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    FOTO UF735 User Guide...

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    Product warranty or service will not be extended if: (1) the product is repaired, modified or altered, unless such repair, modification of alteration is authorized in writing by ASUS; or (2) the serial number of the product is defaced or missing.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Notices........................v Safety.information..................... vi Care.&.Cleaning....................vii Notes.for.This.Manual..................viii Chapter 1: Hardware introduction Package.contents.................... 1-2 System.requirements.for.sub-display.function........1-3 Hardware.introduction................. 1-4 Front.view......................1-4 Back.view......................1-4 Side.view......................1-5 To.connect.uFOTO:..................1-6 Connecting.your.uFOTO.

  • Page 4

    Software.introduction.................2-19 Data.synchronization.................2-19 Sub-Display....................2-19 Specifications.summary................2-24 Troubleshooting.(FAQ)................2-25...

  • Page 5: Notices

    Notices Federal Communications Commission Statement •. This.device.may.not.cause.harmful.interference,.and •. This.device.must.accept.any.interference.received.including. interference.that.may.cause.undesired.operation., generates,,.if.not.’s.instructions,.,. radio.or.television.reception,, •. Reorient.or.relocate.the.receiving.antenna. •. •. •. help. ®. Partner, product.meets.the.Energy.Star ®. Canadian Department of Communications Statement

  • Page 6: Safety.information

    Safety information •. Before.setting.up.uFOTO, that.came.with.the.package..•., moisture... •. •. Before.turning.the.device.on,.make.sure.that.all.cables.are. encounter.any.damage, •., company.. •. Use.the.appropriate.power.plug.which.complies.with.your.local. power.standard. •. Do.not.overload.power.strips.and.extention.cords..Overloading. •. Avoid.dust,.humidity, •. Place.uFOTO.on.a.stable.surface. •. used.for.a.long.period.of.time..This.will.protect.the.device.from. •. To.ensure.satisfactory.operation,.use.uFOTO.only.with.UL.listed. computers.which.have.appropriate.configured.receptacles. marked.between.100-240V.AC... •.,.contact.a. qualified.service.technician.or.your.retailer...

  • Page 7: Care.&.cleaning

    Care & Cleaning •. Follow.the.correct.lifting.techniques.when.positioning.uFOTO.. Grasp.the.edges.when.lifting.or.carrying.uFOTO. •. Clean.the.surface.with.a.lint-free,.non-abrasive.cloth..Stains.may. be.removed.with.a.cloth.dampened.with.mild.cleaner.. •. Avoid.using.a.cleaner.containing.alcohol.or.acetone..Use.a. cleaner.intended.for.use.with.the.LCD..Never.spray.cleaner. directly.on.the.screen, electric.shock. The following indications are normal with uFOTO: •. of.the.fluorescent.light..When.this.happens, switch.then.turn.the.device.back.on. •. You.may.find.slightly.uneven.brightness.on.the.screen. •.,.an.afterimage.of.the. previous.screen.may.remain.after.switching.images..The.screen. •.,.contact.your.

  • Page 8: Notes.for.this.manual

    Notes for This Manual,.allowing. WARNING! safe.operation. IMPORTANT!,.components,.or.persons. TIP:.Tips.for.completing.tasks. NOTE: .Information.for.special.situations. Where to find more information 1. ASUS websites The.ASUS.websites.worldwide.provide.updated.information.on. 2. Optional documentation Your.product.package.may.include.optional.documentation. are.not.part.of.the.standard.package. viii...

  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Hardware Introduction

    Chapter 1 Hardware introduction This.chapter.provides.a.general.description.of.uFOTO.UF735. including.the.installation.requirements,.hardware.features,.and.basic. installation.procedures.

  • Page 10: Package.contents

    Package contents Check.your.uFOTO.UF735.Digital.Photo.Frame.package.for.the. following.items: uFOTO photo frame Power adaptor USB cable Warranty card Support CD Quick Start Guide,.contact.your. retailer.immediately. Optional accessories: SPLENDID MENU Digital Camera USB flash disk PC / Notebook memory card (under mass storage mode) Chapter.1:.Hardware.introduction...

  • Page 11: System.requirements.for.sub-display.function

    System requirements for sub-display function Make.sure.your.PC./.Notebook.syetem.meets.the.minimum. requirements: Minimum requirements •. Windows.XP •. 1GHz.CPU. •. 512MB.RAM. •. Recommended specifications •. Windows.XP •. 2GHz.CPU. •. 1GB.RAM. •. ASUS.UFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 12: Hardware.introduction

    Hardware introduction Front view Stereo speakers Play/Confirm button Back view Menu button Return button Next button Left/Up button Righ/Down button Power button Reset Support stand Chapter.1:.Hardware.introduction...

