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Samsung SMT-W5100E User Manual

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Handset User Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 SMT-W5100E Handset User Guide...
  • Page 2 SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA reserves the right without prior notice to revise information in this publication for any reason. SAMSUNG TELECOMMUNICATIONS AMERICA also reserves the right without prior notice to make changes in design or components of equipment as engineering and manufacturing may warrant.
  • Page 3: Conventions/Symbols

    SAFETY CONCERNS For product safety and correct operation, the following information must be given to the operator/user and shall be read before the installation and operation. Conventions/Symbols WARNING This paragraph contains This icon indicates a general safety instructions that users caution.
  • Page 4: Caution

    The battery shall be used Do not put instruments that Do not place the phone in a only for the SMT-W5100E contain water such as dusty area or in fluctuating phone. vases, cups, cosmetics, and temperature environments. medicines, or small metals...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Conventions/Symbols ..................1 Warning......................1 Caution ....................... 2 About This Guide ....................6 Overview of SMT-W5100E.................. 6 Phone Layout ..................... 6 Button Description........................7 Icon (Display) Description ......................8 Unpacking ......................8 Installing the Battery ..................8 Removing the Battery ..................9 Charging the Battery ..................
  • Page 6 Features Used During a Call ................19 Mute on a Call ......................... 19 Conference Call while on the Phone..................19 Call Transfer ..........................20 Holding a Call.......................... 20 Right Navigation Key........................ 20 Station Call Pickup ........................21 Menu Structure....................22 Phone Book ......................
  • Page 7 Reset ............................41 Program Msg (Programmed Message) ..................42 Phone Lock ..........................42 Intern. Lock (Internal Lock)...................... 43 Call Answer ..........................43 System......................44 Registration..........................44 Encryption key......................... 47 Unregistration.......................... 48 QoS (WMM: WiFi MultiMedia)....................48 MAC Address........................... 48 Version Info..........................49 Help ........................
  • Page 8: About This Guide

    Please take the time to study this guide to become familiar with the operation of your SMT-W5100E and the benefits this new phone can provide. Keep this guide handy. You may need to look up instructions for infrequently used features.
  • Page 9: Button Description

    Button Description Name Description Button Headset Connection Hole Used when connecting the Headset. Backlight Button Used when illuminating the display and keypad. Used when moving the menu bar upward or Navigation Buttons entering the soft menu. Used when moving the menu bar downward or entering the volume/ring menu.
  • Page 10: Icon (Display) Description

    Indicates the battery charging level. : fully charged : sufficient : insufficient : needs to be charged immediately Unpacking After purchasing the SMT-W5100E phone, you have to check that the following items have been packed in the box. User Guide/ Earphone Quick & Installation Battery Quick &...
  • Page 11: Installing The Battery

    Installing the Battery Put the lower part of your battery, and then install the battery by pressing the upper part. Removing the Battery Press the button and the battery is separated and raised as shown in the figure below. Lift up and remove the battery.
  • Page 12: Charging The Battery

    Charging the Battery After checking each component of the phone, charge the battery as shown in the figure below. • Charging the battery • Charging the battery with phone Checking the Battery Status The battery status can be checked by looking at the battery status icons given below that appear on the LCD panel of the Partially...
  • Page 13: To Turn The Power On

    BASIC FEATURES To Turn the Power On Press the button for more than 2 seconds. When power is on without the registration, the ‘Unregistered’ message will be displayed. Register the phone according to the following procedure: [MENU] [8.System] [1. Registration]. For more details, refer to descriptions in [System] of ‘Application Menus’.
  • Page 14: Using The Call Logs

    Press the button. Press the button to hang up the phone. Using the Call Logs You can view not only the latest calls or received phone numbers but also absent subscriber messages. This is achieved by simply selecting the desired phone number for information or to make a call.
  • Page 15: Answering A Call

    Answering a Call Press any button except [Volume] button, Button ) to start a conversation while the phone is ringing. You can set how to answer the incoming call ‘7. Phone Settings’ from Application Menu’ in this guide. Volume Adjustment You can adjust the key button volume, and voice volume from the other party.
  • Page 16: Setting The Vibration Mode

    Setting the Vibration Mode For not interrupting other people in public places or during a meeting, you can set the phone to vibration instead of ringing. To Set up the Vibration Mode Press the button for more than 2 seconds on the initial screen. Then the Vibration mode icon will be displayed on the top of phone screen and the phone will vibrate instead of ringing if there is an incoming call.
  • Page 17: Entering Characters

    Entering Characters This section describes how to enter uppercase/lowercase English characters and special characters. Buttons Used for Entering Characters The buttons used for entering the characters are as follows. [MENU] button: Screen for entering [ENG(uppercase)] appears first and a menu bar prompting you to select [eng(lowercase)/Sym(Special character)] on the lower part of the screen.
  • Page 18: How To Enter Special Characters

    Count Dial Button ‘space’ To enter characters, press the button where a desired character is displayed repetitively to display the next character.(e.g., If the number [5] button is pressed, the character ‘J’ is entered. If the [5] button is pressed once more, the ‘K’ is entered.) How to Enter Special Characters Press the [MENU] button and select [Sym] from the menu bar...
  • Page 19: Features On A Calling Failure

