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Casio YA-G30 User Manual

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3D Glasses YA-G30
3D Glasses YA-G30
本書は、 お読みになった後も大切に保管してください。
User's Guide
Be sure to keep all user documentation handy for future reference.
Bitte bewahren Sie die gesamte Benutzerdokumentation für späteres Nachschlagen auf.
Mode d'emploi
Conservez la documentation à portée de main pour toute référence future.
Guía del usuario
Asegúrese de tener a mano toda la documentación del usuario para futuras consultas.
Guida dell'utilizzatore
Conservare l'intera documentazione dell'utente a portata di mano per riferimenti futuri.
Förvara all användardokumentation nära till hands för framtida referens.
Guia do Usuário
Certifique-se de guardar toda a documentação do usuário à mão para futuras referências.



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  Summary of Contents for Casio YA-G30

  • Page 1 JEGFSISwChKTrRPo 3D Glasses YA-G30 3D Glasses YA-G30 取扱説明書 日本語 本書は、 お読みになった後も大切に保管してください。 User’s Guide English Be sure to keep all user documentation handy for future reference. Bedienungsanleitung Deutsch Bitte bewahren Sie die gesamte Benutzerdokumentation für späteres Nachschlagen auf. Mode d’emploi Français Conservez la documentation à...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. shall not be held liable for any loss or lost profits due to loss of data caused by malfunction or maintenance of this product, or any other reason.
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions About safety symbols Various symbols are used in this User’s Guide and on the product itself to ensure safe use, and to protect you and others against the risk of injury and against material damage. The meaning of each of the symbols is explained below. This symbol indicates information that, if ignored or applied incorrectly, could Warning possibly create the risk of death or serious personal injury.
  • Page 4 Warning Do not use malfunctioning 3D glasses. Do not use 3D glasses that are damaged, operating abnormally, or malfunctioning. Continued use creates the risk of personal injury, eye fatigue, deteriorated physical health, etc. Do not use 3D glasses that are broken or cracked. Avoid water and other liquids.
  • Page 5 Do not dispose of the 3D glasses by burning them. Never try to dispose of the 3D glasses by burning them. Doing so can cause an explosion, which creates the risk of fire and personal injury. Do not use or leave the 3D glasses in any of the following locations. Doing so creates the risk of fire and electric shock.
  • Page 6 Button battery Misuse of a battery can cause it to leak and stain the area around it, or to explode, creating the risk of fire and personal injury. Make sure that you always observe the following precautions. • Never try to take the batteries apart and do not allow them to become shorted. •...
  • Page 7 Caution Remove batteries from the 3D glasses immediately after they go dead. Remove batteries from the 3D glasses if you do not plan to use them for a long time. Be sure to follow all applicable local laws and regulations when disposing of batteries.
  • Page 8 Do not wear the 3D glasses for long periods. Should you experience any reddening, soreness, or irritation of your nose or temples, take off the 3D glasses. These symptoms can be caused by pressure generated by long-term wear of the 3D glasses, and create the risk of deteriorated physical health.
  • Page 9: Operating Precautions

    Operating Precautions Never use or store the 3D glasses in the following locations. Doing so creates the risk of malfunction of and damage to the 3D glasses. • Locations subjected to electrostatic charge • Locations subjected to temperature extremes • Locations subjected to extreme moisture •...
  • Page 10 Do not look at another type of monitor (computer monitor, digital timepiece, calculator, TV, etc.) while wearing the 3D glasses. Take off the 3D glasses before viewing any other device besides a CASIO 3D projector.
  • Page 11: Unpacking

    Unpacking 3D glasses Nose pieces × 2 Test batteries (CR2025 × 2) (One is attached to the glasses.) User’s Guide (This Manual) Warranty...
  • Page 12: General Guide

    General Guide Battery cover Lenses Synchronization sensor On button Nose piece Do not allow to become Press to turn on power. Attach one of the two nose blocked during use. While on, swaps the left and pieces provided that right images (page E-14). matches your nose.
  • Page 13: Loading The Batteries

    Loading the Batteries Important! Important! Important! To avoid damage to the battery cover, carefully follow the steps of the procedure below. Remove the battery cover screw. Load two CR2025 batteries. + side up. Hook your fingernail into the groove After carefully inserting the side of the indicated by .
  • Page 14 Secure the cover with the screw. When to replace the batteries If the 3D image seems to flicker when being viewed with the 3D glasses, it means that the batteries of the 3D glasses are low. Replace the batteries as soon as possible. E-12...
  • Page 15: Viewing 3D Images

    Viewing 3D Images While wearing the 3D glasses, you will able to view 3D images projected by a CASIO 3D projector (DLP-LINK 3D compatible models). After starting projection of 3D images from the projector, press the on button of the 3D glasses and then put on the glasses.
  • Page 16 L/R Swapping If you feel that the dimensionality of the 3D image appears backwards while viewing with the 3D glasses, it probably means that the shutter operations of the image and the glasses are reversed. When this happens, either press the projector’s [ENTER] key or press the on button of the 3D glasses to swap the left and right images with each other (L/R swapping).
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Lenses Of The Glasses

    Cleaning the Lenses of the Glasses Should the lenses of the glasses become dusty, wipe lightly with a soft cloth or lens cleaning paper. If this does not work, use a commercially available lens cleaner. Important! Important! Important! Never try to use anything else besides a soft cloth or lens cleaning paper to wipe the lenses. Never use any abrasive agent for cleaning.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Specifications Detection type DLP-LINK 3D Batteries CR2025 × 2 Rated Voltage/Capacitance 6V DC, 225mAh Power Consumption Battery Life Approximately 40 hours Sensor photo detection range 450nm to 950nm Operating temperature: 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F) Environment Operating humidity: 20 to 80% (non-condensation) Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 19 GUIDELINES LAID DOWN BY FCC RULES FOR USE OF THIS UNIT IN THE U.S.A. (not applicable to other areas). NOTICE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 20 Declaration of Conformity Model Number: YA-G30 Trade Name: CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Responsible party: CASIO AMERICA, INC. Address: 570 MT. PLEASANT AVENUE, DOVER, NEW JERSEY 07801 Telephone number: 973-361-5400 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules, Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
  • Page 21 Batterij niet weggooien, maar inlevern als KCA Manufacturer: CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. 6-2, Hon-machi 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8543, Japan Responsible within the European Union: CASIO EUROPE GmbH Casio-Platz 1, 22848 Norderstedt, Germany...
  • Page 22 Printed in China Imprimé en Chine P9M38-4800-00 MA1103-A...