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MOTOROLA RAZR V3X User Manual: Specific Absorption Rate Data

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05463 Motorola V3X ed.aw4
Health and General information from the mobile manufacturer
European Union Directives Conformance
Hereby, Motorola declare that this product is in
compliance with:
The essential requirements and
other relevant provisions of
Directive 1999/5/EC
All other relevant EU Directives
The above gives an example of a typical Product
Approval Number.
You can view your product's Declaration of Conformity
(DoC) to Directive 1995/5/EC EC the R&TTE Directive at – to find your DoC, enter
the product Approval Number from your product's
label in the 'Search' bar on the website.
User guide
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Caring for the Environment by Recycling
When you see this symbol on a Motorola
product do not dispose of the product with
household waste.
Recycling Mobile Phones and Accessories
Do not dispose of mobile phones or electrical
accessories such as chargers or headsets with your
household waste. In some countries or regions
collection systems are set up to handle electrical and
electronic waste items. Contact your regional
authorities for more details. If collection systems aren't
available return unwanted mobile phones or electrical
accessories to any Motorola Approved Service
Centre in your region.

Specific absorption rate data

This model meets international guidelines
for exposure to radio waves
Your mobile device is a radio transmitter and receiver.
It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to
radio waves recommended by international guidelines.
These guidelines were developed by the independent
scientific organization ICNIRP and include safety
margins designed to assure the protection of all
persons, regardless of age and health.
The guidelines use a unit of measurement known as
the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The ICNIRP SAR
limit for mobile devices used by the general public
is 2W/kg and the highest SAR value for this device
when tested at the ear was 0.57W/kg*. As mobile
devices offer a range of functions, they can be used
in other positions, such as on the body as described
in this user guide**. In this case, the highest tested
SAR value is 0.98 W/kg*.
As SAR is measured utilizing the device's highest
transmitting power, the actual SAR of this device while
operating is typically below that indicated above. This
is due to automatic changes to the power level of the
device to ensure it only uses the minimum level
required to reach the network.
While there may be differences between the SAR levels
of various phones and at various positions, they all
meet the governmental requirements for safe
exposure. Please note that improvements to this
product model could cause differences in the SAR value
for later products; in all cases, products are designed to
be within the guidelines.
The World Health Organisation has stated that present
scientific information does not indicate the need for
any special precautions for the use of mobile devices.
They note that if you want to reduce your exposure
then you can do so by limiting the length of calls or
using a 'hands-free' device to keep the mobile phone
away from the head and body.
Additional Information can be found on the
websites of the World Health Organisation
( or Motorola, Inc.
* The tests are carried out in accordance with international guidelines
for testing. The limit incorporates a substantial margin for safety to give
additional protection for the public and to account for any variations in
measurements. Additional related information includes the Motorola
testing protocol, assessment procedure, and measurement uncertainty
range for this product.
** Please see the Safety and General Information section about body
worn operation.
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