    CONVENIENT FEATURES Features on a Calling Failure This section describes functions that can be used for internal calls when the other party is busy or when a call cannot be connected due to features such as ‘Do Not Disturb’, set by the other party.
  • Page 20: Station Message

    Station Message If an internal call cannot be connected, you can send a message. If other party is not answering, ‘busy’ or ‘rejecting call’ is set, then press the [MENU] button. Press the button and move to [2.Message] Press [OK] button. icon appears on the other party’s phone.
  • Page 21: Features Used During A Call

    Features Used During a Call These convenient functions may be used during a call. Mute on a Call This is used to block your voice from your phone during a call. But you can still hear the other party. Press the [MENU] button during a phone conversation. Press the button and move to [1.
  • Page 22: Call Transfer

    When the call is connected with the 3rd party, press the [MENU] button and select the [2. Conference]. Then press the [MENU] button once more and select the [2. Conference] to start the conference. If you want to delete the one member while in a conference, press the [MENU] and select the [2.
  • Page 23: Station Call Pickup

    Station Call Pickup To pick up (answer) a call at another station. Press [6], [5] and Press the extension number of the ring phone.
  • Page 24: Menu Structure

    APPLICATION MENUS Menu Structure Press the [MENU] button in idle mode. The main application menu will appear on the screen. The Menu screen displays the functions-Phone Book, Utilities, Message, Soft Menu, Volume/Ring, Phone Settings, System and Help as icons. 1. Phonebook 4.
  • Page 25 7. Phone Settings 9. Help Phome Name Function Desc Background Troubleshooting Password Language Back Light LCD Contrast Call Setting Reset Program Msg Phone Lock Intern. Lock Call Answer 8. System Registration Encryption Key Unregistration QoS(WMM) MAC Address Version Info...
  • Page 26: Phone Book

    Phone Book Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [1. Phone Book] icon to find out various methods to make a call. Find Number This function allows you to search a phone number by name, number and location. Search by Name You can search and make a call the desired phone number using a name.
  • Page 27 Search by Number You can search and make a call the desired phone number using a phone number. [MENU] 1. Phone book [OK] 1. Find Number 2. By Number Enter a phone number [OK] If you press the [OK] button without entering a number, all the numbers in the list saved will be displayed.
  • Page 28: Outgoing Calls

    Modifying/Deleting Phone Number This is the method to modify or delete the saved phone number. [MENU] 1. Phone book [OK] 1. Find Number 1/2/3 Enter Name/Phone number/Speed dial number [OK] [MENU] 1. Edit Modify phone number [OK] To delete the phone number, select [2.
  • Page 29: Missed Calls

    [MENU] 1. Phone book [OK] 3. Incoming Calls (Select the phone number) [OK] or The maximum of up to 99 phone numbers can be saved in the list. If they are all filled up, the oldest phone number is erased when a new received phone number is saved. Missed Calls After view only the latest missed phone number, select the desired phone number and make a call.
  • Page 30: Delete Lists

    Delete Lists This function enables you to delete phone numbers registered in the phone book or calling numbers and called numbers. [MENU] 1. Phone book [OK] 6. Delete List [OK] 1. Del Phone Book Enter a Password (Yes/No) [OK] - To delete the list of calling numbers saved in the phone book, select [2.
  • Page 31: Utilities

    Utilities Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [2. Utilities] icon. Alarm You can set or disable the alarm. [MENU] 2. Utilities [OK] 1. Alarm [OK] 1. Set Alarm [OK] (Select alarm interval) [OK] Enter alarm time [OK] - To disable the alarm, select [2.
  • Page 32: Calculator

    Modifying/Deleting Schedule This function allows you to modify or delete the registered schedule. [MENU] 2. Utilities [OK] 2. Schedule [OK] Select dates [OK] select schedule list [MENU] 1. Modify Modify Time/contents/melody [OK] To delete a schedule, select [2. Delete]. To add a schedule, select [3.
  • Page 33: World Time

    World Time This function allows you to check current date and time in each region of the world. [MENU] 2. Utilities [OK] 4. World Time [OK] (Move the meridian line) the corresponding time of each capital name will be shown. Time and date of other cities Move the meridian line to the city where you are located and press the [OK] button.
  • Page 34: Message

    Message Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [3.Message] icon. This menu allows you to check an extension message or a voice message. Station Message You can send a reply by checking messages received from an extension on the busy state. [MENU] 3.
  • Page 35: Volume/Ring

    Volume/Ring Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [4. Volume/Ring] icon. You can press the in idle mode to perform the same function. Incoming Calls Tone Ring Type You can select the modes of call sound such as the ring, vibration, ring after vibration and Light only.
  • Page 36: Connection Tone

    You can adjust the volume of the bell by using the [Volume] button. Connection Tone This function enables to set an alarm in call connection. [MENU] 4. Volume/Ring [OK] 2. Connection Tone [OK] (Select On/Off) [OK] Key Tone This function enables you to set the type of key tone.
  • Page 37: Soft Menu

