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Version 1.00
July, 2011

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    NSA310 Support Note Version 1.00 July, 2011 [鍵入文字]...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2. What kind of RAID is supported in NSA310?..............21 3. What is the file system supported in NSA320?..............21 4. Which kind of the multimedia server does NSA310 support? .......... 21 5. Does NSA320 support DLNA media server? ..............21 6.

  • Page 3: Chapter 1 Applications, Nas Starter Utility

    1. NAS Starter Utility 1. 1.1 NAS Starter Utility Installation After you install a new hard drive on the NSA310, please make sure to use the NAS Starter Utility to discover and access the NSA310 to assign an IP address by DHCP or a static IP.

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    After successful installation, click the “NAS Starter Utility”. The first screen of NSU shows the result of NSA Discovery. Click your NSA310’s button and click Run the Initialization Wizard to set up the NAS310. If the connection is green, it means this NAS is able to be reached by the PC shown in the screen.

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    Figure 9. Choose a wizard type Figure 10. Change the password. Check if the settings are correct and click Next to begin configuring NSA310. Figure 11. Confirm settings. Figure 12. NAS is under setting. Figure 13. Configuration is finished.

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    Click Import files or folders with zPilot to launch zPilot. When you would like to upload files to NSA310, just drag files onto zPilot icon. The files will be automatically uploaded and sorted based on their types: Music, Photo and Video. The files which are not the categorized in Music, Photo or Video will be uploaded to the Public folder.

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    1.5 Directory Click Show the directory of the NAS and enter your username and password. Then the directory of NSA310 will pop up. You will see the files you uploaded through zPilot are automatically categorized by their types. Figure 19. NSU main menu.

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    1.6 Device Management Click Manage the device and enter admin’s username and password to access NSA310’s GUI. Then the administrator can manage the device and change the configurations. Figure 19. NSU main menu. Figure 20. Enter admin’s username and password to login GUI.

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    The username can be admin or other regular users. The Home screen displays. You can click on the icon to listen to the music, watch the movies or enjoy the photos stored in the NSA310. Figure 24. NSA310 Home Screen.

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    You can select one category in the list to play the music. Figure 25. Play the music by selecting the category. Just click on the song to start playing the music. Figure 26. Music Folder. Figure 27. Music List.

  • Page 11: Auto Upload Service, Auto-upload Pictures To Flickr

    ZyXEL NSA310 provides users to automatically upload their pictures to Flickr website (http://www.Flickr.com) and video files to You Tube website (http://www.youtube.com). Additionally, automatically FTP uploading is supported in NSA310. To use this feature, you need to download the same package as NSA210’s. 2.1 Auto-upload pictures to Flickr For sharing pictures in Flickr website (http://www.Flickr.com), NSA310 supports...

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    Flickr. In the following popup browser, you need to authorize the connection between your account and your NSA310. Figure 29. Authorization between your account and NSA310. The following figure shows that you agree this link after press “OK” button.

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    After allowing the agreement in Flickr page, please also press the “Get ready” button in NSA310. Figure 31. Press “Get Ready”. You also can check the service status in NSA310 under Auto Upload > Flickr/YouTube. In this case, we can see the storage status in your Fickr account.

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    Figure 32. Monitor the service status. Afterwards, users need to set which folder(s) in your NSA310 will be monitored and uploaded to Flickr website. In this example, we are going to set folder named as “2009_SpaceTraveling” under public folder to be monitored and uploaded all the pictures to Flickr website.

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    Figure 34. Configure “Grace Period” in the GUI. Please specify the given folder that NSA310 will watch and upload the pictures after applying configuration. Figure 35. Specify the folder. Please remember to press “APPLY” button after specifying the given folder. NSA310 will monitor any need added pictures in the folder you assigned after you press apply button.

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    Figure 36. Press “Apply” after specifying the folder. After 15 minutes, NSA310 will upload new added photos to Flickr website. In this example, we can see one picture has been uploaded to Flickr website. Figure 37. Uploaded photo.

  • Page 17: Package Management

    3. Package Management Package management is used to set up more useful applications in NSA310. This feature enables user to use the following applications: BackupPlanner, DyDNS, Gallery, NFS, PHP-MySQL-phpMyAdmin, SMART, SqueezeCenter, Wordpress and eMule. Firstly, click Applications > Package Management to display the screen. Then the applications are listed as below.

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    Figure 40. Applications’ link. 3. 3.1 Gallery Gallery is a web-based application that allows NSA310 to host photos. You can upload photos in the local computers or stored in NSA310. Use the administrator account of NSA310 to log in to the Gallery GUI.

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    Figure 41. Enter Gallery GUI. Figure 42. Use Admin account to log in. Figure 43. Upload photos from NSA310.

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    Figure 44. Add selected files. Then you can view the uploaded photos and edit photos in the screen. Figure 45. Uploaded photos.

  • Page 21: Chapter 2 Faq, Which Kind Of The Multimedia Server Does Nsa310 Support

    External file system: FAT32, FAT16, EXT2, EXT3 and Reiser FS. Which kind of the multimedia server does NSA310 support? NSA310 supports Squeeze Center, DLNA server, UPnP AV Server, iTunes Server. Does NSA310 support DLNA media server? Yes. NSA310 supports DLNA 1.5 compliant media server.

  • Page 22: Which Kinds Of Web Browsers Are Supported By Nsa310

    9. What is the feature “Wake On LAN”? You can turn on the NSA310 through its wired Ethernet connection after enabling Wake On LAN. To use Wake On LAN from a computer on your LAN, install a program such as Wake On LAN EX or other Wake On LAN programs that support sending magic packets.

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