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HP iPAQ 310 Product Manual: Smart Powersave; Map Settings; Alternative Road Names; Show Street Labels

Hp ipaq 310: product guide.
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Smart Powersave

When running on battery, Smart Powersave lights up the screen only when you press a button or tap
the screen. After a few seconds, the light level decreases, and after another few seconds, the backlight
turns off. This helps you conserve the battery and achieve a longer battery life.

Map settings

These settings determine how maps are displayed on the Travel Companion.

Alternative Road Names

Some highways have an international name or number for foreign travelers. You can decide whether to
show only the local name or both.

Show Street Labels

You can set whether or not to see the names of the streets and the POI icons on the map while driving.
Based on the current zoom and tilt levels, street names are displayed either aligned with the street or
on signposts on the streets (Streets and roads). If you switch these signs on, it is easier to recognize
your location on the map. If you turn them off, it is easier to see the road geometry.
You can only disable street names and POI icons if the Travel Companion follows your position.
As soon as you move the map and Lock-to-Position is disabled, street names and icons become visible
again. Tap

2D/3D map view

In 2D map view mode, the map is displayed in a conventional top-down view with a fixed North-up
orientation. You cannot tilt or rotate the map. The elevation of the map is displayed with colors and
shading similar to a topographic map.
In 3D map view mode, the map shows a perspective view. You can change the vertical angle of the
view, you can rotate the map, and turn 3D map elements on or off.

POI visibility

The maps in the Travel Companion come with a huge number of POIs. Displaying all of them would
make the screen too crowded. In order to avoid this, you can decide which POI groups to show and
which ones to hide on the map, and how close you need to zoom in to start seeing a particular POI
group. Your Travel Companion has a multi-level POI category system. You can set the visibility of all
levels. Subgroups can inherit the visibility settings of the group, but you can also assign different settings
to any subgroup.
To view POIs:
When you tap the button, you will see the list of the top-level POI groups is displayed:
Tap any of the group names to see the list of its subgroups.
The two screens are similar. You have the following buttons on these screens:
to re-enable Lock-to-Position and have the labels and icons disappear again.
This POI group has subgroups. Tap this, or the name of the
groups to see the list of its subgroups.
Visual settings


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