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HP iPAQ 310 Product Manual: Map Visualization; Daylight And Night Color Schemes; Current Position And Lock-on-road

Hp ipaq 310: product guide.
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1:31 h
3:16: 43
29 km/k

Map visualization

The current version of the Travel Companion is primarily intended for land navigation. That is why maps
in the Travel Companion look similar to paper roadmaps (when using daytime colors and 2D map mode).
However, the Travel Companion provides much more than regular paper maps can. The look and the
contents can be changed.

Daylight and night color schemes

The daylight and night color schemes let you adjust the Travel Companion to the brightness of the
environment. Use the daylight and night color schemes accordingly. Daylight colors are similar to paper
roadmaps, while the night color schemes use dark tints for large objects to keep the average brightness
of the screen low, with carefully selected colors to still keep you informed about all the necessary
information on the screen.
You can change between day and night views manually in Settings, or let the Travel Companion do it
automatically for you.
The automatic day/night mode is based upon the current date and GPS position by which the
Travel Companion calculates the exact sunrise and sunset times on the particular day at the particular
location. Using that information the Travel Companion can automatically switch between the color
schemes a few minutes before sunrise, when the sky has already turned bright, and a few minutes after
sunset before it gets dark.
To further enhance the effect of the night color scheme, you can instruct the Travel Companion
to decrease the display backlight when the night colors are used. Set the desired backlight levels for
both daylight and night modes.

Current position and Lock-on-Road

When your GPS position is available, a blue arrow (yellow when using night colors) shows your location
on the map.
The direction of the arrow represents your heading. The arrow is sized and vertically rotated with the
zoom and tilt levels to always look realistic.
Your Travel Companion has a built-in Lock-on-Road feature that always puts the position arrow on the
road, on the axis of the street in case of one-way streets, or on the side of the road where you drive
(e.g. on the right in Germany and on the left in the U.K.) on two-way roads.
GPS reception quality
Opens GPS Data screen
Time to destination and ETA at destination
Time and ETA to next Via point
Current speed
Distance to next Via point and destination
Opens the Main menu (Go to, Map, Route, Nav Extras,
Map visualization


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