    Soft Menu Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [5. Soft Menu] icon. Station Message You can send a reply by checking messages received from an extension on the busy state [MENU] 5. Soft Menu [OK] 1.
  • Page 38: Conference

    Conference You can call multiple parties to have a conversation in one channel. Up to five persons, including the person holding the conference, can participate in a conference call. Loading Conference Group You can load a conference group from the system and have a conference with the group.
  • Page 39 Entering Each Member You can have a conference by entering directly phone number of each member. [MENU] 5. Soft Menu [OK] 4. Conference [OK] 2. Each Conf. [OK] Enter phone number of member [OK] Enter phone number of next member [OK] mark means that you have completed entering the phone number.
  • Page 40: Call Forward

    Call Forward Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [6. Call Forward] icon. This feature enables you to forward your incoming calls to a specific extension, group of extensions or external number when you are unable to receive an incoming call. [MENU] 6.
  • Page 41: Phone Settings

    Phone Settings Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [7. Phone Settings] icon. The submenus are not displayed until a password is entered. Phone Name This function enables you to enter random characters on the screen displayed on the initial screen.
  • Page 42: Language

    Language This feature enables you to set the language displayed on the screen of the phone. [MENU] 7. Phone Settings [OK] Enter a Password 4. Language [OK] (Select language) [OK] Back Light This function enables you to set the intensity of the lighting on the phone screen. Lighting Time This function enables you to set the time for background lighting, which lights automatically when...
  • Page 43: Lcd Contrast

    LCD Contrast This feature support to set the LCD contrast if you want to change it. [MENU] 7. Phone Settings [OK] Enter a password 6. LCD Contrast [OK] Call Setting This function allows the call to remain on when the handset is placed on the charger.
  • Page 44: Program Msg (Programmed Message)

    Program Msg (Programmed Message) This funtion enables to advise your absence by sending a programmed message to the caller, when you are in absence. [MENU] 7. Phone Settings [OK] Enter a password 9. Program Msg [OK] 1. On (Select a message) [OK] To cancel the programmed message setting, select [2.
  • Page 45: Intern. Lock (Internal Lock)

    Intern. Lock (Internal Lock) This function enables to lock incoming/outgoing calls to prevent others from using your phone without permission. [MENU] 7. Phone Settings [OK] Enter a ▶ password *. Intern. Lock [OK] ▶ (Select lock option) [OK] - To disable the lock function, select [1. Unlock]. - To lock an outgoing trunk call, select [2.
  • Page 46: System

    System Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [8. System] icon. Registration This function enables to register a phone to the wireless LAN system(main system). The phone is available only after registered to the system. DHCP Mode This function enables to register a phone to the system using a dynamic IP address.
  • Page 47 Select the Encryption Mode. In case a WEP key has been enabled, select ASCII Mode or HEX Mode to enter the WEP Key. In case a WPA_PSK or WPA2_PSK key has been enabled, select AES Mode or TKIP Mode to enter the Encryption Key.
  • Page 48 Static IP Mode This function enables to register a phone to the system using a fixed IP address. Enter a phone IP address. Enter the System IP address. Enter the System Gateway. Enter the System Netmask. The next steps are the same as Step 1 to 9 of DHCP mode registration.
  • Page 49: Encryption Key

    If the problem is not solved, follow the troubleshooting procedure described in ‘Phone registration failure’ of ‘Annex’, and if the problem is still not solved, contact the system administrator, reseller, or the service center. For the initial screen, one display can be selected from 4 displays. Initial Screen Refer to ‘7.
  • Page 50: Unregistration

    This function enables a user to clear the registration information stored in the wireless phone(SMT-W5100E) when the wireless phone is registered in the system. The user should check the user password before performing the unregistration function.
  • Page 51: Version Info

    Version Info You can find out the version number and the date of the software of your handset. [MENU] 8. System [OK] 6. Version Info [OK]...
  • Page 52: Help

    Help Press the [MENU] button in idle mode, and then select the [9. Help] icon. Function Description For the convenience of users, Function Descriptions provides some helps on using functions. [MENU] 9. Help [OK] (Select the function description) [OK] Soft Menu: Briefly describes SoftMenu including Station Msg, DoNotDisturb, Page and Conference.
  • Page 53 - Take the battery out from the charger and put the battery in again. - If the yellow light continues to flash, clean the charging phones of the charger. - If the yellow light continues to flash despite the above measures, contact the Samsung Electronics service center.
  • Page 54 - Check if the power of the system or AP is on and reregister the phone. - Move to a serviceable area of the system or AP and reregister the phone. - If the problem is not solved, contact the Samsung service center. Calls are disconnected frequently.
  • Page 55: Product Specifications

    ANNEX Product Specifications The specifications of the SMT-W5100E are as follows. Items Specification Model Name SMT-W5100E Frequency 2400~2483.5 MHz Size(mm) 46(width) × 138.4(length) × 18(height) Operating Temperature 0~45˚C Operating Humidity 0~90% Weight 106.5 g (3.75 oz) Battery Charge Time 3.5 Hour(Li-Ion)
  • Page 56 . c o m / b c s SMT-W5100E-UG 01 10/2006...