  • Page 13: Side.view

    Right / Down Left / Up Confirm / Play or Pause / Quick Power On Power On/Off Side view mini-USB port (A/B type) USB port Headphone port (A type) SD/MMC/xD/MS/MS Pro port CF Type I port DC IN port ASUS.UFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 14: To.connect.ufoto

    Connecting your uFOTO PC / Notebook SPLENDID MENU Camera (under mass storage mode)/ USB flash disk Memory card To connect you uFOTO: 2.a.. camera. (under mass .or.USB. storage mode) 1.. Plug.the.uFOTO.power. uFOTO. outlet. SPLENDID MENU 2.c.. 2.b..

  • Page 15: Chapter 2: Getting Started

    Chapter 2 Getting started,.,,.displaying.the.calendar,. and.using.the.Sub-Display..

  • Page 16: Using.your.ufoto.for.the.first.time

    1.. Press. .or. .to.turn.on.the.device. 2.. 3.. 4.. .is.for.quick.power.on.only; device..Press. safe. ent. Power button Installing the ASUS uFOTO Utility and.sub-display..To.normally.use.the.functions, the.ASUS.uFOTO.Utility.successfully. To.install.the.ASUS uFOTO Utility: 1.. 2.. Double-click.the ASUS uFOTO Utility.icon,.then.the.follow.the. 3.. Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 17: Ufoto.placement,.you.can.conveniently.position.your. uFOTO.either.vertically.or.horizontally.on.a.stable.and.flat.surface. Horizontal placement Vertical placement The.display.automatically.rotates.90.degrees.clockwise. depending.on.your.preferred.orientation. Adjust the support stand: Rotate the support stand clockwise Back view Front view to adjust and support vertical or horizontal placement. ASUS.uFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 18: Screen Menu

    Screen menu photos,,,.and.using.. the.Sub-Display.. Setting your uFOTO Configure.several.basic.settings.from.the.Setting.function..From.the.,.use. .or. , confirm.button. .to.enter. Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 19 the Time and Date.item, Calendar.display.. To set the time: 1.., > Time and Date > display.the.following.screen. 2.. Use. .or. values..Press. .to.confirm.the.setting. To set the date: 1.., > Time and Date > display.the.following.screen. ASUS.uFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 20

    2.. Use. .or. values..Press. .to.confirm.the.setting. Brightness Setting the alarm 1.., > following.screen. 2.. Use. .or., •. Set.the.snooze. •. Set.the.alarm.time. •. Set.the.alarm.type Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 21

    •. Select.Audio,.. USB.device, •. .or. AI Light The.AI.Light.feature.smartly.adjusts.the.brightness.of.the.LCD.screen. . Light-in-Motion When.enabled, specific.color. ASUS.uFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 22

    Information,. the.status.of.the.inserted.memory.card, version..Set Default the.current.settings. Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 23:

    To display images from your personal memory card: 1.. slot. 2.. Select.the.image.file(s) To display images from your USB device (Digital Camera / USB flash disk): 1.. your.uFOTO. uFOTO Bundled USB cable Digital camera (under mass storage mode) Insert.your.USB.flash.disk.into.the.USB.port.on.the.uFOTO. uFOTO 2.. ASUS.uFOTO.UF735...

  • Page 24:

    To display images from "My uFOTO Picture" folder in your computer (Sub-Display function): 1.. uFOTO. SPLENDID MENU Bundled USB cable UFOTO computer 2.."Data Synchronization" uFOTO. Previewing photos 1..,.use. .or. , .to. enter. 2.., .to.view.the.browsing. screen..

  • Page 25: Adjusting.effects

    •. Vivid mode: enhances.saturation.and.contrast.for.a.more.. . saturated.color.. •. Nostalgic Mode: •. Spotlight Mode: enhances.color.sharpness.and.strong.. . contrast. •. Black and White Mode: Slideshow Mode, Transition Effect Frequency Story Mode background. Play with MP3 ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-11...

  • Page 26:

    MP3 Menu currently.playing.MP3.file. Copying photos to your uFOTO,.USB. device,.PC, Memory capacity table Item Space Internal memory 128MB usable memory 100MB • When stored in the internal memory of the uFOTO, the photos are automatically resized into a 720 x 480 resolution. •...

