Page 18 Triggering of sparks in such areas could cause an explosion or a fire, resulting in bodily injuries or even deaths. Do not use your device at refueling points such as service stations. Comply with restrictions on the use of radio equipment in fuel depots, storage, and distribution areas, and chemical plants.
  • Page 19: Operating Environment

    the air bag inflates. Do not use your device while flying in an aircraft and before boarding an aircraft. Using wireless devices in an aircraft may cause danger to the operation of the aircraft and disrupt the wireless telephone network. It may also be considered illegal. Operating Environment Do not use or charge the device in dusty, damp, and dirty places or places with magnetic fields.
  • Page 20 Safety of Children Comply with all precautions with regard to children's safety. Letting the child play with your device or its accessories, which may include parts that can be detached from the device, may be dangerous, as it may present a choking hazard. Ensure that small children are kept away from the device and accessories.
  • Page 21 Use the AC power supply defined in the specifications of the charger. An improper power voltage may cause a fire or a malfunction of the charger. Do not connect two poles of the battery with conductors, such as metal materials, keys, or jewelries.
  • Page 22 Cleaning and Maintenance It is normal that your wireless device gets hot when you use or charge it. Before you clean or maintain the wireless device, stop all applications, power off the device and disconnect it from the charger and your PC. The device, battery, and charger are not water-resistant.
  • Page 23 Do not use any chemical detergent, powder, or other chemical agents (such as alcohol and benzene) to clean the device and the charger. Otherwise, parts of the device may be damaged or a fire can be caused. You can clean the device and the charger with a piece of damp and soft antistatic cloth.
  • Page 24 Body Worn Operation Important safety information regarding radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure is as follows: To ensure compliance with RF exposure guidelines, the device must be used with a minimum of 2.5cm distance from the body. Failure to observe these instructions could result in your RF exposure exceeding the relevant guideline limits.
  • Page 25 Council). For more information about the REACH compliance of the device, visit the Web site You are recommended to visit the Web site regularly for up-to-date information. EU regulatory conformance Български: С настоящето Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. декларира, че този уред съответства на основните изисквания и другите разпоредби на Директива 1999/5/EC.
  • Page 26 Česky: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., tímto prohlašuje, že toto zařízení je ve shodě se základními požadavky a dalšími souvisejícími opatřeními směrnice 1999/5/EC. Dansk: Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. erklærer hermed at denne enhed er i overensstemmelse med de obligatoriske krav og andre relevante bestemmelser i direktiv 1999/5/EF.
  • Page 27 EC/5/1999 Irányelv összes lényeges követelményének és vonatkozó előírásának. Gaeilge: Fograíonn Huawei Tchnologies Co., Ltd leis seo go bhfuil an fheiste seo i gcomhlíonadh leis na fíor-riachtanais agus na forálacha eile maidir le Treoir 1999/5/AE. Italiano: Col presente documento, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. dichiara che questo dispositivo è...
  • Page 28 Dyrektywy 1999/5/EC. Português (Europeu) : Deste modo, a Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. declara que este dispositivo está em conformidade com os requisitos essenciais e outras provisões relevantes da Directiva 1999/5/CE.
  • Page 29 1999/5/EG. For the declaration of conformity, visit the Web site Notice: This device may be operated in all European countries. France: Outdoor use limited to 10 mW e.i.r.p. within the band 2454-2483.5 MHz. Italy: For private use, a general authorisation is required if WAS/RLAN’s are used outside own premises.
  • Page 30 No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. The product described in this manual may include copyrighted software of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd and possible licensors. Customers shall not in any manner reproduce,...
  • Page 31 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd reserves the right to change or modify any information or specifications contained in this manual without prior notice or obligation.
  • Page 32 OR ANTICIPATED SAVINGS. Import and Export Regulations Customers shall comply with all applicable export or import laws and regulations and will obtain all necessary governmental permits and licenses in order to export, re-export or import the product mentioned in this manual including the software and technical data therein.