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Haier HHX3030 - 05-05 User Manual

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Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Haier HHX3030 - 05-05

  • Page 1: Range Hood

    Range Hood Extractor de Aire Hotte de Cuisiniere User Manual Model HHX3030 Guide de l’Utilisateur HHX3030 Manual del Usuario Modelo HHX3030...
  • Page 2: Safety Precautions

    English SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Warning! – To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, always exercise basic safety precautions, including the following: 1. Read all instructions before using the appliance. 2. Use this appliance only for its intended purpose as described in this user manual.
  • Page 3 English To reduce the risk of personal injury in the event of a range top grease fire: 1. NEVER pick up a flaming pan, as you may be injured. 2. DO NOT use water, including wet dishcloths or towels, to put out a fire. A violent steam explosion may result.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    1 User Manual Check to make sure that all parts and accessories are present and in good condition. If you find that they are not in good condition or are missing, please contact our customer service department for assistance. Our Toll-Free number...
  • Page 5: Installation Preparation

    7. Remove the 2 grease filters from the hood. Place them somewhere safe so they will not be damaged. 8. Remove the range hood’s bottom cover by removing the 4 screws holding it in place. Put the cover somewhere safe so that it will not be damaged and save the screws.
  • Page 6: Cabinet Preparation For Hoods Support

    English 9. Remove the range hood’s wire compartment cover. It is held in place by 1 screw. Place the cover and screw somewhere safe until needed. 10. Remove the range hood’s blower. Use a 3/8” nut driver or ratchet to remove the 4 nuts holding it in position (Fig.
  • Page 7 If a wall cap is used directly off the back of the hood, special care must be taken to ensure that the damper in the damper/duct connector on the hood and the damper in the wall cap do not interfere with each other when the range hood is operating.
  • Page 8 Transfer the location of the selected range hood knockouts to the bottom of the cupboard or onto the wall, then cut or drill a hole to allow for clearance of the electrical cable clamp. Be careful not to cut into any hidden utilities, such as electrical wires.
  • Page 9 English Blower Installation 1. When reinstalling the blower into the hood, you will have to mount the blower in the same direction you have ducted it (horizontal, vertical or ductless). 2. Using the 4 nuts removed earlier, secure the blower in place. Start the nuts by hand first, then tighten with a 3/8”...
  • Page 10: Wiring Diagrams

    Your new range hood will operate at the highest efficiency if the number of elbow and the length of the duct are kept to a minimum. The back draft damper flap attached to the damper frame assembly, which is supplied with the hood, does not impede airflow significantly.
  • Page 11: Use And Care

    All parts may be obtained from service centers authorized by Haier, or may be ordered directly from Haier. When ordering parts, please specify the range hood model number on the rating label, which is located on the inside of the range hood.
  • Page 12: Troubleshooting

    If you see a metal duct leading away from the vent hood, then you have a system that vents to the outdoors. If you do not see a duct, your unit may be venting through the back wall.
  • Page 13: Limited Warranty

    The mechanical and electrical parts (including • Damages from shipping labor costs) contained in this Haier product, for a period of 12 months, from the date of • Damages from misuse, abuse, accident, purchase (for commercial or rental applications, alteration, lack of proper care and the warranty is 90 days).
  • Page 14 IMPORTANT Ne pas retourner cet article au magasin En cas de problème avec cet article, veuillez contacter le « Centre satisfaction client » de Haier au 1-877-337-3639. UNE PREUVE D’ACHAT DATÉE, LE NUMÉRO DU MODÈLE ET LE NUMÉRO DE SÉRIE SONT OBLIGATOIRES POUR BÉNÉFICIER DE LA COUVERTURE OFFERTE PAR LA GARANTIE.

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