  • Page 27:

    Deleting photos from your uFOTO Deleting a single photo: 1.. While.browsing,, .to.check.the. 2.. Select.Delete, 3.., Deleting all photos: 1.. While.browsing,.press. 2.. Select.Select All, 3.. Press. .again, 4.. Select, ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-13...

  • Page 28:

    Listening to MP3s Enjoy.with.your.uFOTO! memory.card,.USB.device,.or.My uFOTO Music computer.,.use.. .and. , .to. enter. The.uFOTO.only.supports.files.of..mp3.format. To play music from your personal memory card: 1.. Insert.your.memory.card.with.MP3.files.into.the.corresponding. slot. 2.. To play music from your USB device: 1.. bundled.USB.cable. Insert.your.USB.device.into.the.USB.port.on.your.uFOTO. 2..

  • Page 29:

    Copying MP3 files to your uFOTO You.can.copy.your.favorite.MP3.files.from.your.memory.card,.USB. device,.PC, Copying a single MP3 file: 1..,, 2.. Select.Copy to, 3.. MP3.file, .to.confirm.the.setting. Copying all MP3 files: 1..,.press. 2.. Select.Select All, .again, 3.. Press. 4.. mp3.files, .to.confirm.the.setting. ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-15...

  • Page 30: Deleting.mp3.files.from.your.ufoto

    Deleting MP3 files from your uFOTO Deleting a single MP3 file: 1..,, 2.. Select.Delete, 3.., Deleting all MP3 files: 1..,.press. 2.. Select.Select All, 3.. Press. .again, 4.., 2-16 Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 31: Calendar

    Photos in Time and date slideshow mode Calendar SlideShow While.displaying.the.calendar, From.the.Calendar.screen,.press. , Viewing Configuring Calendar settings From.the.Calendar.screen,.press. .to.configure.several.settings.for. Slideshow Mode random.mode. Transition Effect Frequency Play with MP3 Photo Source ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-17...

  • Page 32: Reminiscence

    Reminiscence section.Reminiscence.for.more.details. Sub/Full Screen Mode Screen.or.Full Screen. MP3 Menu currently.playing.MP3.file.. Reminiscence Use. .and. values..Press. .to.confirm.the.setting. 2-18 Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 33: Software.introduction

    Software introduction To.install.the.ASUS uFOTO Utility: 1.. 2.. Double-click.the ASUS uFOTO Utility.icon,.then.the.follow.the. 3.. Data synchronization Before.using.this.function, ASUS.uFOTO.Utility. To synchronize data: 1.. USB.cable.. 2.. Select Mass Storage, .to.enter. 3.. Double-click.the.ASUS uFOTO Utility uFOTO Folder Sync utility.

  • Page 34

    Select Sub-Display, then press to enter. Double-click Sub-Display on the computer desktop to start the ASUS Sub-Display Utility. To use the Sub-Display functions: When the utility is activated, the same display is shown both on your computer and on your uFOTO.

  • Page 35

    Duplication mode will.see.the.same.movements.simultaneously.while.editing.a. word,.deleting.a.file,.writing.a.sentence,.etc.,.the.screen.on.your. Hand-shaped cursor the.screen.with.the.hand-shaped.cursor. Selection mode Scroll bar Checkbox Preview screen ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-21...

  • Page 36

    After.selecting.the.window,.check.the.checkbox.on.the.down.right.side. of.the.preview.screen. Extension mode When.enabling.the.extension.mode,.you.can.hide.the.current.viewing. uFOTO.. 2-22 Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

  • Page 37

    Advanced settings Adjustment.and.Display.Setting. Advanced settings Image.Adjustment.(Brightness,.Constrast,.Quality,.Speed) Display.Setting.(Display.resolution.selection) ASUS.uFOTO.UF735 2-23...

  • Page 38: Specifications.summary

    Specifications summary Panel Type TFT LCD Panel size 7" screen Resolution 720 x 480 Pixel pitch 0.1905 mm x 0.1905 mm Brightness (Max.) 220 nits Contrast Ratio (Typ.) 800:1 Response time 30 ms Battery Internal / non-removable, rechargable Li-polymer battery Battery life time Lasting for 60 minutes system operation >...

  • Page 39: Troubleshooting.(faq)

    I cannot launch the Sub-Display function • The USB cable is not well connected. • The ASUS uFOTO utility is not completely installed. Refer to page 2-19 and re-install the utility. • The Sub-Display function cannot work with the Mass Storage mode simultaneously.

  • Page 40

    2-26 Chapter.2:.Getting.started...

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